First cuckold experience

I wrote this story a while back but never shared it... I came across it today and thought I would share it, enjoy :)
This story happened a while back with my ex girlfriend, it was while I was in collage and it was my first cuckold experience. I didnt edit it since it was written which was almost right after the story happened.
And just a quick warning, its really long and I tried to go into detail with everything

The story:

I'm 22, and currently going to collage. I've been with my girlfriend for 2 years now and we have a very active but plain sex life. She's sweet, sexy, smart, and fun but at this time she was very innocent and not sexually experienced but adventurous and willing to try.
I have always had multiple fantasies that involve me being submissive "femdom fantasies, gay fantasies with me as a bottom, and cuckold fantasies" my girlfriend knows about my submissive side, but not the bi or cuckold part since I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about them, she would try to be dominant with me in bed but she isn't very experienced so she isn't all that good at it! Other than that I still had not made any of my fantasies a reality till I had this experience.
One day I decided to try and see if I could get her to cuckold me without me having to admit my fantasies. I posted an ad online looking for a guy who would try to seduce my girlfriend without her knowing of our arrangement! After talking to a ton of guys I was finally able to set something up with a guy!
The guy was perfect! Tall, good looking, great body, and was even open to fulfill my gay fantasies!
So we exchanged contact info and agreed to meet as if we were old friends meeting by coincidence.

The next weekend we went out to the club and he met us there. I introduced him to her as my high school friend who I haven't seen since we graduated and both parted ways for collage. He told her that he just moved to town and is thinking about attending one of the local universities.
After acting like we were catching up for a while by him making up a life story updating me on his life since collage, they started chatting about one of his made up stories
He told us a story about how he just broke up with his girlfriend, who he was madly in love with, he told us that he caught her cheating and how he was heart broken so she was chatting with him being nice and trying to comfort him. Anyway after a bit of chatting the ice was broken and they seemed to get along well.
He started to flirt with her subtly, she came to me concerned about that
Her: I think ur friend is flirting with me! But I'm not sure
Me: don't worry about it, he's a nice guy so he wouldn't try anything! If he is flirting then just take it as a compliment.
Her: well he asked me to go dance with him, what should I tell him?
Me: I'm ok with it if u want to, I'll stay by the bar and have a couple more drinks so ull find me here when u guys are done. Go have fun! Maybe be his wing-man and help him hook up.
She laughed and went and dragged him to the dance floor.
She was the designated driver so she wasn't drinking, I was acting as if I was drinking but decided to stay sober in case things went bad or if things went as planned I wanted to remember the experience!
They came back a while later, they definitely seemed to be getting along, she was holding his arm and they were laughing and joking around with each other. I acted as if I had a few drinks while they were gone and started to speak with a slur and kind of wobble while I was standing.
She came to me and started whispering
Her: yup I'm pretty sure ur friend likes me!
Me: what makes u say that?
Her: I tried to get him to talk to other girls and he kept saying he's already with the sexiest girl in the club. he was even a little touchy while we were dancing.
I acted as if I was jealous
Me: did he act inappropriately with u? Do u need me to go over and make him apologize for anything?
Her: no no he just held my waist and was dancing really close, I think I did more since I grinned on him a bit while dancing! Ur ok with that right? It was only a bit and we were just dancing!
Me: "speaking as if I was wasted" I'm ok with it as long as u are... Just let me know if he crossed any lines.
They hung out together for the rest of the night, they even danced a couple more times and I watched from a distance and saw that she enjoyed his attention and was dancing provocatively as if she was the one trying to seduce him not the other way around! And I enjoyed every second watching my girl acting wild with a stranger!

