My friends come over for dinner and my girlfriend

Quick background info for those who haven't read any of my other stories.
I'm bi and submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me and I also had a few experiences with guys as well.
Now that the background info is out of the way we can start with the story.

This story happened a few days ago. I woke up and looked out the window and I was pleased to see that after a week of rainy and cold weather, it was finally a sunny and beautiful warm day! I decided to take advantage of the weather and I invited my friends over for a BBQ. Since it was a last minute invitation, only 3 of my friends were able to come over "Steve, Paul, and Bill" even my girlfriend "Sue" told me that she is busy but she will try to make it. I ran to the store and picked up some stuff and started to set everything up in the backyard. The guys showed up a bit late "about 4 pm" but we still had enough time so we sat outside and enjoyed a few beers while I grilled some burgers. The sun started to set, so we all went back in the house and sat in the living room and continued our random conversations. Sue came home and said hi to everyone then went to our bedroom to take a quick shower.
By this point, all the guys have had a few beers and were getting a bit buzzed and, not surprisingly, the conversation turned to girls and sex.
As we all talked, each of us telling a story about a girl in our past or what our likes and dislikes were... I received a text from Sue.

Sue: I'm liking your conversation!
Me: Lol! I didn't think you could hear us in there
Sue: I could hear you guys just fine! It's kind of turning me on!
Me: haha! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!
Sue: I'm having a blast... I'm starting to think that I should join you guys and maybe we would have more than just a conversation! What do you think?
Me: That sounds like fun!
Sue: How should we get things started?
Me: I don't know! Be direct if you need to, I don't care!

I wasn't thinking about sex earlier when I invited my friends, but I was definitely getting excited now!
I always enjoy it when Sue cuckolds me, especially when she does it with friends who don't know about our lifestyle! I enjoy the buildup and their surprised looks when they learn that they can have their way with my girlfriend.
Sue walked out and sat next to me, the guys continued the conversation while she sat and listened and waited for an opportunity to join in. Soon enough, She joined in and replied to Paul.

Paul: I think it's really sexy when girls wear fancy lingerie, especially with stockings! But for some reason most girls only dress up on the outside but just wear regular underwear!
Sue: That's not true! I love lingerie and I have quite a collection! Do you want to see
Paul: Sure!
Sue: I'll be right back.

Sue went into our bedroom then came out 2-3 minutes later. The guys were speechless when they saw Sue! She walked out wearing sexy black and red panties and bra with a garter belt and stockings. I loved seeing how they looked at her as she slowly walked to the center of the room then she spun around to give them a full view. I was getting so turned on!

Sue: So? What do you think?
Paul: I though you were going to bring something out to show me! I didn't expect you to put it on!
Sue: I think you guys would appreciate the outfit more if you saw it on.

The guys stared quietly and she looked like she was definitely enjoying their attention!

Sue: I think I'm should spend the rest of the night dressed like this! Just to tease you guys for a little!
Paul: I don't mind if you don't mind me staring!

Sue laughed then grabbed a chair and placed it in the center of the room and sat right in front of us to give the guys a good view!
We all talked a bit more, the guys tried to act normal, but they were all generally quiet since they were too busy staring at her.
I was rock hard! I loved how daring and forward she was!

Sue: so Paul, is this the kind of underwear you were talking about? Or is it not fancy enough for your taste?
Paul: huh? Are you k**ding? You look hot as hell!
She laughed.
Sue: yea? So this is turning you on?
Paul didn't reply and looked at me. I just looked back at him and smiled.
Bill: this isn't fair! You look like you are having too much fun teasing and tormenting us!
Sue: I wasn't trying to tease you guys! But since you already think that I am, then I might as well go ahead and be a tease!

She stood up and reached behind her back... She unhooked her bra and smiled as she dropped it and exposed her breasts! She looked at them while squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples then she laughed and covered her breasts with her hands and sat down.

Sue: Should I stop being a tease and get dressed?
Bill: If your boyfriend wasn't here then I would have asked you to keep going!
Sue: he didn't stop me so far so don't worry about him!
He looked at me and I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.
Paul: Then I guess you should keep going until he stops you!
Sue: No... Now that I think of it, I'm the only one who's undressed! In you guys want to see my breasts again then I want you all to take your pants off!

They looked at each other then slowly and reluctantly they unbuttoned their pants and took them off. They were all already hard! Steve and Bill had average cocks, about 7 inches or so, but Paul was surprisingly hung! He was about 10-11 inches and super thick!
Sue stood up and exposed her breasts and started to touch them and pull her nipples seductively. She looked at their stiff cocks as they enjoyed the show she was putting on for them.
She looked at Paul and smiled then walked towards him. She leaned closer and grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast then reached out and held his gigantic cock. He was so thick that she couldn't wrap her fingers all the way around it!
She stroked his cock and he felt her breasts for a few seconds then suddenly stopped and moved her hand away from his cock.

