The new situation with a dominant roommate

So if you read my last story then you know the situation...
if not a quick summary would be that I have a female roommate who turned out to be very dominant and has joined me and my girlfriend in our sex life.

Ok now the new dynamic of the relationship is that me and my girlfriend are still together and everything is normal, except that sometimes my roommate would join us in bed or act in a dominant way with me every now and then, overall its a really good situation although I'm sure it's going to lead to some drama sooner or later but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts :)

Today's story starts with us all going out to the club for a night out. It was a nice and normal night nothing special except for one thing, my girlfriend who tried drinking a couple of times in her life and has never actually been d***k finally gave into peer pressure from my roommate and drank to the point where she was classic girl d***k! she was wobbling, dancing, and every song was her favorite song. Once my roommate saw how d***k she got, she decided to take advantage of the situation and took her to the dance floor. obviously guys would try to dance with both of them which was something that never bothered me but her being d***k and my roommate encouraging her apparently made her all her shyness go away. She started to switch from one guy to another grinding on one guy and making the other grab her boobs basically she was "the easy girl" on the dance floor. after seeing this i decided to just leave it and talk in the morning because she was wasted and probably wouldn't even listen to half of what i have to say.
before i knew it my roommate came back to our spot by the bar without my girlfriend, I asked her where she was and she said that she sent her home, so we went on with our night then went home. To my surprise my girlfriend didn't go home alone. there was a random car in the driveway and as soon as I walked in i could hear her moaning in the bedroom... I wanted to walk in and stop them but my roommate convinced me that it would be better if she goes in since he would probably be d***k as well, I said ok and waited a minute only to see my roommate come back out saying that the guy freaked out and ran out from the patio door in my room and that my girlfriend is feeling sick and i should leave her for now.
I sat in the living room watching t.v. contemplating if i should just sl**p on the couch or go to bed and all of a sudden my roommate straddled me and started to make out with me!! this was pretty strange cuz usually our sex is all about dom and sub, but now she was having actual "intimate sex" I didnt object obviously, she then guided me to a chair and tied my hands behind my back and anchored them to the legs of the chair. Things now started to seem more familiar and I started to get pretty excited. once she was done tying me and she noticed my excitement she unzipped my pants took my cock out and slid it into her while still wearing her cocktail dress. I was in heaven!! as she was slowly grinding on me slowly sliding my cock in and out of her pussy that was surprisingly already soaked!! she whispered in my ear have I told you to do something that you didnt enjoy so far?
I replied "no mam i enjoyed obeying every order you gave me"
she said then be a good boy tonight and play along
before i knew it she called my girlfriend from the room who came out naked with the guy!! her and my girlfriend started making out while the other guy was kissing her neck from behind
this didnt really amuse me but good god was it hot! he fucked her brains out right in front of me! i was both pissed and extremely turned on!
on one hand its not a situation im used to but on the other I loved how much of a slut she was!
while this was going on my roommate kept whispering in my ear things like
"I told her to sl**p with him so dont fight it and enjoy the show"
she then grabbed by dick and called my girlfriend and said
"keep it up! look how hard you made him with your show"
my girlfriend went nuts after than and adjusted herself over him so that she could suck my dick while riding him... I came in no more than a couple of minutes the guy finished soon after and then was on his way.
my roommate sent my girlfriend back to bed and then untied me and took me to her room.
at this point I was still horny and angry as hell!! i pushed my roommate to the bed and started fucking her like crazy. which she liked, at first, she then pushed me off and yelled how dare you act like that with me?
she straddled my chest with my arms tucked under her
she said "next time you treat me with respect! never try to do anything unless i say you can" she pushed herself forward forcing her pussy in my face smothering me.
she kept riding my face till i forgot all about my girlfriend and all i could think about was her scent and taste as i licked her.
she got off me and took me to my room where my girlfriend was taking a shower
she dragged her out and cuffed her hands to the headboard of my bed, she then told me to do what i wanted with her to punish her
i placed a pillow on her face and started to fuck her as hard as i could, I dont know but i just felt like the situation is degrading being fucked like that hands tied and face covered.
I was done with her before i even came and just got off satisfied
my roommate then said my turn and took me to back to her room
by this point i completely calmed down and was only focusing on this goddess of a woman in front of me she laid back with her feet towards me and i started to massage, kiss, and lick each and every toe
i kept kissing my way up till i got back to her wet pussy
i licked and sucked every spot and just felt like i couldn't get enough
i kept at it till she arched her back as she grabbed my hair pulling me towards her while she came.
when she settled she finally decided i deserved some relief
so she straddled my chest in reverse giving me a perfect view of her amazing ass
she rubbed my cock while in this position and stuck a finger in my ass to massage my prostate
when I finally came it was sunrise and I was done! i just wanted to sl**p!
she said she would allow me to sl**p with her so i placed my head on her inner thigh and she stretched her other leg along my body playing with my now finally limp dick with her foot.
the next day i woke up and things were different
i wasn't mad at my girlfriend since she was clearly getting her punishment with her first hangover
but i felt closer to my mistress
more of a loving respect rather than just a fetish thing
anyway this was all Friday night its now sunday morning so im still not sure about the situation since yesterday my girlfriend spent the whole day in bed as we went about our day

and as usual, im sorry if the story isnt very well written, im still a beginner at writing my stories and i try to remember all the details as im writing

i hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for future adventures :)
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1 year ago
Great stuff! I'm reading them all!
1 year ago
excellent writing. waiting for part 2
1 year ago
you horndog...