Another fictional story. :)

Imagine seeing him sprawled out, his long arms holding on the sheets, his legs hidden by the covers; his eyes closed, him softly breathing, thinking about you and the things he wants to do to you.

You tiptoe softly over to the bed, quietly climb on and gently hoist your body over his.

He remains silent, motionless, as your mouth captures his in a rapturous kiss.

He stirs under you, loving the feeling of your sex, lightly touching his manhair. His long fingers began to make a slow, torturous trail up your inner thighs, almost reaching in between your already drenched legs.

You reach behind you and grasp his hands tightly. You mutter, “No. Stop.”

His eyes flash open suddenly at your refusal. A devilish smile escapes from your lips as you begin your descent slowly down his body.

You gently plant kisses down his neck, sucking and nibbling as moans softly rip from his throat.

You lick his collarbone, decisively biting him softly a little bit while he squirms at the feel of your teeth in his skin. You calm him down by sucking on the wound.

You move quickly over his chest, taking in anything that can be sucked, licked or bitten whether it be a nipple, or his bellybutton. The tautness of your nipples cause a pleasure trail of their own, arousing him greatly, making him want to take you right here and now.
But you whisper, “You’ll going to have to wait.”

You immerse your nose in his man-hair, making you laugh and moan simultaneously. The manly scent of him pushes you over the edge, trapping the sheet in your teeth and tearing it off his legs.

You are delighted to see his erect manhood, willing and waiting for you. Your wet cavern takes it in, tasting and reveling in his essence, enthralled with the exquisite pleasure it brings you. But still, you are not satisfied. You want more even though you shouldn’t.

You hesitate and he takes over. He turns the table on you, rolls you onto your back and enters you f***efully. He says huskily, “I couldn’t wait any longer,” but you don’t mind at all because that is what you wanted along.

He thrusts deep and long inside of you, taking you to the heights of ecstasy, places you have never experienced with anyone else. His and your moans intermix and disperse through the room, filling it with beautiful sounds of love you always wanted to hear.

Both of you can’t hold out any longer as the breaking point is reached. You both let go, letting the ripples of pleasure explode through your bodies together, eventually heading back down to earth. You kiss softly as your heartbeats return to normal and you cuddle into his warm, muscular arms.

Just imagine it.

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4 years ago
I like your erotic stories, I like your fantasies!
4 years ago
that was very sexy
4 years ago
Thanks for the comments everyone! :)
4 years ago
Excellent! Loved it Athena!!!
4 years ago
that was hot..
4 years ago
OK I now have a new fantasy!
4 years ago
4 years ago
A perfect 10. Much like it'a author. ;)
4 years ago
very good