A gay encounter at the gym leads to cuckolding

Quick background info for those who haven't read any of my other stories.
I'm bi and submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me and I also had a few experiences with guys as well.
No that the background info is out of the way we can start with the story.

This story in pretty long since it's technically two stories in one so try to pace yourselves! The first part of the story is a gay encounter with a guy I met at the gym and the second part is how my girlfriend fucked him later on.

One night last week, I went to the gym for a quick workout. My gym is a 24 hour gym which is convenient for me since I prefer to workout after midnight when the gym is empty. I arrived at the gym, and as expected, I was the only one there. About 10 minutes after I arrived, a guy walked into the gym and he got on the treadmill next to me. He only said hi when he walked in and we were both quiet at start but then we started talking a bit. His name was Brian, he seemed to be in his early 20's and in great shape! We didn't talk about anything specific, just small talk.
When I was done with my workout, I went to the locker room and got in the shower, he soon followed. He get into a shower stall and we continued to chat. I didn't have any intentions or sexual thoughts all night! But once I walked out of the shower I looked at his shower stall and, to my surprise, he didn't pull the curtain and he was just standing there naked in plain sight!
Curiosity got the best of me so I tried to sneak a peak, but I couldn't see much from the bench that I was sitting on.
I wrapped a towel around my waist and sat on the bench, acting as if I was looking for something in my bag, and I tried to get a good look.
He saw that I was sitting on the bench across from his shower stall and he seemed comfortable since he didn't pull the curtain and he were still talking normally!
I decided to get closer for a better look... I walked right up to his shower stall "using the excuse that I couldn't hear him well" and I stood in front of his shower while he was facing away from me talking. I admired his body from behind and I was getting really turned on! I got a nice surprise when he turned around and I finally saw his thick cock!

I have limited experience with guys. My girlfriend, Sue, cuckolds me and I had some experience with some of the guys that she slept with. Even though I wasn't very experienced with guys, I prefer thicker cocks! They may hurt at first, but once I adapt to the size, I enjoy being fucked by thicker cocks far more than average ones!

I looked at his thick cock, practically staring! He was a little above average in length, but very thick!
He noticed that I was staring.

Brian: What are you looking at?
Me: Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare!
Brian: What were you staring at?
"I pointed at his dick"
Me: I was just surprised... you're pretty gifted down there!
Brian: O! Thanks, I guess...
Me: I'm sure that makes you pretty popular with the ladies!
Brian: nah! I haven't been getting a lot of action lately! I'm kind of going through a dry spell.

He was done with his shower so he stepped out and started to dry himself off.
I was pretty turned on and I started staring again while he was drying off. He caught me again! When I saw that he didn't make an attempt to cover up I decided to get bolder and test my luck.

Me: I could help you break the "dry spell" if you would like?
Brian: What is that supposed to mean?
Me: You said that you haven't been getting any action recently, so I would be happy to take care of you.
Brian: I appreciate the offer but I'm not gay!
Me: I never said that you were! We're all alone so no one will know... Me giving you a quick blowjob can't hurt!
He thought for a second...
Brian: Just to be clear... I'm not willing to give you a blowjob in return!
Me: And I'm not asking for one!
He stood there quietly for nearly a minute and thought.
Brian: I guess I've got nothing to lose!

I smiled and walked closer to him. I grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it, he was already starting to get hard!
I guided him to the bench and he sat down. I got on my knees in between his legs and I looked up at him, I smiled as we made eye contact and I started taking his cock in my mouth. At first he seemed uncomfortable but, as his cock got harder in my mouth, he quickly relaxed and started enjoying himself. I really had to open wide to accommodate his thick cock but I managed!
I shifted from his cock to his balls and started licking them while I stroked his cock then I took his cock back in my mouth and focussed on giving him a super wet blowjob!
I was disappointed to see just how long it has been since his cock received any attention! After sucking his cock for just 4 or 5 minutes, his body tensed up as he started shooting his load! I stroked his cock as he sprayed his load on the floor... He definitely had a lot of cum stored because he just wouldn't stop shooting out more and more cum!
When he was done cumming I sucked the head of his cock cleaning out whatever cum was left. I got up and started getting dressed while he just sat on the bench catching his breath.

