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Just a note to the men that want to marry a submissive Chinese girl. Like my Chinese wife says, If you want that you should have married a Japenese girl! Although as China Kaifang said she is right, Young people in China are more open. But my wife is 45 she is Traditional Chinese girl. She's the best thing I ever did in my life. I met her five years ago on AFF and had to propose on a translator box the first time I visited her. Now we speak each others language and travel back and forth. Most of the women in China are from the cities which are very large and very wealthy. They are very strong women with high level wants and needs. They are headstrong, lovely and most of em can kick your butt! So if you marry one be careful to keep her happy! Good Luck...................疯 狂 洋 鬼 子
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1 year ago
More likely that he refering to Asian Friend Finder(AFF) based on his wife's more conservative take on sex.
2 years ago
aff is adult friend finder
2 years ago
Japanese girls are happy to let others think that they're just following orders, but they are so skilled at passive-aggressive behavior that they usually end up calling the shots! Of course, they would deny that. :-)
3 years ago
4 years ago