This is a fictional story. Enjoy!! :)

All she ever wanted was to be taken, dominated against her will; to surround to her passion and be free of her fear. To be with someone who would push her limits, challenge her boundaries, release her inner b**st, as you will.

She felt this way with him, a man she would not have normally been attracted too but yet, there was something that drew her to him, like a moth to a flame. When she laid beside him afterwards, snuggled deep into his warm, comforting arms, she felt safe and loved for the very first time. He was everything she wanted and more; a man that allowed her to be herself and accepted her for whom she was, not trying to change her; to fit his image of how she should be.

She enjoyed when he would come home from work unexpectedly, push her hard against the wall, slide his fingers deep into her pussy, finger fucking her slowly as her nipples hardened, her moans muffled. Hearing him quickly unbuckling his belt, his pants slipping to the floor, his hand gripping his cock, replacing his finger with his shaft, thrusting in deeply, his groans permeating the air.

His chest pressed deeply against her back, as he controls the pace, his hands making quick work of her bra, unclasping it, his fingers grasping her breasts as he slams into her deeper. She had wanted this all day as he continued to push more and more into her, stretching her completely as she mewled in contentment. He fucked her harder now, needing to reach his climax as he could tell she was close as well. His balls slapping her ass furiously until his cum squirts deep inside her, his head resting on her back, her juices coating him as his fingers gently caress her.

He turns to face her and kisses her, still wanting more but saying he has to go. She sighs but smiles as he promises lots more. She lets him go and gives him a quick slap on the ass as he strolls out of the door.

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mmm great story
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really hot!
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very good