Me: How did I do?
Brian: that felt so good! It's been so long!
Me: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I cleaned up and got my clothes out of my bag and started getting dressed. Brian got up and just stood in the middle of the locker room, naked with a semi erect cock. It seemed like he was thinking about something or that he wanted to say something. I just smiled and looked at him until he spoke.

Brian: So is this your usual time for the gym?
Me: I don't really have a set schedule.
Brian: Aha I see... Are you going home now?
Me: Ya I don't have any plans... I'm just gona go home for the night. Why do you ask?
Brian: Just asking!
I smiled and looked at his cock.
Me: Yeah? Are you asking because you would like some more?
Brian: No no! I mean if that's what you want, I wouldn't mind. I don't know!
Me: give me your number.
We exchanged numbers and I texted him my address. I picked up my stuff then looked at him with a smile.
Me: that's my address, my place is right across the street! Come over if you made up your mind and decided that you wanted another round!

I walked out and drove home. As I parked and got out of the car, I saw Brian drive up and park next to me!
I invited him in and he sat on the couch, I grabbed him a soda and sat next to him.

Me: I assume you didn't come over just to hang out right?
Brian: I mean we can do whatever I guess.
I reached over, placed my hand on his crotch, and started rubbing his cock through his shorts.
Me: Don't be shy! Did you like it when I sucked your cock?
Brian: I really did!
Me: Yeah? Well I guess I didn't do a good job since you're still hard!
Brian: It's been a while for me so I guess a quick blowjob wasn't enough!
Me: That makes sense! I guess I'm going to have to keep trying! Follow me.

I walked to the bedroom and sat at the foot of the bed. He followed and I guided him to lie down in the middle of the bed. I was laying on my stomach between his legs. I pulled his shorts off and his cock popped out pointing straight up! I looked up at him and smiled.

Me: Yum! Look at that thick cock!

I licked his cock starting at the base and moving my way up. I opened wide and slowly lowered my head taking as much of his cock in my mouth until he reached my throat. I sucked his cock then stroked it while I licked his balls. Brian moaned and occasionally thrusted upwards forcing his cock into my throat!
I was happy to see that, unlike the first time, he was lasting longer! It has been 10-15 minutes since I started sucking him and he showed no sign of cumming soon. I slowly sucked his cock, now making sure I made his cock nice and wet and I placed some extra saliva on the tip then I got up and undressed.

Me: I guess you need more than just a blowjob this time!

I got on top of him and I reached between my legs to hold his cock in position then I slowly lowered myself on his cock. I had to go slow... His cock was so thick! I slowly lowered myself until I had his whole cock in my ass then I just kept it inside for a little then slowly moved up and down.

I moaned as I slid his cock in and out. He started getting into it too! He grabbed my ass then held my waist and started to pull down as he thrusted up to encourage me to pick up the pace! I couldn't go faster because he was too thick for me but I would moan loudly whenever he thrusted up and f***ed himself deeper in my ass!
He pushed me off him, laid me on my back, and raised my legs. He positioned himself then started to fuck me hard! At first I was in too much pain, but then I started to enjoy it even though it still hurt!

Me: oh yes fuck me hard! Stretch my ass with your thick cock!

He fucked me hard and fast... I moaned and begged for more! I almost came a few times from his fucking as well as from my cock rubbing against the bed every time he thrusted! Then after a hard long fuck he was about to cum!

Brian: I'm close! I'm gonna cum!
Me: Cum inside!
Brian: Yeah? You want my cum?
Me: yes I want your cum! Fill my ass with your hot cum!