Later on, after I paid my tab and they announced last call, I went to the bathroom before we left, he caught up with me to ask what to do next?
He stood at the urinal next to me and acted like he was peeing while we talked

Him: so, u think things are going well?
Me: looks like it but she seems a bit nervous so don't push too much!
Him: I know, she's giving me mixed signals! I grabbed her boobs while we were dancing and she pushed my hand but didnt seem upset! And she was rubbing her pretty ass on me the whole time we were dancing even after I got hard!
Me: do u think she knew u were hard
Him: absolutely! After she felt it she didnt stop grinding but she stopped joking around. So again she seems into me but uncomfortable about the whole thing

I looked down at his cock which he had out, it was the same length as mine about 7" but insanenly thick! and saw he was still rock hard and I just wanted it in my mouth!
I couldn't help my self and made sure no one was looking then reached over and grabbed his cock and stroked it a bit...
He stopped me and told me that I'm not allowed to have any fun till he gets to do her first so I better do everything I can to make it work.
I was insanely turned on as this stranger was telling me how my beautiful girlfriend was rubbing against his thick hard cock! And I wanted wanted to see it in my girlfriend at any cost!
Anyway I decided the best way to see how things are with her is for him to tell us he's crashing on a friend couch and still doesn't have anywhere to stay, then I invite him to use our guest room while he acts like he's shy and is refusing to see if she might try to convince him.
We walked back over to my girlfriend at the bar and I could immediately see what he was talking about when he said she stopped joking after she felt his hard on.
She wasn't really joking with him anymore and she would only give him short replies instead of chatting with him like she was doing all night.
I started our test to see if there is a chance we could make this work tonight?

Me: so where are u staying now? Did u find a place yet?
Him: I'm crashing on my friends couch for now while I look for an apartment
Me: well we have an empty guest room if ud like? sl**ping on a couch couldn't be comfortable for u or ur friend!
Him: no I don't want to be a burden but Thanx
We went back and forward like that for about a minute till my girlfriend finally paid attention to the conversation and immediately jumped in

Her: come on stay with us it'll be fun!
Him: Thanx but I really shouldn't!
Her: well I'm not in the mood to sl**p yet so at least come over and have a couple of beers with us! After that if u still want to go ill drop u off at ur friends place.

I was so excited! It seems like something might actually happen tonight!
He agreed and we all got in the car with her driving since I was acting as if I was completely wasted and couldn't drive.
We got home and sat in the living room, my girlfriend grabbed some beers from the fridge and gave both of us one.
We got back to talking and he switched the subject back to his recent breakup, he was talking about how he's lonely and stuff. She sat next to him acting like she felt sorry for him, she told him he will find someone else and hugged him a couple of times...
He finally started to guide the topic towards our goal
Him: worst thing is that she broke up with me only a couple of weeks ago and today is my birthday! So now I'm celebrating my birthday alone!
Her: aww well happy birthday, and u didnt spend it alone since u ran into us? We had fun right?
Him: ya I had a great time with u guys
He then got bolder and for a second I thought he ruined everything by what he said

Him: well since its my birthday and im all alone how about u flash ur boobs for me as a birthday gift? That would definitely make me feel a lot better!
Her: no way! I'm not going to show u my breasts!
She got up and sat next to me blushing and acting shocked! I just laughed hoping he would say he's joking
Him: only for a little bit! And only if ur boyfriend ok with it! A quick look can't hurt!
She looked at me
Her: aren't u going to say anything? He just ask to see ur girlfriends breasts!
Me: "while acting like I was too d***k to realize what's going on"
What do u want me to say? I can't blame him, I wanted to see ur breasts the first day I met u as well!
Her: so ur ok with ur girlfriend showing another guy her breasts?
Me: I don't mind, as he said, a quick peek can't hurt, as long as he promises not to tell anyone, it's completely up to u!