Paul: Things are getting out of hand! I can't do this! Your boyfriend is sitting right in front of us!
Sue: I understand you don't want to upset your friend by doing anything with his girlfriend right?
Paul: Basically

Sue stood up and walked over to me. She pulled me hard by the collar of my shirt and I stood up then she f***ed me to my knees. I was so excited! My favorite part of being her cuckold is when she humiliates me in front of the guys and she was being extra aggressive with me so I knew that she was going to be extra humiliating!
She walked back to Paul pulling me with her as I crawled on my hands and knees next to her. She sat next to Paul and I stayed on my knees in front of them. I looked around my friends shocked faces!

Sue: Take your clothes off.

I started to take my clothes off so that now all my friends can see how hard I am!
Sue played with my cock using her foot. She grabbed Paul's cock and started to stroke it again, Paul didn't stop her this time.
She raised her foot to my face and I started to kiss and suck her toes.

Sue: You see how big his cock is? Would you be mad if you saw it slide inside me?
Me: Not at all!
Sue: Really?!? What about your other friends? Would you be upset if they fucked them too?
Me: Whatever makes you happy!
Sue: Prove it! I want you to be the one to take my panties off for them!

I pulled her panties off as my friends were watching and stroking their cocks. She pulled me closer and f***ed my face between her legs and I immediately started licking her wet pussy. She moaned and thrusted her hips and stroked Paul's huge cock. She pushed my head back and made me stand up then handed me her panties.

Sue: Put them on!

I wore her panties and looked around as my friends were still in disbelief!
Sue got up and walked to the bedroom as I followed. We got in the room and she looked back at me with a smile.

Sue: I'm sure you're enjoying being humiliated like this in front of your friends!
Me: I'm having a blast!
Sue: Yea? Well I want you to walk back out there in those panties and invite them to the bedroom.

I walked out and the guys were still sitting with their pants down and their cocks out.

Steve: What the fuck? Are you high or are you guys playing some kind of joke or something?
Me: no why?
Steve: you're seriously ok with what just happened? You're ok with all of us watch your girlfriend naked?
Me: Absolutely! I actually came back out to invite you guys to the bedroom and fuck her! If any of you are interested?

Without replying, they all got up and followed me to the bedroom leaving their clothes behind. They stood next to each other at the foot of the bed. Sue crawled out of the bed and took a dildo and lube out of her night stand then walked over to us with a smile.
She pulled me closer and bent me over, pressing my face against the bed with my ass facing them.

Sue: I want to show you guys something.

She slapped my ass and pulled the panties down.
She lubed the dildo then put a generous amount of lube on my asshole. She rubbed the lube around my ass and slid two fingers in my ass spreading the lubricant as deep as her fingers could go.
She slowly started to slide the dildo into my ass. It hurt as it stretched my asshole since it was too thick for me! But by the time the whole dildo was inside me, the pain quickly went away and I began to enjoy myself! She gradually picked up the pace sliding the dildo in and out, the faster she moved the louder I moaned! As shoved the dildo in and out I was moving forward and back which caused my cock to rub against the bed.

Sue: are you enjoying this? Tell me, do you want me to stop or keep going?
Me: Don't stop! Keep going! It feels so fucking good!
Sue: your friends are right behind you! Aren't you ashamed to admit that you like having a dildo up your ass?

Once she said that, I just gave out one more loud long moan as I started to cum!
I stood up and the dildo slid out of my ass. Sue was looking at them smiling.

Me: oh my god that felt so good!
Sue: well now it's their turn.

Sue made me sit on the bed then walked up to them and got on her knees. She held Paul and Steve's cocks and started suck Bills then started to alternate between sucking the three. She sucked their cocks for about 5 minutes or so before Paul pulled her to her feet and pushed her to the bed next to me. She sat with her legs spread and he walked up to her. He held his massive cock to position it against her pussy then her started to push.

Sue: oh my god! It hurts but feels so good!
Paul: should I keep going?
Sue: yes slide it all the way!

With one slow continuous push, Paul slid his whole cock in! She moaned loudly then wrapped her legs around him to hold him in place and keep his cock inside her. After a while of her being deep inside, Paul started to slowly move sliding his massive cock all the way out then back in. Steve and Bill were watching and stroking their cocks.

Me: you guys don't need to stand there! Get on the bed sit down!