With that he started to cum in my ass! I raised my ass and pressed it against him keeping his cock all the way in my ass! I started to stroke my cock and within seconds I started to cum while he was still cumming in my ass!
He got off me and laid down. I held his cock as it started to get softer.
He got up after resting and cleaned up then started getting dressed. And I walked him to the door.
I told Sue about our encounter the next day when she came over. At first she was surprised that I did something without her, but then she asked about the details and I told her all about him.

I didn't hear from Brian for a few days until one night, as me and Sue were in the living room watching a movie, someone knocked the door. I answered the door and it was Brian!

Brian: I was at the gym and I didn't see you so I thought I should stop by. I hope you don't mind?
Me: not at all! Come on in.

He walked in and I introduced him to sue. He was clearly surprised by her presence but he chatted with her for a bit then we all sat quietly and watched the movie. A while later, Sue excused herself and went to the bathroom.

Brian: I'm sorry for showing up unannounced! I should have called ahead.
I smiled and rubbed his cock and found out that he was hard!
Me: Why? What did you have planned for us tonight?
Brian: I thought we might hangout a bit. I didn't expect that you had company.
Me: No don't worry about it! That's just my girlfriend.
Brian: your girlfriend? I thought you're gay!
Me: No I'm not gay! I like girls but I enjoy guys from time to time. I guess if u want to label me, I'm Bi.
Brian: Well you did well for yourself! She's gorgeous!
Me: Thank you.
Brian: so should I leave?
Me: no hangout as long as u want! We're just hanging out, we don't have anything planned for the night.

While Sue was still in the bathroom, I texted her.

Me: He was surprised when I told him that you're my girlfriend! He thought I was gay!
Sue: Why did he think that? Who is he?
Me: This is the guy that I met at the gym.
Sue: Really?
Me: yup
Sue: Interesting! Maybe I should find out if he's really as thick as u claim!
I almost came at the thought of him with Sue!
Me: That sounds like it could be a lot of fun!
Sue: well don't get too excited! Just act normal and if it happens it happens.

I was really excited at the thought of Sue seducing Brian and cuckolding me! I was hoping that she decides to go through with it because it has been a while since she last let me watch her with another guy!
Sue came back from the bathroom and we finished the movie. After the movie we all started chatting.

Sue: so how do you guys know each other?
Me: We're gym buddies.
Sue: Really? Brian, you need to give my boyfriend some tips!
Brian: Why do you say that?
Sue: He's in good enough shape but he could pack on some more muscle! You're in amazing shape, so help him out!

Sue likes to humiliate me in front of others like her or my friends but she especially enjoys it in front of guys that she has slept with or plans to sl**p with. She did this that night by complimenting Brian's body then telling me that I should workout more or "that's what a real mans body looks like".

We talked a while longer about workouts and other random topics. Sue flirted with Brian the whole time which at first seemed to make him uncomfortable but later he seemed ok with it as he got more comfortable talking with her.

Sue: How about we go for a swim? What do u guys think?
Brian: I can't! I don't have any swimming shorts!
Sue: You can swim in your boxers! It's the same thing essentially!
Brian: I don't know!

After a bit more convincing, but he finally agreed. I went to the bedroom and put on some shorts. Sue started looking in the closet to pick out a bikini so I walked out and me and Brian, now only wearing his boxers, went out back to the pool.
Sue caught up with us and we got in. The whole time we were in the pool Sue was being touchy and flirty with Brian! I started to actually get jealous! Brian stepped out of the pool to check his phone then, as he was walking back, Sue caught up with him and stood right next to him.

Sue: babe look at him! Wouldn't you like work out harder if it meant that you could look like this?
Me: he looks great! But give me a break babe! I'm in good shape! It's not like I'm out of breath everytime I climb a flight of stairs.
Sue: you are in good shape, but you could be better! I mean if u two were to have a swimming race, he would easily beat you right?
Me: easily? I doubt he would beat me at all!
Brian: what makes u so sure?
Me: no offense, generally speaking, ur in better shape than me! But I have a pool in my house and I swim in it at least every other day! So I have an unfair advantage.
Brian: I get your point. But I still don't think that would guarantee that you would win!
This went on for a while.
Sue: Clearly the only way to resolve this is to actually race! And since you two are so confidant, how about we make an interesting bet?
Me: what do u have in mind?
Sue: you two race for 3 laps, best out of three wins. The loser has to run 3 laps around the house NAKED! Even if there is a car driving by, it doesn't matter, he has to continue the 3 laps!