She was speechless for a couple of seconds and we waited to see her reaction
Her: only because its ur birthday and ur having a hard time!
She unhooked her bra then, with a shy smile lifted her shirt and bra... She gave him a quick 10 second show while we both cheered
She covered them and was giggling and we commented on how wild she is and now its a party!
She seemed to enjoy our reaction and she lifted her shirt and showed him again! This time for close to a minute!
He complimented her and was telling me that I'm a very lucky guy to have such a beautiful and fun girlfriend!
We talked about a bunch of random topics for a while, he saw my stereo and got up and played some music, it was pretty loud and club type music.
She started dancing while she was sitting next to me and he sat back in his place.
He took his next step to push things even further!
Him: u've already made this a great birthday for me! How about u make it an extra special birthday?
Her: "while smiling and still dancing" how would I do that?
Him: by giving me a lapdance!
Me: "with a joking tone" oh things are getting interesting!
Her: no way! Ur pushing things too far buddy!
Him: oh come on its no big deal! We already danced tonight and this is kind of the same thing!
She gave me a look as if asking to step in.
Me: wait before u guys have ur fun I have to step in here!
I was about to say I'm not ok with it, but I figured if she gets upset with me then I could use alcohol as my excuse!
Me: I'm ok with it as long as u don't touch her, her clothes stay on, and I can stop it at any time!
She didnt say anything while he kept trying to convince her till she finally made her decision.
Her: ok, but only if u promise not to tell anyone! And if there's any touching then the dance is over!
He agreed and she picked a song and started to dance in front of him!
She danced infront of him for a minute then finally turned around and sat on his lap, gyrating, and rubbing her ass against his crotch...
I was getting really excited and I loved watching her as she was getting into it! She then surprised me! She got up and while dancing took her shirt off but kept her bra on!
She straddled him and rubbed her boobs on his face, she was barely dancing now she was just dry humping him!
The song was getting close to the end so to keep things going I decided to change the song so she doesn't stop when the song ends, one song became two then three and it was obvious that she was having fun and didnt care how long she danced.
I kept cheering her on, I even gave her a couple of suggestions what she should do...
She switched a couple of times dancing on me then going back to him, but she definitely paid more attention to him!
It was obvious I was going to get to see her fucked as long as I don't do anything to fuck things up!
By this point she had stripped her pants and was dancing in her panties and bra, she didn't take her bra off but would occasionally pull it down to give him a peek.
One of the things I said while cheering and joking, acting d***k and making it a fun thing rather than sexual, was that he's getting ripped off since he was wearing jeans and everyone knows that u should wear sweat pants for a lap dance! He laughed then with a smile said that he has a fix for that!
He unbuttoned his pants and lowered them to his mid thigh.
Him: it's practically the same thing since I'm technically dressed!
Me: smart man! I didn't think of that!

