Doctor Doctor, Dirty Doctor. Part 2

Doctor Doctor, Dirty Doctor. Part2

Doctor Smith fucked me bad and rough for about two hours, During which we both had multiple orgasms. He shot his load down my throat once and twice in my pussy. He loved the fact I could contract my pussy walls when he was ramming his cock inside my tight little bald cunt. We had a great fuck. He wrote me a few pills for my boobs, horniness and milk and scheduled my appointment for 3months later. He recorded us and kept it in my file to work on it so the next time we have a grander fuck session. He called Linda up and thanked her a ton for me and told her to get me on the cheering team. I was thrilled as one of my fantasies had come true, I had sex with a fucking hot doctor and he was going to do me again & I got into the cheering team.

The medicines Dr. Smith gave me were for enlarging my boobs, to make me horny all the time and to produce milk in my boobs. Some sort of hormonal pills.

Three months had passes, I was enjoying my time on the cheering squad and the time I spend fucking all of the jocks.They loved my milk. I was like a sex machine. The pills just made it worse ;)

Today was my appointment. Wearing no panties and bra.. Just a short sun dress, I went to Dr.Smith's office. Once again I was the last patient. I walked into the changing room, Hung my dress there and walked naked into the doctors office. I didn't bother putting on the robe. Why waste one when he was going to rip it out anyways. I knocked on his door and walked in. Dr.Smith had a huge grinn on his face "There comes my lovely fuck toy, My darling treat." and he grabbed me closer to him and started pressing my boobs. "I see the pills have done wonders, I wanted milk to come out of these babies the last time you were here and well.. I am a magician." He scooped up my breast and began to suck on my nipple. "OMG Ashley, Hasn't anyone had any? Its so full" He was shocked. "The guys I fuck love drinking it, But I've stored it since 4days for you. I want the magician to enjoy his creation." I said as he was enjoying the milk from my boobs.
Pressing my nipple with his teeth as he sucked on it, His hand massaging my breasts and squeezing them till the extreme, drinking from me.. All this was getting me very horny. I could see his camera already on. He really loves filming his toys I thought.

After milking my boobs dry and pushed me on his couch and spread my legs open. Seeing my bald pussy's wetness.. "Ah, Always horny. Don't you just love the pills you're on Ashley" He exclaimed as he smelt my aroma and began to lick his way into my pussy. OMG his warm tongue inside my cunt worming around, digging deeper and deeper almost made me climax. He then got off me. I could see his penis very erect under his pants. "Let's release the pressure Doctor" I said as I un-zipped his fly and slid down his pants and boxers. I removed his shirt and lab coat and pushed him on the couch and went down on my knees. Kissing and licking his penis. I slowly started to play with his balls while sucking his penis. Tasting his pre-cum. His hands fodling over my breasts and pulls my hair, Deep throating me soon.. I had him even harder. He got me off my knees and pushes me against the wall and in a matter of seconds he was ramming his thick swollen cock inside my tight wet cunt. OMG this was amazing, the rush of Adeline, He fucking me against the wall, My one leg in the air as he rammed his cock deeper inside me. In and Out. In and Out. WOW. He kept fucking me. I swear I blacked out in the middle. My boobs in his mouth. His free hand playing with my cunt while he fucked me bad and hard.

"OMG, Yea yea yea Dr.Smith. Just like that" I was moaning as he fucked me nicely. We were on the floor now, I was on my 4's, His hands on my boobs and dick deep in my cunt and he was fucking me with all his might. He shot loads of cum deep inside my pussy. I was having multiple orgasms.

After my cunt was nicely used up, It was dripping with his cum and my juices. He then went on to my anus.
OMG, How he teases it. He spread all the cum and juices over it.. two fingers deep inside trying to gap my butt a little for him. I was nicely lubed up and now slowly he started pushing his cock inside my butt hole. OH MY GOD the pain was maddening but the pleasure was wow. It was like getting fucking in a tight cunt by a HUGE cock. Oh My. He slowly made his way in. Once in, He started pumping his cock in and out, Deeper.. Harder and Faster. Dr.Smith fucked me like crazy. He shot a load of cum deep in and to keep it in, He put a butt plug for me.

