My Mistress punished me because of my temper Part

After my mistress Nicky was satisfied and decided to go to sl**p, I walked out to the living room to see if the guy is still there or if he left, I was worried he might still be confrontational or he might want to fight me still.
I walked out and he was sitting on the couch, he told me a girl came out of the other bedroom and asked about me, I knew my girlfriend woke up so I went in and said hi and walked back out. I sat with him outside and he started asking me questions.
Him: so that girl isn’t your girlfriend?
Me: No she’s a friend and we have a casual relationship, my girlfriend is the one who was just asking about me.
Him: And why does she insist on telling you what to do?
Me: well that’s my thing, I like dominant women.
Him: Anyway I just wanted to make sure there are no hard feelings from earlier
Me: well it ended well so all is good on my side.
We chatted for a bit and got to know each other, he then switched the topic back to my mistress.
Him: man I wish I rubbed out my first load before I was with her, I thought she would be OK to keep going.
Me: well she can be moody like that sometimes.
Him: well Im kind of stuck now but whatever.
I looked at his crotch and he was hard again! I was still turned on and that drove me nuts! He caught me looking
Him: you keep staring at it! I noticed you from inside! Whats your deal? Are you gay?
Me: No Im not gay u just saw my Girlfriend
Him: ya she’s cute but when a guy keeps staring at my dick I wonder if hes gay and you have been staring at my dick all day!
I decided to test my luck, he already noticed my staring, were both horny, so I might as well give it a shot and see if I could have my own fun tonight.
I reached over and rubbed his hard-on through his pants, he pushed my hand.
Him: I don’t do anything with guys.
Me: well that’s too bad because there might be something in it for you if you play along!
Him: what do you mean?
Me: well you are in the mood and hard, I would be more than happy to take care of that for you, worst case scenario we turn the lights off and I blow you, you can imagine im a girl if that helps.
He was quiet and didn’t reply so I reached to his cock again and this time he didn’t push my hand away. I slid my hand under his pants and held his cock in my hand, he was so hard, so thick, I wanted it so much I was almost begging him!
I decided to encourage him a little bit, my hand was still in his pants and I was still stroking him.
Me: So you liked my girlfriend?
Him: I only saw her face, but ya she was beautiful!
Me: well maybe if you let me take care of you could see a lot more than just her face.
Him: your ok with that too?
Me: if you are really quiet and you let me blow you then absolutely.
Him: why do I need to be quiet?
Me: she’s taking a shower now, our toilet is the only part of the bathroom with a door and there is no door between the room and the shower area, Ill sneak u into the room so that you can watch her while I blow you, she takes forever in the shower so you will have a nice long show. “I didn’t tell him about the fact that she already sl**ps with other guys because the fact that he was spying on her with my help turned me on and I didn’t know if she would be interested in him anyway”
Him: Ill be Ok with that if I can get a good view, and you can only suck as long as I watch her, when she’s done you stop.
Me: that works for me!
I walked in front of him towards the room; we walked in and quietly walked to an area between the bed and the entrance to the shower area, he can see her but she cant see him unless she looks directly at him and with the dim lighting in the room she still might not see him. He had a perfect view of her slightly bent over in the shower shaving her legs, I whispered to him.
Me: your in luck, she takes forever to shave then she showers so your going to have a nice long show.
Him: Man she’s really hot!
Me: well you can imagine she’s the one sucking your dick. Enjoy.
I unzipped his pants and got down on my knees, I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck his cock. I looked up at him and his eyes were fixed on Sue.
I sucked him another 3 or so minutes, and then I just couldn’t take it! I wanted him to fuck me but I knew he wouldn’t go through with it. I thought my only chance would be if I use my girlfriend to convince him.
I got up and walked out pulling him behind me, we walked back out to the living room.
Him: whats going on why did we leave?
Me: did you like what you saw?
Him: I loved what I saw. Why didn’t we stay longer? Did you change your mind about the blowjob?
Me: I didn’t change my mind, I want more?
Him: what exactly do you want?
Me: Im sure that’s obvious, I want you to fuck me.
Him: no that’s going too far, besides we cant fuck while I watch her, she would definitely hear us.
Me: no we can go to the guestroom and do it there?
Him: well I won’t be able to see her so what’s in it for me?
Me: If you do this for me then I will try to convince her to sl**p with you
Him: she would be open to that?
Me: Im not promising anything, Im saying I will try “I still didn’t know if she would be into him but I thought I would try”
Him: go and talk to her first, if she’s up for it then we have a deal.
I walked back in the room and I decided not to talk to her yet, I stayed in for a minute and came back out without even talking to her
Me: She was on the phone and I cant talk to her now but don’t worry I will convince her later
Him: so you think she would do it?
Me: I think she would, if you thought Nicky was a freak then your in for a surprise with Sue, she is into pretty much anything so bare minimum we can say it’s a threesome and I just watch.
He was still thinking, I held his cock, which was still hanging out his zipper and was still hard. I leaned towards him and gave him the extra convincing that he needed, while stroking him gently I whispered.
Me: she just took a shower and shaved so you will have her all clean and shaven, she likes getting tied up so you can do whatever you want with her, just imagine that girl all tied up and waiting for you to do whatever you want to her! Doesn’t that sound hot?
Him: I will try, if im not comfortable then we stop and you still have to try with her!
Me: just come with me to the room, we will turn off the lights, and im sure you will enjoy it
I didn’t wait for his reply, I walked to the guest room, I took my clothes off and stood next to the door, he was seconds behind me.
He came in, I closed the door and walked him to the bed, and the room was completely dark. I sat him on the bed; I gently pulled his shirt off then got on my knees, I slowly pulled his pants down then pushed him back so hes laying on the bed with his legs hanging off the edge.
I started to lick his balls then moved to the base of the shaft, I was taking it slow because I wanted to really enjoy that thick cock, I moved up the shaft licking his cock getting it wet, until I reached the tip and started to suck it taking only the head and playing with my tongue. He seemed like he was still tense and not getting into it and I was worried he would decide to quit, I tried to make it more interesting for him so I stopped moving and gathered saliva in my mouth till my mouth was nice and wet, and I started to suck more aggressively trying to take as much of his cock as I can without gagging, I would stop for a few seconds to catch my breath and jack him off.
I finally started to get a positive reaction, he was holding my head and every time I lower my head on his cock he would thrust up, he started talking dirty.
Him: You’re a pretty good cock sucker. You like sucking cock don’t you? Did you like watching me fuck your friends ass so much that you wanted the same?
Me: Do I suck your cock the way you like it? What do you want me to do to make you feel good? Do you want me to keep sucking your cock?
Him: I want you to get me your girlfriend you can both suck it together then you can watch me fuck her
Me: You want me to tie her up for you? Do you want to come inside her too?
Him: Yes I want to come in her too, but I want her pussy not her ass
Me: I would eat her pussy and get her nice and wet for you, and you can just fuck her brains out all night.
He got up and pulled me to my feet, he twisted my arm behind my back forcing me to bend over and started to push his cock against my ass, his cock was already nice and wet from my mouth so it slid right in. It was so thick that when he was only barely in me it was already painful!
Me: gently please, it hurts!
Him: isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this what you were asking for?
Me: yes I still want it but it hurts
Him: then you are going to suffer while I fuck you then you will thank me by setting me up with your girlfriend. Right?
Me: Yes I can take it, I just need it slow at first
He jammed it halfway in, I gasped and felt like I was out of breath for a second. He started slowly thrusting back and forward only putting half his cock in me. I loved the thickness of his cock it made me feel like he was such a man, his weight over me while he was being f***eful and twisting my arm with his cock in my ass made me submit to him, how can I not submit to the guy that fucked my mistress as if she was a common slut? I felt like I wanted him to fuck harder but I knew I cant do that until I adjust to his full size, I decided to toughen up and take his whole cock quickly so that I could adjust faster, I tried to push back against him but because my arm was twisted I could only move forward so he was in complete control and I have to convince him to push it in.
I started moaning and trying to say things that would convince him to push all the way in me.
Me: Does my ass feel good? Your cock sure feels good inside me!
Him: “while slowly fucking me” you like how my cock feels huh?
Me: its so thick I love it. It hurts but I like the pain!
Him: maybe your girlfriend would like it too
Me: she would love it, she wouldn’t want to have sex with me anymore
Him: she would realize that her boyfriend is a sissy that gets bossed around by girls and watches them get fucked by real men.