The bulge he had showed that he was only half erect, but as she danced on him I could see he was getting hard quick! She stayed straddling him rubbing against his hardening cock, only her panties and his boxers in between.
She was clearly horny! She just kept rubbing on him with her eyes closed and biting her lip, she even moaned a couple of times.
He looked at me with a smile and I motioned to him to try and start touching her...
He touched her breast and she pushed his hand but didnt say anything and kept dancing! He tried again and she didnt stop him this time
He fondled her a bit then reached around and unhooked her bra
He sucked her nipples and she was just rubbing against him and moaning, she wasn't dancing anymore she didnt even notice that I didnt turn on another song and there was no music!
He reached down and rubbed her pussy through her pants, he pulled his cock out and pushed her panties aside and rubbed his cock against her pussy... I was so turned on I almost came in my pants but I didnt touch myself in case she snapped out of it I could act like I passed out.
He pushed up and tried to slide his cock in, she raised her self a bit and didnt let him, she reached down and held his cock and stocked it while rubbing it against her pussy.
She then got off him and took a breath, I acted like I was sl**ping and closed my eyes.
I stayed with my eyes closed and listened to them whisper.
Her: went to far we need to stop
Him: it's ok, we don't need to go further we can keep doing the same thing lets enjoy ourselves
Her: I can't, my boyfriend is right here he could wake up any second now
Him: he's out cold he's not gona wake up anytime soon, plus he had too much to drink so even if he does wake up he probably wount remember anything in the morning
She didnt reply and stayed quiet for a bit so I slightly opened one eye to take a peak and see what's going on.
She was just standing infront of him looking at his cock, it was obvious she didnt want to stop but she was just afraid
She was now standing where she was facing him and can't see me so I went back to watching comfortably and opened my eyes
The suspense was just too much! Finally he held her hand and pulled her towards him, she just moved back towards him without resisting
Instead of getting back and grinding on him, she cut to the chase and got on her knees
She stroked his cock, and as if she forgot I was there she started talking dirty without whispering.
Her: I've been wanting this since the club! I've been wet all night!
Him: well now u got what u wanted what are u going to do?
She opened her mouth and took his cock halfway in and started sucking her slowly, she alternated between sucking and licking while saying the dirtiest things to him
Her: ur cock tastes so good! I want to feel u inside me but I can't stop sucking it! It's so thick its going to hurt like crazy!
Him: keep sucking it ur doing great! And don't worry I will be gentile so it doesn't hurt too much
Her: no don't be gentile! I want u to hurt me
Him: u want it rough huh
Her: yes! I want u to fuck me so hard! Do u promise to fuck me hard!
Him: if u suck it good then I will fuck u as hard as I can
Her: u promise? Please don't hold back I'm already cheating so make it worth it for me
I guess he wasn't in the mood for talking anymore cuz he pushed her head down and f***ed his cock back in till she gagged!
She got the picture and just went crazy sucking, licking, and stroking! It was amazing, I can honestly say that watching her give him a blowjob felt better then getting a blowjob!
He stood up and pushed her so that she was laying on her back on the the floor with her legs spread.
He got on top of her rubbing his cock against her pussy
Him: u want me to push it in?
Her: yes please do!
Him: beg!
Her: please fuck me
Him: beg like u mean it! Slut!
Her: please I need it so bad please fuck me!
He was such a tease I almost begged him! But he finally started to slide slowly into her while she closed her eyes and moaned
He fucked her slowly for a bit
Her: u promised u would fuck me hard! Please don't hold back!
He didnt need to hear it twice and thrusted hard and fast! He fucked her so hard it was as if he was punishing her! But her moans and encouragement to fuck even harder made it obvious she wasn't Being punished
She was moaning and screaming as if she forgot I was there or she just didnt care
He fucked her long and hard, she came at least twice which never happened with me unless I ate her pussy! Finally he picked up his speed and told her he's about to cum
Him: I'm close! I'm gonna cum!
Her: don't cum inside
Him: it's not up to u!
Her: please pull out, I will swallow it for u if u want
He placed his hand over her mouth and kept fucking then shoved it all the way in and started to cum.
She loved it and she came one more time while he filled her with his cum! Even though she was just asking him to pull out before he came, she was now thanking him as he came in her!
Now that they were finished I decided to Do something to make sure this happens again.
They were still on the floor, catching their breath with him still inside her, I stood up and looked at them and made eye contact with my girlfriend then walked to the room
Her: I'm so sorry! Please forgive me I don't know how we went this far!
Me: leave me alone
Her: baby please
Me: leave me alone, ill talk to u in the morning! Go to bed
She got dressed and got in bed
I walked out to get my share of that cock! He was still on the floor, I laid between his legs and licked his cock, it still tasted like her pussy plus some cum
