That title is guaranteed to get the attention of guys and gals because it is something that can be done MF, MM, FF, and MMF and so on.
I can remember the first time that I received anal sex and the absolute trepidation bordering on terror. He was my gay Irish sex mentor who seemed about fifty years older but must have been much less; I was sixteen and I guess he was in his forties.
I used to go around to his place and we would have a coffee and then I would let him take me which ever way he wanted. Sometimes he would have friends around and I would get used by them. There seemed to be a lot of spit roasting and I enjoyed it. The amount of spunk that I took on board orally and anally was amazing.
I remember a Scottish Stoker from a banana boat that was there one night and whilst I am not small this guy was a giant with a tiny cock. He wanted me to suck him off and I really didn’t want to do it but I went down and found his cock amongst a forest of pubic hair. Now I am not a person that likes any pubic hair and this guy was especially obnoxious because it seemed that he had not washed for a while.
So I did it for England and the Queen. Within a couple of minutes of going down on him the teeny weeny cock exploded in size and became quite monstrous. Whilst I was doing this I felt my Irish friend lubing my arsehole and I thought he was going for a spit roast; I had a very cute and receptive arsehole in those days.
However I was wrong, the Scotsman stood up, went behind me and got me in position to receive his cock which was to say the least a bit on the large size. I was doggie fashion with the Scot hanging on to my hips and the Irishman holding on to the Scottish cock and guiding it into my hole. It was a bit of a stretch but he managed to get it in and started pumping away quite vigorously until he shot this monstrous load. When he finished he started what felt like massaging my hole and cleaning out the spunk which I thought a bit unusual but acceptable.
There were two firsts that night; I got paid for sex and learned about rimming; I think we might have split 50/50 as the Irish man gave me £10 which in those days was about two weeks wages!
‘Did you like having your arsehole sucked?’ I was asked. Now I didn’t realise that it had occurred but apparently the deal was to fuck and fill me and then lick it clean. Whatever he did after he took his cock out was very nice but I didn’t realise he had sucked me out and it had never happened before.
The Irishman took me into his bedroom and got me to lie across his double bed. Then he took my ankles and lifted them up so that my arsehole was pointing to the ceiling. He got me to hang on to my legs and he spread my cheeks with his thumbs and went down on my hole. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body; trust me he sent me to heaven running his tongue around and into my hole. I was quite surprised how far it penetrated or seemed to because he managed to penetrate my sphincter with something that felt like a cross between an octopus’ tentacle and a middle finger; absolute heaven.
He continued to finger and suck my hole for quite a long time and it was beautiful. After that he moved to my cock and sucked that whilst fingering my hole until I exploded in his mouth. Share and share alike so he kissed me and I literally got some of my own back. I thought that might be the end of it but he went down on my arsehole again and sucked and gave me another erection in short time. Whilst he was doing this he was also wanking himself and he moved it up and fucked me hard and long, filling me up yet again.

From that time onwards I was more than happy to let people suck my hole and I learned how to do it back effectively. I am pretty good nowadays and really enjoy sucking a clean arse. I do emphasise the word clean and the one thing I have in my favour is that just above my tongue is my nose and if it does not like the territory then neither does the tongue; that can equally apply to cock and pubes.
When I was sixteen and effectively having unlawful sex rimming was not that well received. Nowadays guys and gals kind of expect anal sex and rimming unless they are total novices.
I love to have a nice arsehole doggie fashion where I can put my face down between the cheeks and extend my tongue to run around the clean hole and probe and penetrate. The guy’s cock and balls seductively hang down and I get great joy from sucking the hole and milking the cock and invariably I can get them to let their spunk go into my hand. Then I can rub it around their hole and probe it inside with my finger.
With the ladies I love to do the same with you down on your back and legs up in front of me. You are then totally spread and at my mercy. Your clit is there for me to lick and suck, as with the rest of your pussy; your hole is there for me to suck and probe and make you cry. You have the benefit of me being able to move between the two; I have never failed making the lady cum whilst I probed her arsehole and pussy with my tongue and sucked her clit to screaming point.
You need to lie back, spread your legs and watch any guy or gal go down and rim you, it is the most wonderful feeling. By rimming a guy or gal you give them immense pleasure and that is rewarding on its own.
If you have any doubt about rimming then find someone you can trust, make sure that person has a clean arsehole and go for it slowly at first. The reaction from your partner will spur you on to bigger and better things and if you can make your partner cum then you are a Star.

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