My Mistress punished me because of my temper part

Be warned, my stories tend to be long and very detailed but I will do my best to keep it as short as I can.

Some background information, which you could skip if you have read my other stories:
For those who haven’t read my previous stories.
I'm a sub/bi bottom, who wanted to experience being dominated by a woman.
Me and my girlfriend Sue started experimenting in bed which led to my female roommate to join us and she later become my mistress while teaching my girlfriend how to dominate me. A while after that, I caught my girlfriend cheating on me with my other roommate Sam, and since I’m a submissive cuckold I didn’t confront them but rather I shared her with him and me and him even had our own experiences together.

I only changed the names in my stories and the events are pretty accurate except for small bitts I add here and there to fill in the gaps “there are some pictures from this night on my profile, message me for the password”. At first I thought it wouldn’t last because it’s too good to be true but it’s been a while now and we are still going strong.
This story happened 2 weeks ago, at this point we have all settled into our respective new roles in the relationship. My girlfriend Sue and me are still together and she is comfortable now sl**ping with whomever she likes and would even occasionally allow me watch or join. As for my male roommate, Sam, him and me only rarely fuck now but him and Sue still enjoy a very active sex life. The most important relationship is the one between me and my mistress Nicky, we are closer than ever as friends now, she is very dominant with me most of the time, even in our everyday lives and not just sexually, to the point that even some of our friends have noticed which I don’t mind, she’s my mistress and I want everyone to see how much I respect her.
Now that you are all caught up here is the story itself.

