Audition, As an Exotic Masseuse

Audition, As an Exotic Masseuse.

I had gone to a foreign country for 2 months after my studies for an experience's sake, There I needed to earn some money so I decided to look for a job, being from Aus I was good with oil and massages as thats what I did all summer back at home, Tanning and Oiling myself or Massaging friends on the beach.

I walked into a huge palor like shop which had a poster of "Hiring Exotic Masseuse'
I was a very exotic and huge place which candles and chandeliers all over the place, On entering there was the receptionists' desk. "Good Afternoon Ma'am, How may I help you" She asked me. "Good Afternoon, Well I saw the poster out that you'll were hiring, And I need a summer job for 2 months, So I was wondering if you could help me." I told her, She then directed me into the owner's room. His room has a desk, A massage bed, a table for Oils and a couch. "Hello, How may I help you pretty girl" He asked me, I then introduced my self saying I was Ashley Rose and He was Carter, He must have been 24yrs old. I told him I was looking for a Job. "I'd be delighted to hire such a pretty girl like you, But will you be fine with the Job" he asked me, "Yes, I'd for sure be fine with the job, Whats the job like but?" "We'll we have an Exotic massage service where masseuse give our customers an exotic massage, The vey adult type" he smirked. Wow, That would be fun. I've always wanted such a job so I totally jumped at the offer, "Yes, I'd love to work for you, But for 2 months."

(I am Ashley. 34D perky boobs, Long legs, Curve hips, A full ass, Pink nipples, light eyes, Long brown hair, A tan complexion.)
"Well thats amazing, We have 5 working days which are Wednesday to Sunday and 2 shifts a day which are 2-3 hours each and I will pay you 8000$ for 2months." I was thrilled at the offer, 8000$ in 2 months, Which was like 1000$ per week. It was the best paying summer job I could ask for "Yes, Its a deal then." I replied without showing my excitement. "Thats great. But I will need to audition you to see if you are good enough because the customers will be playing a lot of money and they need the best of exotic services I can provide them which." "Sure, What type of audition would you like to conduct?" I asked him. "An Exotic Massage" he told me. I agreed.. He then asked me a few questions like 'How old was I?' I was 19. 'How big were my breasts' I was 34D 'Was I on the pill?' Which I obviously was on. 'Did I have any piercing or tattoos' Which I did, Belly Piercing and a tattoo on the nape of my neck and one more above my butt.
"Well Ashley, Why don't you flash your cunt, ass and boobs for me quick" Carter told me. I then lifted my tee and showed him my perky 34D's and then pulled down my cutoff shorts showing him my round full ass and then giving him a nice view of my bald cunt. "Like what you see Carter?" I asked him. I saw sparkles in his eyes, He totally was sold on my bod. He then told me to strip and handed me a half cup see through bra and a G-string and told me it was my costume for the autition and that if I passed I'd get 5 costumes for 5days which I'd have to wear for work & BOY were the costumes hot.
Obviously with a robe on top until i start the massage with the customer, then I would remove it.

Front of the G-String costume

Back of my G-String costume

My costume bras

My full costumes

He then handed me all of the above and a robe and then told me to treat him like I was his client and he walked out of the room.

I quickly wore one of the outfits he handed me and put on the robe, Kept all the oils and lotions near the massage bed. Carter soon walked in and I greeted him