They got in bed behind me and Sue. I gestured to them to come closer and they did so that they were now right behind Sue. I held Steve's hand and placed it on Sues breast so that now he was hugging her from behind and bill did the same.

Me: what do you think? Great tits right?
Steve: they are!

He kissed her neck and ears while Paul pounded her pussy making her moan so loudly she was practically screaming!
I noticed that Steve was jacking off as he touched her body, waiting for his turn.
Sue was moaning as Paul started to get rough and fucked her harder! She came twice already by now!

Sue: it's so good! Oh my god babe you should invite more over more often!
Paul: I'm about to cum!
Sue: cum inside! I want to feel your cum fill me up!

Paul held her tight and shoved his cock all the way, as he started to cum inside her! Sue came for the third time while Paul was still filling her with his cum! He finished and sat next to her trying to catch his breath. Sue leaned over and licked his cock clean then sucked the cum that was still in his cock.
Sue laid down on the bed between Steve and Bill and alternated between kissing the two of them while they touched all over her body.

Sue: come here babe... I need a quick clean up

I crawled up the bed between her legs and I started to eat her cream pie. I licked all of Paul's cum that was dripping out, and there was a lot of it!
Sue pushed me off her when I was done then got on top of Bill. I was at the foot of the bed so I had a perfect view of his cock as she lowered herself and took it in her pussy. His cock slid right in her pussy, now that it was just stretched out by Paul's freakish cock!
She started moving up and down on his cock and I watched for a little but then I noticed that Steve was jacking off!

Me: Steve, don't jack off! Fuck her ass! She can take two at a time!
Steve: really? I never fucked a girl in the ass before!
Me: well she loves it! And I promise that you will too!

I got up, grabbed the lube, and started to prepare her ass for Steve while she was still riding bill. I moved over and placed some lube in my hand then started applying it to Steve's cock! He didn't stop me so I took my time and stroked it slowly as I added more lube.

Me: You're going to love fucking her ass! It's so tight!
Steve: Are you having fun preparing my cock for your girlfriends ass?
Me: I'm loving it! Next time you come over, I should blow you before you fuck her!

He got up and got behind her, she stopped moving to give him a chance. He pushed and his cock started to slide in which made Sue moan loudly! Sue started moving again on bills cock in her pussy, while Steve thrusted from behind in her ass!
She took both their cocks while I was stroking my cock and watching.
She took them both for another 15 minutes before Steve filled her ass with cum. She continued to ride bills cock while Steve's cum was dripping out of her ass! Steve laid at the foot of the bed to relax and soon enough, bill started to cum in her pussy. She stayed still on Bills cock as he filled her pussy with cum.
Once they were done, Sue went to take a shower while Steve and Bill relaxed on the bed. I walked out to the living room to check on Paul.

Me: are you ok?
Paul: ya it was just getting crowded in there

I sat next to him on the couch.

Paul: so what happened today, is this a one time thing?
Me: no you can come over whenever! I'm sure I couldn't stop you even if I wanted to! She's going to want that monster cock of yours again.
Paul: Haha! Well I might have another go in a little bit if she's up for it.
Me: Can I touch it?
Paul: what? My dick?
Me: ya
Paul: why not! I guess we already crossed all the lines as it is today.

I held his flaccid, but still huge, cock. It was so thick and heavy!
I felt up and down the length of his cock, he didn't seem to mind, so I slowly stroked it while he watched TV.
He started to get hard, he looked at me and I smiled.

I got on my knees and looked at him, he didn't say anything so I started to suck his cock.

Paul: oh that feels good!
Me: ya? Will this make you hard? I want you to get hard and fuck my girlfriend again!
Paul: oh ill fuck her so good!

I took my time sucking his cock till he was nice and hard! He let me suck his cock a while longer, then he got up and walked to the room.
Sue just got out of the shower and was naked, drying herself off while she chatted with the guys. Paul pulled her outside and sat her on the couch. I got between her legs and started to lick her pussy to get her wet.

Sue: really? Again?
Paul: blame your cocksucking boyfriend! He sucked my cock till I was ready to go again!

Sue looked down at me, I looked back up and smiled while eating her pussy. She let me keep licking while she started making out with Paul.
Once she was wet and moaning I got up and sat on the other couch, Paul got on top of her and spread her legs and started pounding with his full weight fucking her harder than before. I jacked off while watching them, I came twice before Paul was done with her. He filled her pussy yet again. She just laid there, sweating, trying to catch her breath, her legs spread wide open with cum dripping out of her pussy.

The guys left soon after. Paul came back the next day but that's another story ;)
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2 months ago
What a great time, and what a great woman!
11 months ago
You are soo lucky to have a willing, earger girlfriend who'll let you watch and clean up. I envy you.