"I better check you up now Ashley, Linda sends me girls to fuck but I must also see that my pills doesn't affect their cheering. Your boobs are massive now. Time for you to stop the pills for a while. Only continue the milk one. I love how to taste." He then checked me up, Fingured me while doing so. Played with my boobs... While checking my pussy, He again got down to dirty business and ate my cunt raw. Omg it was hurting by now..

"Well Ashley, What a wonderful time I've had with you today. I hope I see you sooner. How about our next check-up in 30 days on a Sunday? I'll have the whole day free.. We can have an Insane time. Meet outside and the obviously come here by the end for your check-up.. and I think i'll invite Linda and my fellow doctor to join in the fun with us at different times of the day, More the merrier.." He wasn't asking me. He was telling me. Great. a 3/4-way.

After our wonderful fuck and check-up, Doctor removed the pulg from my ass and all the cum was oozing down my legs as I walked into the changing room. The reception saw me and winked at me. I had almost spent two hours + inside at Dr.Smith's room. She was watching some of doctor's patient fuck video. She was enjoying her life. I got dressed and walking back into his room to bid him a goodbye and tell him I'll be waiting for our amazing 3-way next time. I waked into the room. He was dressed already, Just his fly open and penis out. He was shagging while watching our last time's fuck video. OMG.. My boobs were so small there as compared. "Have fun with me while I'm gone Doctor oh.. & thank you." "You are amazing. I seriously owe Linda a huge one for you." He said while shagging away to glory.

"Oh, I need some milk. Do you mind asking the receptionist to remove a bottle of milk from your boobs for me and keep it for me? or Can I drink some now" He winked

I walked close to him and pulled down my dress.. "I think my nipples are too raw.. I'll fill you a bottle now through" he was pinching them.. "Ok darling" he said as i walked out. I walked to the reception. Dr.Smith had already paged her. She was standing with a nipple pump and a bottle ready to collect the milk by the time I reached her desk. "Looks like the doctor loves having his sessions with you. You will be here again in 30days I'm told" she said and she attached the pumps to both my nipples and it started to suck the milk out fast.. OMG. It was amazing.. I was getting wet down there already. I then felt cold fingers inside my wet cunt.. "Its ok, I can help you. Plus it will make the process faster" Said the receptionist as she fucked my cunt with 3 fingers. I soon came and by now two bottles were full.. "The doctor is going to love this. Why dont you go in and hand it out to him. He will love the sight of those amazing swollen pumped puffed nipples of yours." She said holding the two bottles up. " & Have a hot bathtub shower for the numb pussy and ass. It works wonders and ice for these" she said pinching my nipples HARD.

I walked into his room dress still down, boobs and nipples exposed.. "There you go." I handed him 2 bottles.. "YUM. What a site" He said looking at my swollen puffed nipples. "I need a bit now" He got up.. Came closer.. lifted my dress.. Rubbing his erect penis against my numb cunt and he began to chew and suck my nipples.."Ah, Ashley. Delightful" He moaned as he ate me and grinned against my pussy. I left after a while for home and Yes, I did have the hot shower.. Worked wonders.

Thank you. Hope you liked it.
This story is continued from
Doctor Doctor, Dirty Doctor. Part1 -

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10 months ago
Dam Doll can I do your next exam love the stories
1 year ago
nice story
2 years ago
i want to be your doctor
2 years ago
so sweet but so naughty
3 years ago
proof that nasty girls are the best !
what a joy it is to be able to share in your naughty adventures
go girl you rock
3 years ago
ashley you are amazing
3 years ago
Great story parts 1 & 2
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that was great
3 years ago
another INCREDIBLE story ashley i cant wait for more of ur stories they never cease to make me hard as hell!