"Afternoon sir, I am Ashley." "Hello Ashley, I am carter." "Delighted to meet you Carter" I smiled, "If you may, You can undress and crawl under the sheets of the bed please" Saying this I left the room to give Carter a few moments to clean up, shower, strip and get under the sheets on the bed. I then entered the room adjusted a tiny red towel on Carters bare dick and sprayed some oil on his bare chest and started to massage his chest. Starting a casual talk one thing led to an other, Carter asked me if i were shy "No, Not at all Carter" "May I touch you then?" he asked me. "Sure.." saying that i stripped off my robe exposing him to my three quater naked body, bending over him massaging him well with oodles of oil. Slowly Cartes hands were caressing my butt, I then bent a littler more forward giving him the view of my boobs giggling and bouncing. He let out a sigh when my hands were on his crouch "Ashley, Could you strip if you don't mind, I'd love to get a hold on those amazing boobs of yours" Saying that, I slipped the straps off my shoulders and asked him to un-buckle my bra strap and then my boobs jumped out of my bra and I slipped my G string off.. and I was bending for his face while my hands were stroking his huge dick. In no time he was stiff and he has gotten my nipples extremely hard my the extensive pinching. I then went over and sat on his chest and bent over and was slowly sucking his cock, licking and playing with his balls and I could soon taste pre-cum in my mouth.. I then got up and adjusted my self on his crouch and he then thrusted his cock into my cunt hard without much warning and without a condom, No wonder he asked if I was on the pill because obviously no one would wear a condom. He was gently thrusting his thick cock in and out of my cunt riding my like a pony, Soon he became not so gental and was riding me like a wild horse and boy was I almost going to climax... He kept fucking me for quite some bit then he got me off his cock and turned me around and slowly he was putting his cock into my ass, OMG was it painful, He was slowly trying till he didn't have more patients then thrusted his cock deep into my ass, tearing it appart.. He was riding me crazy with his oily penis and was rocking my world. He then got me off his cock after a few deep and fast thrusts and made me give him a nice blow and just as he was about to climax, He told me he wanted to pump it into my pussy so he thrusted his cock back into my cunt and pumped me up with his thick hot sticky cum. Shooting loads of it inside my cunt. Boy did he have a lot of cum inside of him.. After fucking my pussy after filling it up, He wanted to titty fuck me so I was on his stomach bending over his, my ass in his face while he was licking it, I took his cock in between my huge boobs and shagged him well.. He soon came onto my tits and inside my mouth. He now had his fingers inside me cunt and ass and was DPing them with his fingers and going wild with all his f***e. I soon climaxed and he drank up all the juices.. and kept eating and playing with my pussy. After fucking for a very long time, In each positing and he was amazing at the doggie styl,e After he came in my cunt, ass and mouth and on my titts and after he royally used all my 3 holes till the maximum time would allow, I oiled his body up, Gave him a perfect hot oil massage led him into the shower room where the tub was filled with bubbles and warm water, We sat in the tub, Me between his legs, His cock up my pussy and he was slowly ridding my pussy well, I could feel warm water entering and exiting with each thrust of his in and out of my pussy and he was soaping my boobs and squashing them well. He then ate my boobs for a while which i stroked him in the tub. We then went into the shower area, Where he fucked me again up the wall and After a bit he fingered me again while playing with my body in the shower. I then soaped him and gave him a nice spong bath. After the bath I dried him off and then he pushed me to my knees in the bathroom and I gave him another amazing blow and this time a swallowed his whole yummy load up as I didn't want to spill and get us dirty. 3 hours were over and so was the customer time. I then put my robe on and helped Carter which his clothes.

"So how was I?" I asked him eagerly. "Wow Ashley, You seriously have some talent, You fuck and massage well and gosh do you know all the tricks and how to play with the balls ;) YOU were amazing. I've never fucked someone that much ever" "So am I hired?" I asked, Carter laughed and pulled me close and gave me a wild tongue kiss and said "Oh Hell Yea Babe, You are hired and I was your first customer, And I will be your regular, Once a week at least ;) "
I was happy and we were now kissing and had falled onto the massage bed where he was happy groping my fine ass.

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1 year ago
Great. I love visiting these places.
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i need a massage :)
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nice story
3 years ago
Super hot costumes & super hot to read part 2! (|
3 years ago
Thank you guys :*
3 years ago
keep up the good stories they are good
3 years ago
god i loved this story! im always ready to explode by the end
3 years ago
awesome you always are great