Him: I can't now! I'm drained!
Me: we don't need to do anything just let me clean it for u
Him: man ur girl is an amazing fuck!
Me: well if u sl**p over then we could try to do it again in the morning
I licked his cock clean then showed him to the guest room.
I decided to act like I was pissed and slept on the couch.
The next day I woke up and everyone was still in their rooms.
I walked into the bedroom and she was already awake just sitting at the edge of the bed
Her: about last night...
Me: don't talk let me say something! Last night things went too far, but I'm willing to let it go on one condition
Her: anything!
Me: u had ur sexual adventure and had ur fun, I have my own fantasies that I want to try! If ur willing to promise to do everything I say then were all good
Her: of course! Why didnt u tell me about ur fantasies before? I might enjoy them!
Me: well it doesn't matter if u enjoy them now! U do it for me!
She agreed
I tied her to a chair, and placed a vibrator between her legs and sat back and watched as she go wetter and wetter begging me to take it away and telling me her pussy feels too sensitive!
She came once then I took the vibrator away
I blindfolded her then went to the other room to bring the other guy over
I walked into the room and asked him if he's up for a second round? He said yes and I told him to play along and that I will be first then he can have her again
We walked into the room and I told him to be quiet, we walked up to my girlfriend and I pulled down his pants, while stroking his cock infront of my blindfolded girlfriend I started talking to her about last night
Me: so how did it feel last night?
Her: baby I swear I feel so bad about it
Me: no! Tell me how it felt?
She didnt reply
Me: yes thats right! tell me how much u enjoyed it? Tell me what u liked the most
She still wouldn't reply
I took off her blindfold and she was shocked, there was her boyfriend infront of her, with the guy who fucked her last night with his pants down and cock semi erect!
She watched as I got on my knees and stroked his cock, I started to suck while she watched me still speechless naked and tied to the chair.
He enjoyed the blowjob was was getting harder by the second, he fondled her breasts and was hard and ready in no time!
I got on the bed facedown in doggy and he got behind me, his cock still wet from my mouth he slowly pushed it in and started to fuck me... It was the first time for me getting fucked and his cock was too thick for a first timer so it hurt like hell! But being fucked infront of my girlfriend was too hot for me to stop him
He fucked me harder as I started to jack off, I was getting the hang of it but it still hurt, I jacked off while he stretched my asshole and I came in no time, he still wanted to keep going but I just couldn't!
He pulled his dick out and I got up, I untied my girlfriend and by now she got the picture, she assumed her usual dominant role and played along
Her: so u like to fucked in the ass huh! U want him to fuck me? U want me to show u how its done?
Me: yes please let me watch him fuck u?
Her: do as ur told and ill put on a show for u!
She laid next to him on the bed and spread her legs, she instructed me to eat her pussy which I did, she kept giving me instructions while telling how she's about to get fucked! He adjusted himself with his cock next to her face and she started sucking
While I was eating her pussy I looked up to watch my girlfriend show off her oral skills pleasing this virtual stranger while I pleased her
She pushed me away, she told me to lay on my back and she got on top of me in 69 position but he came behind her and she told me that I have to guide his cock into her!
Holding his cock that was recently in my ass and guiding it to my girlfriends pussy was one of the most humiliating things in my life! I loved it!
I watched as he fucked her a couple of inches above my face and I was able to enjoy every second! She would suck me for a little then stroke my cock then stop when she thinks I'm enjoying myself too much and she wouldn't let me cum! She made sure she told me how much she enjoyed herself, how his cock was thicker than mine, how he fucked better than I ever did! When he finally said he's ready to cum she stopped and told him to finish off in me, he flipped me over and fucked me just as rough as he fucked her, which was harder faster more painful but somehow much better! I ate her pussy till she came while he fucked my ass till he came in me, it felt amazing being filled with cum, so warm and perverted!
He stayed over that day and fucked her a couple more times. I wasn't allowed to fuck her or get fucked by him, I just got his cum in my ass or mouth after her fucks her, other than that I just watched and masturbated while I watched as she told me how good he fucks.
I later told her the truth that he wasn't my friend and me and him arranged the whole thing, but she definitely made sure we became friends after since she would constantly invite him over.
I hope u guys enjoyed the story :)
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1 month ago
would love to experience something like that
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Loved, loved, loved IT! Thanks for the post!
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Loved it!
8 months ago
Really enjoyed your story ...I would love to be in your position :-)
1 year ago
Hot story
1 year ago
yes, invite me over and I'll play your friends part.