I knew where Sue wanted to lead things, and I was confidant that I would win, so I agreed right away. Brian thought about it for a second then agreed.
We stood at the edge of the pool then jumped in and had our race. Surprisingly, he won! It was extremely close but still he won.
I took off my shorts and started taking laps, going out one screen door then around the house and coming back through the other screen door. I completed my laps luckily without being seen. When I got back I found out that Sue hid my shorts! She noticed that my dick shrunk from the cold water and she wanted to humiliate me a bit.

Me: where are my shorts?
Sue: those were mens shorts! Looking at your penis, I don't think you qualify as a man!
Me: Give me a break the water is cold!
Sue: ya ya nothing but excuses!

She gave me a hard time for about 20 minutes before I got my shorts back!
Anyway as the night went on, Brian challenged Sue to a race as well. Sue accepted.

Me: same bet!
Sue: no that's not fair I'm a girl!
Me: actually it's not as bad for a girl as it is for a guy! If we got caught the neighbors would call the police, but if they saw you then they would just enjoy the view!
Sue: ill do topless that's enough
Brian: I like the fact that u already know that you're going to lose
Sue: that's not what I'm saying!
Me: the loser runs 3 laps naked! Your words not mine.
Sue: fine!

They had their race and Brian won obviously, she did well but still she lost.
We got out of the pool and Sue undid her bikini top and held it in place. She was acting as if she was shy to give Brian the impression that she doesn't normally do stuff like this. She took her top off then untied the bikini bottom letting it fall to the ground and she started her laps. We watched her run around, her breasts bouncing up and down with each step! Before she finished her last lap, I picked up her bikini and hid it as if I was trying to get my revenge. When she got back, one hand covering her nipples and the other covered her pussy, she noticed her bikini was gone.

Sue: where are my clothes
Me: you will get them later?
Sue: what do you mean?
Me: I didn't get my clothes back until 20 minutes after I finished running! You will get yours in 20 minutes.

She kept asking for her clothes and I kept telling her to wait. It got to the point where I thought she was serious and she wasn't just putting on an act for Brian! Then she smiled and winked when Brian wasn't looking so I was reassured that we are on the same page.
We started acting like we were having a c***dish argument just to move things forward.

Sue: this is the last time I ask for my clothes!
Me: at this point you still have another 15 minutes!
Sue: is that your final answer?
Me: yup, 15 minutes
Sue: in that case you can keep the clothes! I wouldn't take them back even if after 15 minutes.

She lowered her hands and exposed her breasts and pussy then spun around to give Brian a 360 degree view.

Sue: you want your girlfriend to stay naked in front of your friend who she just met then so be it!
Brian: come on just give her her clothes back!
Sue: no it's too late for that! He had his chance so now you can just enjoy the view!
She stood right in front of him and bent down bringing her breasts closer to him as she squeezed them and jiggled them for him.
Me: leave her do what she wants! She got angry and now she's going to act out!

Sue stood right in front of him and turned around then bent over. Brain had to move his head back to prevent her from pushing her ass against her face.
Brian looked like he felt awkward being stuck in the middle of our "argument" but he soon started to get comfortable and started to enjoy the show!
Sue pulled a lawn chair and placed it right across from us on the other side of the table then sat down. She started to play with her breasts while looking at Brian straight in the eye.

Sue: is this what you want baby? Am I putting on a good show for your friend?
I didn't reply and acted as if I was ignoring her.
Sue: I know what your friend might like to see!

She raised her feet and placed them on the edge of the table with her legs spread wide open. She was now sitting right in front of us with her legs raised and spread and now me and Brian had a perfect view of her pussy! Brian stared at her pussy as she spread her pussy lips and rubbed it! She started to moan.

