Step Daddy Jack: Part 2

Me and My Step Daddy Jack: Part 2

After all the rules jack had laid for me, I had to follow them right away. So first things first.. He told me to get naked asap while we were sitting on the couch. I giggle and started to strip acting like a total tease.. Slowly unbuttoned my shirt exposing my half cuped bra and my firm perky boobs which he seemed to be drooling over.. Then sliped of my short shorts and turned around and gave him a view of my round ass wearing only lacy thongs. Poking my ass near his face and shaking them.. He had a huge grin on his face and a small bulge in his pants “Like what you see Jack?” i asked him with a wink “Oh yes i do baby, You look yum Ashley” it made me happy that he found me 'Yum'
Then i bend over him and un did my bra and tossed it aside while made my huge 36C boobs bounce out of the cup and gave him a full view to my breasts.. Brining them near his face and spanked them which made them bounce and made him happy.. He couldn't wait for me to pull of my thongs off so pulled me onto his lap and began squeezing my boobs as i could feel his bulge against my ass.. “Wait up Jack, Why so eager? Let me get rid of my thongs at least” i giggled “Ashley, Your to slow and your teasing me to badly.. I need to punish you hot stuff” he let go of my boobs and turned me over and slid off my thongs and laid me over his lap, I could feel his huge bulge on my stomach now and now he was spanking my ass BAD and gosh did it feel good.. SMACK! “Naughty, Don't tease me that way.. It is too tempting and hot and slow.. but boy did i love it” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Look at your perfect ass all red, Getting sore is it?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Ouch, It is getting sore..” Wow it hurt but gave such pleasure.. I never knew spanking could be so turning on.. I then turned me over and started to spank my pussy with one hand and my boobs with the other.. God! I was going to get sore in no time.. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He kept spanking my pussy and my boobs and then after i was all red and sore.. He slowly started to pinch my clit and soon he put a finger inside my cunt.. I was already wet.. “Oh my, Wet already ashley.. Some slut you are.. Liked the spanking i am guessing” then it became 2 fingers then 3.. “How tight are you Ash? I need to gap you up or how will we fit my thick dick inside of you” Suddenly i could feel my cunt tear appart and boy did it hurt badly.. He had his fist inside of me and he was fisting me fast.. It was like he was going to tear my pussy or something.. I was soon cuming in no time and he still continued to fist fuck me bad and hard “Jack.. Ah man, WOW you are going to tear me” was all i could yell as i was moaning his name and screaming with pleasure.. “JACK AHH, PLEASE OUCH.. OH YEAH, LIKE THAT.. AH HAAA.. YEAH FASTER.. OH YEAH.. HARDERRRR, FUCKKK.. AHHH”

After i came a couple of times he removed his fist and licked his fingers.. “You taste great ashley. I can drink and eat for forever” he winked.
Soon he started to pinch and pull my hard nipples.. and then was squeezing both my boobs and he was pinching and pulling the nipples.. “Hmm, We need some toys for you soon.. We'll go buy them after a while today” he said and then sucked on my nipples and kept biting them.. He was leaving bite marks on my boobs licking them teasing my nipples bad.. and then started to spank my boobs again.. “I love the way they bounce when i spank you boobs, They are fascinating..” SMACK! And he giggled enjoying watching them bounce.. I was all sore and needed a break from the amazing spanking..

“I can feel your bulge hitting my ass, Can i help a little?” i asked him.. He jumped at the offer like he was waiting for me to ask..He pushed me off of his lap and on my knees, Unzipped his pants and brought out his hard cock which was very thick and must me about 8.5 inches long.. “Suck it and make me cum?” i winked and began to kiss his cock, licking it playing with his balls slowly teasing him more.. Then began to suck him and soon he was deep throating me.. I couldn't believe it, He was actually trying to fit the whole thing in my mouth.. Well it didn't at first but he went on and on till it did.. and finally it did and then he shot loads of cum deep into my throat.. I swallowed all.. not making a mess around his couch.. he kept fucking my mouth wildly for a while and then let go of me..

“WOW, You are one good sucker.. I could fit it all in.. It was nice and you got me cuming quick.. nice girl” and then he got me up and smacked my ass and told me to dress up as we were going to buy me a new wardrobe and some toys for me for his pleasure

“You know, We havent kissed yet..” I told me and in no time he pulled me on him and we laid on the couch and he was kissing me mouth deep with his tongue exploring my mouth and his hands squeezing my ass.. He kept pulling me closer and soon we were grinding laying on the couch and i could feel his dick rubbing on my pussy.. My boobs on his chest.. His hands on my ass squeezing it hard and out mouths kissing each other..

His finger entered my pussy hole and he was soon finger fucking me.. He had me all wet and coming all over his hand.. He stopped kissing me and got up and spread my legs wide and spanked my pussy a little getting it a little more red and wet.. Jack got on his knees and began to eat my cunt.. His tongue playing with my clit teasing me and then his tongue entered my hole and kept getting deeper.. His index finger was massaging my cunt and i was truly enjoying this.. He was sucking bitting and teasing my pussy well and in no time he got me cuming and drank up all my juices.. Came up kissed my mouth and ask me to get ready or else he will lose his self control and he will need to fuck me for long hours then we wont get the toys and the new wardrobe today..
i giggled and kept kissing him all over then still rubbing my pussy on his cock teasing him beyond he could handel it then..

I got up and got dressed and saw the clock.. Sweet.. “We just played with each other for 3hours+” I exclaimed.. He winked and me and said “Well its just the start baby, Hope you have great stamina for sex because I aint getting enough of you in 3hours” he giggles got dressed and we left to buy my a new wardrobe and toys..

Part 3 up next. :)
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2 months ago
Damn - I've already cum and I have the rest to read
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3 years ago
Oh man! This got me really hard!!
3 years ago
Wow, would love to be your step daddy!
3 years ago
very nice!
3 years ago
Even better.
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3 years ago
very hot story now waiting for part 3:)
3 years ago
Amazing story! :D xx
3 years ago
they are getting better lots of detail good to see 7/10
3 years ago
cant wait for the next part!
3 years ago
Whole lot of coming in your holes! ;-)
And more´s coming up! Great. Yummy! ;-)P
3 years ago
very good & hot
3 years ago