“He still didn’t pick up his pace so flattering him wasn’t working, I decided to try and get him angry”
Me: well I was acting like a real man earlier today, remember how I was fighting with you in front of everyone?
He still didn’t go deeper but his thrusts were harder so I kept going
Me: I think I could convince my girlfriend if I told her we fucked and I put in a good word for you
Him: then that’s what your going to do
Me: but she likes it rough, your too gentile for her
Him: Ill fuck her as hard as she can take it!
Me: Show me, if you think you can fuck hard then prove it! Show me how hard you will fuck her pussy, do you think you can make her scream?
The more I talked the harder he fucked! When he started really thrusting fast he let go of my arm because he needed both hands to lean against the bed, he was shoving his cock into my ass and I was pushing back against him.
He stopped to adjust himself, I seized the opportunity and I got on the bed. He got up behind me and asked
Him: where are you going?
Me: I want to be fucked in while im on my back, I want you to try to put it all the way in me
I laid on my back and he raised my legs, in one hard shove he slid it in till it was all the way inside me
Me: oh my god that feels really good
He did it again, but harder!
It felt unbelievable! He started doing it faster, fucking me hard and trying to go all the way in each time. He stopped and told me to get on top.
He got on his back and I straddled him facing away from him.
Him: in this position you kind of look like a girl
Me: yea? Are you going to fuck me like a girl? Are you going to cum in my like a slut?
I started bouncing up and down on his cock, he was thrusting up everytime I lowered my self on his cock we both picked up the pace and in a couple of more minutes he started to cum in me! Finally after I begged him to fuck me and he fucked me for a good 45 minutes he finally dumped his load in my ass, and it was worth the wait! When he stopped cumming I got off him and I adjusted my position face down and ass up in the air
Him: why are you laying like that?
Me: my ass is tingling it feels so good! Im trying to keep your cum inside!
Him: so are you happy? Time to keep your end of the bargain!
Me: Im extremely happy and yes im going to get up now and start talking to her you just play along with whatever I say to her.
He went to the bathroom and washed up, I got up after he was done and cleaned myself up, we got dressed and sat in the living room waiting for Sue, I was holding his soft but surprisingly still thick cock, and he didn’t seem to mind me holding it.

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