Sue: Look at my pussy Brian! My boyfriend wants you to see my pussy! Right honey? Isn't this what you want?
Me: yes that's exactly what I want! Great job! "In a sarcastic tone"
Sue: I'm glad that you think I'm doing well. Are you enjoying the show Brian?
He didn't reply and looked at me.
Sue: don't look at him! U heard him say this was what he wants! Answer me! Are you enjoying the show?
Brian: your very hot so of course I'm enjoying watching you! I just wish you two wouldn't fight!
Sue: No you heard him, this is what he wants!

She started rubbing her pussy faster and moaned louder.
Sue: I'm getting so wet!
She slid her finger in and started to finger herself. She looked at Brian.
Sue: you see how wet I am Brian? You see how easily my finger just slides in?

She got up and walked around the table until she was next to Brian.

Sue: can I ask you for a simple favor?
Brian: sure
Sue: stand up for me please
Brian: why?
Sue: just stand up! It's ok, you don't have to hide it!

Brian stood up and it was obvious what Sue wanted to show me!
Brian's cock was fully erect, almost popping out of the front opening in his boxers!

Sue: you see baby? You see how hard I made your friend? I hope this makes you happy
Me: "again acting sarcastic" ya I'm very happy! Keep going!
Sue: ok, you would like to see more?

She pulled his boxers down, he kind of tried to resist but he didn't do much to stop her! Both were now completely naked! Then pulled us both by the hand and guided us inside to the living room. She made us sit on the couch right next to each other!

Sue: I want to show you two how wet I am!

She reached between her legs and started to take the fluids from her pussy then spread it all around his cock! Once his cock was all lubed up from her fluids, she started to stroke his cock.

Sue: how does that feel? Isn't it nice and slippery? Imagine as if your cock was already in my pussy!
Brian: it feels so good!
Sue: yeah? Does my pussy feel good? Say it! I want my boyfriend to hear it!
Brian: oh my god Sue, your pussy feels so good!

Brian couldn't hold back any longer and started to cum! She pointed his cock towards her and he came all over her face and breasts!
She stood up after he finished and showed me how she was covered in his cum! She smiled as she used her finger to rub his cum around her mouth.

Sue: Do you like what you see? Do you like seeing your girlfriend covered in your friends cum?
She licked the cum off her finger and smiled.
Sue: Yum! He tastes good too!

She walked away to our bathroom to clean up. Brian grabbed a few tissues and started to clean his cock.

I was extremely turned on! I didn't want to tell him that we're in a cuckold relationship because it was hotter to act as if we are fighting and she is being a slut to get back at me!

Sue walked out after she cleaned herself up. She was still naked! She walked slowly towards us, swinging her hips side to side. She stood in front of us and looked at us both with a smile then sat between us.

Sue: So did you enjoy watching that?
Me: Of course not!
Sue: Sure you did!

She slipped her hand under my shorts and started stroking my cock.

Sue: If you didn't enjoy it then why are you so hard? Don't deny it! You got hard watching!
I didn't reply
Sue: Which part did you like the most? Was is at the beginning when he watched me walk around naked? Was it when I started fingering my pussy in front of him?
I still didn't reply so she started to stroke my cock faster.
Sue: my favorite part was when I gave him a hand job! When I was holding his thick cock in my hand and stroked it... I also loved the ending when he covered me in his cum! Watching your friend cover your girlfriend in cum, that must have been a hot sight! Or maybe we still didn't do what you wanted to see! Would you like to see us go further?

I couldn't hold my self any longer! I started to cum and shot my load on the floor.
Sue: I take that as a yes! You want to see more don't you?

She got up and stood in front of Brian. I looked at her and she smiled at me then looked at Brian. She leaned over and kissed him then slid her hand down his chest then stomach then held his cock in her hand and started to stroke it then she looked at me and smiled.
I was stroking my soft cock trying to get hard again.