A couple of weeks ago, me and Nicky decided to go out, my girlfriend was feeling pretty tired so she stayed in and it was just me and my mistress. We went to a local club, which we often went to on the weekends, we had a couple of drinks and danced and we were having a great time. Everything was going great until this guy who was dancing with Nicky started acting rude with her. I was leaning on the wall in the back of the dance floor; Nicky was in front of me dancing with him and she was being sexy rubbing against him and bending over in front of him showing off her big ass which of course excited me at first, but then he got too touchy which seemed to make her uncomfortable! He even slid his hand up under her skirt and started touching her. Seeing how she looked uncomfortable with what he was doing bothered me, but she didn’t say anything and she kept dancing with him so it wasn’t my place to intervene and I just watched.
After she finished dancing we went back to the bar.
Me: Nicky, was it bothering you how the guy was acting or are you ok with it? You seemed uncomfortable back there.
Nicky: Ya it bugged me how he went too far but its ok, but boys will be boys, what can we do
Me: well tell me next time a guy bothers you and I will stop him
Nicky: No I don’t want you acting all defensive and getting into trouble!
Me: It’s not about being defensive I’m just saying I could tell them to get lost
Nicky: “In a serious tone” I said NO! Don’t get into any fights I can take care of myself.
We changed the subject and while we were chatting, the same guy walked up behind her and grabbed her ass slowly and squeezed it hard then gave it a light smack; this bothered her again so I shoved him and told him to get lost. We got into an argument and a couple of guys who were next to us separated us before things got physical. They walked him away and calmed him down and Nicky kept me from catching up with him.
Nicky: How dare you I told you not to start any fights over this!
Me: What else should I do? I can’t let him treat you like that!
Nicky: Don’t do anything! Just stay out of it.
I acted like I calmed down, we closed our tab and she said she wanted to go to the restroom before we leave, I told her I’m gonna go get the car and we will meet outside. While I was outside I saw the same guy walking in the opposite direction and he picked a fight with me again, I’m not really the type of guy that ever fights so he caught me off guard when he swung the first punch and he got me good right on the cheek! Another random group separated us and while we were still been dragged apart Nicky came out.
Nicky: I thought I told you not to fight! What’s wrong with you?
Me: He came to me! What do you want me to do run?
Nicky: yes run if that’s the only option, don’t argue with me! I don’t always tell you what to do and I’m not trying to control you, but if you value what we have then in the situations that I do tell you something, you do as I tell you! Either that or we go our separate ways!
The thought of me and her separating scared the hell out of me and I immediately forgot about the whole fight, I didn’t care about anything that second except making it up to her so that she won’t be mad at me anymore. I apologized and begged her to forgive me, I promised I won’t do anything like this again, I was almost in tears! But she still wasn’t responding and still looked really upset. She finally spoke after all my begging and pleading.
Nicky: I want to believe you but I feel like I should teach you a lesson just to be sure!
Me: I promise it won’t happen ever again I already learned my lesson.
Nicky: lets see how sincere you are, wait right here.
She walked away for a minute then walked back with the guy and brought him over till they were standing in front of me and she instructed me to apologize to him.
It kind of hurt that she was asking me to apologize to the guy who just punched me in the face, but hes a stranger and I thought “swallow your pride, your probably not going to see him ever again so if that’s what its going to take to patch things up then I just get it over with”
I apologized to him and extended my hand to shake his hand, he ignored me and just smiled. She took things further and invited him to come home with us! This shocked me but I couldn’t object, so we just walked to the car.
I got in the drivers seat and they both got in the back seat as if I was a cab driver. They sat in the back and started chatting to get to know each other, he told her that he wasn’t a local and was just visiting for a few days, I thought “awesome your definitely never going to see him again so who cares how much humiliation I go through tonight since it will all be over and forgotten soon”
Halfway home the talking stopped and I looked in the rear view mirror and they were making out, she stopped and asked him a question which showed me what she had planned as “my lesson”
Nicky: So since you are only visiting, would you be open to doing something out of the ordinary tonight?
Him: That depends, what do you have in mind?
Nicky: Well you see I told him not to fight with you tonight but he still did, the way our relationship is that he always does exactly what I tell him.
Him: Relationship? Is he your boyfriend or something?
Nicky: In a way, it’s a long story so you could just consider him kind of my boyfriend to make this simple
Him: Ok this is weird that were making out with your “kind of boyfriend” watching us, but whatever, what do you have in mind?
Nicky: I want you to have a great time with me tonight; I will do everything I can to make sure you remember this night as a great night! But!
Him: but…..?
Nicky: since he was acting all macho, and since he didn’t do as I told him, I want him to watch the whole thing!
I really hated the idea, but I reminded myself that she’s already mad at me so I was in no position to object.
Him: hey, as long as me and you have fun, why would I care if he watches or not? Im fine with that!
They were making out and touching all the way home, we arrived at the house and she told him to go to her room and we will catch up. She pulled me aside to talk to me.
Nicky: I hope you don’t think I’m doing this out of anger! This is not out of spite! I just want to make sure you are genuinely sorry for tonight and that you will even go this far to please me like you promised.
Me: It doesn’t matter why your doing it, if this is what you want then im happy to go through it for you.
To be honest, it did matter why she was doing it and I was hurt all night because of what she was doing, but after she told me that she’s only asserting her dominance I completely forgot about him and my focus shifted entirely to submitting and pleasing her and keeping my mistress happy with me, she’s a wonderful mistress, beautiful, strong willed and very dominant which satisfied my submissive tendencies, and to top it off a great friend which made our relationship more than just sex.
We walked into the room and as soon as I saw him I got angry and felt humiliated all over again, but I ignored him and just stayed quiet. She dragged me to the foot of the bed, sat me down on the floor, and tied my wrists to the beds legs. She took her dress off seductively while he watched, she bent over showing him how her huge ass looked in a thong, and he was obviously getting really excited.
Him: That ass has been driving me crazy all night!
Nicky: O ya? Well now its right in front of u! What are you going to do with it?
He slapped her ass hard and she moaned loudly!
Him: well I would like to fuck it! Are you ok with anal?
Nicky: Im all yours tonight, I told you I want you to have a great night.
Even though she was my mistress and not my girlfriend, the fact he thought that she was, excited me. The aggression that I felt earlier started fading and the humiliation was bringing out my submissive cuckold nature.
He stood up and pulled her close and kissed her while playing with her ass and spreading her cheeks. She was so sexy I was hard as a rock looking at him enjoying her ass! While she rubbed his cock over his jeans and he was obviously hard by now!
She got on her knees, unbuckled his belt, and while looking up at him and smiling she slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, it was about 8 inches so not too big, but really thick! It was a good looking cock and it made me even hornier! I wasn’t sure what was turning me on more? The humiliation from the fact that my mistress is pleasuring the guy I just fought with, or how much I wanted to grab that thick cock and suck the hell out of it.
She licked it slowly from the base to the tip, she opened her mouth and started taking his cock in her mouth while gently stroking it. He stopped her and pulled his cock out.
Him: Are you guys sure you want to go through with this? Ya I was mad but the guy apologized and ur his girlfriend so im feeling weird about this! At least lets turn off the lights or something
Nicky: Well lets ask him?
Sweetie, are you ok with me showing him a good time to make up for how you treated him today?
Me: “Still staring at his cock that was in her hand I” Don’t mind me, if you think this is how I should apologize to him then you do what you see fit.
Nicky: good boy, but you still didn’t listen to me earlier so the lights stay on and you have to watch everything
She started sucking him again, he wouldn’t look in my direction and it looked like he was still feeling awkward. She sucked his cock for a few minutes then got up and stood behind him, he was facing me about 3 feet away, she reached around and stroked his cock while looking at me over his shoulder and smiling “she knew that this wasn’t a punishment anymore but rather a reward”
Nicky: You still look like you’re not too sure
Him: no no Im fine
Nicky: well did you like the quick blowjob? Are you enjoying yourself so far?
Him: yes you were great
Nicky: well how about you return the favor?
Him: if you want, but if its really my night and we do what I want to then Id rather not, its just not my thing to eat pussy, but im ok with it if you want to
She sat on the edge of the bed right next to me and I started eating her pussy instead since that definitely was my thing. She raised her legs and rested them on my shoulder with my head between her legs licking her just the way she likes.
Nicky: Yes it is your night and he will do it instead! I don’t know what got into him earlier tonight but you see how he’s usually a good boy? You see how he licks my pussy to get me ready for another man just because I told him to.
He didn’t reply but he was obviously getting comfortable with me watching after he saw that I was doing it so that he doesn’t have to and how I was making an effort to make sure he enjoys fucking, as far as he thought, my girlfriend. He started stroking his cock while watching us so Nicky pulled him closer and got back to sucking him while I was on the floor eating her pussy. He was enjoying himself and started facefucking her.
She gagged then stopped sucking, she pushed my head away from her pussy, got up, and pulled a camera out of her dresser.
Nicky: I want you to record a video while Im you fuck me! I want to have a video to make him watch whenever I want to remind him to behave.
He took the camera and she got on the bed in doggy style and he started recording as he fucked her. “She didn’t allow me to upload the video but there are a couple of screenshots in an album on my profile that she allowed me to post, if u want to see them just send me a message and I will send you the password to access the album”
They were in the middle of the bed and I was still on floor so I couldn’t really see and I was adjusting myself trying to get a better view. She caught me and knew what I was doing. She smiled, turned around and pushed him on his back.
Nicky: Don’t worry I didn’t forget about your request.
Him: what request?
She made sure his cock was still lubed by her pussy fluids. She straddled him and looked back at me and winked as if to say “are you getting a better view now?”
I she was giving me her back and was facing him, she reached behind her and held his cock in place and slowly lowered herself taking his cock her big ass slowly stretching her ass hole to fit his thickness.
Him: Wow are you serious? I forgot all about that! Ohhh good god that feels so good!
Nicky: Does my ass really feel good? Is this what you wanted to do to my ass all night?
Him: It feels amazing this is the best night ever
Nicky: Oh ya? So I did a good job keeping my promise? If it feels that good then how about you show me and cum in my ass tonight, does that sound like fun?
He pushed her off him and laid her flat on her stomach while rubbing his cock against her ass hole he looked at me
Him: Pass me my phone from my pocket
I gave him his phone and he took a video for himself as he was sliding his cock halfway in her ass then back out. She didn’t seem to notice he was recording rather than just snapping a photo or two
Me: Sweetie u know hes taking a video
Nicky: oh really? You want a video to remember this night? Or are you taking a video to show your friends how you fought with a guy then had your way with his girlfriend’s ass in front of him.
Oh baby push your cock deeper, fuck my ass good, if you want to show your friends then show them how much my ass can take.
Him: you want my cock deeper? You like taking it up the ass?
Nicky: I love it! Your cock feels so good… are you still recording? Record my boyfriend so that you could remember how hes on floor tied and watching you enjoy my ass.
He stopped fucking for a second and pointed the camera back towards me
Him: Are you getting a good view back there?
Me: I can see everything, but let me hold the camera for you so that you can focus
Him: O wow it looks like your enjoying this
I didn’t reply and he passed me the phone, so I held it for him so that he can enjoy himself with my mistress. He started to fuck her harder and picked up his pace fucking her ass violently with his hand on the back of her head pulling her hair.
Nicky: Oh it hurts so much!
Him: am I too rough?
Nicky: no I love it fuck me harder!
He started thrusting harder and harder while she begged for more and I had a perfect view from behind recording
Him: Im going to cum, where do you want it?
Nicky: In my ass…. Don’t stop fucking me till you cum! Cum in my ass
A few hard thrusts later, he pushed his cock deep in her ass and stopped moving as he came inside her
Nicky: Oh yes its so warm I love it! That’s it fill my ass with cum
He finished cuming then laid on top of her with her cock in her, after a minute he got up and sat at the edge of the bed close to where I was sitting on the floor. I could see his cock only half erect but still really thick, I envied Nicky for a minute.
Nicky: so how was that? Did you have a good time?
Him: oh wow it felt amazing, your boyfriend is a lucky guy
Nicky: hes not my boyfriend I told you that before, I said kind of boyfriend because I didn’t want to explain
Him: so He wouldn’t mind If I take another round? Im feeling like I can go again
Nicky: He wouldn’t but I would! You had your fun and that’s all your getting tonight this wasn’t really about you I just wanted to make him watch so your welcome to use the shower and you can sl**p on the couch tonight and we will drop you off tomorrow
Him: ouch that’s cold, but thank you anyway I had fun, Ill be in the living room, good night.
He left the room and Nicky got up, she went to the bathroom and cleaned out his cum. She came back from the bathroom and finally untied me.
Nicky: Well I tried to teach you a lesson but it looks like it was a treat for you!
Me: the treat was watching you, but what do you want me to do about him? Are you sure you are ok with letting him sl**p over?
Nicky: That’s up to you I don’t care, all I care about now is that I want to get off since he didn’t take care of me, then Im going to pass out.
That was all I needed to hear, I laid her on her back and went down between her legs, I licked her pussy and she started cummming in no time.
Nicky told me that she’s going to sl**p so I walked out to see our guest thinking he would be sl**ping, turns out my girlfriend just woke up but that story is in part 2
I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for part 2

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