Sue: look at that he's playing with himself! I guess he really does want to watch!
Brian: then let's give him what he wants!
Sue: I want him to say it! Come here babe.

I got up and she pushed me down to my knees in front of Brian then she sat next to him and started to rub her pussy.

Sue: tell us what you would like to see?
Me: I want to see him fuck you.
Sue: Ya? Don't you feel embarrassed to let your friend fuck your girlfriend?
I didn't reply
Sue: let's go to the bedroom.

We went to the bedroom and Sue and Brian got in bed. I sat on the edge of the bed next to them. Sue pulled me towards her and guided my face to her pussy so I started to lick it. She moaned as she got wetter until she was dripping!

Sue: Suck his cock too!

I moved over and started to suck his cock!

Brian: that's it suck my cock and I will fuck her good!
Sue: he likes it doesn't he? Get up! Sit over there and let us have fun. You can play with yourself while watching from a distance.

I got off the bed and pulled a chair beside the bed and sat down to watch.
They started kissing while Brian fingered her wet pussy. He looked up at me with a smile.

Brian: good job getting her ready! She's nice and wet.

She pushed him on his back and started to suck his cock.

Sue: your cock is so thick! Are you going to fuck me hard with that cock? Show my boyfriend how to please me!

She sucked his cock a bit more then Brian got on top of her and spread her legs. He positioned himself then looked at me, I was jacking off, he smiled then started to slide into her slowly. Sue moaned loudly as he got deeper and deeper! She had to stop him a couple of times because it hurt her! When he was finally in he started sliding in and out while she moaned and told us how good it feels. He quickly started to increase his speed.

Sue: oh yes! My god it feels so good! Fuck me harder! I want to get fucked hard by that cock!

He flipped her over on her stomach then raised her hips into doggy position. He pulled the back of her hair and started shoving his cock into her pussy from behind! She would push back against him as he fucked her. She started to cum! He was still going strong! He kept fucking her while her body shook and he continued after the orgasm! Her body shook periodically after the first orgasm as if it was still going.
Brian was getting closer to coming, which was obvious from how rapidly he jammed his cock in and out of her.
She started to orgasm again! This one was clearly more intense! She screamed and pulled the sheets, her body curled as she tensed up! Suddenly Brian tensed up as well and started cumming in her pussy!

Sue: O my god yes! Fill my pussy! I can't believe how good this feels!

They finally finished and they fell to the bed.

Sue: come here babe. Look at how his cum is over flowing from my pussy! Lick it all up!

I licked her pussy sucking out his warm semen then swallowing it! I made sure that I showed Brian the last mouthful before swallowing it! Sue then made me clean Brian's cock! I started sucking the extra cum out then I licked up and down the shaft to clean up sues fluids.
They asked me to leave the room later. I spent the night in the living room, only walking into the bedroom when they wanted me to bring something for them.

The next morning I made breakfast. We all ate and after we were done Brian wanted one last quickie before he left.
He made me dress up in Sues underwear first, then I was to finger myself while he bent her over the kitchen counter and fucked her! She loved how rough he was! He came in her one last time then left.

Sue: I'm glad you met him
Me: isn't he great in bed!
Sue: he's amazing!
Me: can I fuck you now that he's gone?
Sue: I doubt that I would feel anything so why not? But you fuck my while his cum is still in me!

I fucked her cum filled pussy and I came in no time! The feeling of his warm thick cum inside her drove me over the edge!

I cleaned her up then I changed the bed sheets, which smelled like cum and sweat, then we went about our day.
We havent seen Brian since, but Sue says that she is planing on inviting him soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading
Take care everyone
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5 months ago
That was great.
12 months ago
outstanding story and the way the scenes evolved is perfect. don't know which guy I want to be, maybe trade roles!
1 year ago
this story was great.. luv the details ... almost like being there
1 year ago
wow so fasanting erotic sensual hot and sexy all at the same time
I would lov e to eat up sloppy left overs anytime