Step Daddy Jack: Part 1

Me and My Step Daddy Jack: Part 1

I was my mother's only c***d. Jack was her latest ex husband after being married for 5year she divorced him. Jack was a complet super hot but hell he was a pervy jerk..
Jack was about 6feet tall had light brown soft hair, grey eyes little wrinkled skin a very hot toned body as he worked out a lot.. Was around 33, Worked as a partner in some firm. He was rich and had no c***dren.. My mom was his 3rd wife and he was my mom's 4th husband.
They had recently divorced and then later she found out that she was very ill and soon passed away.. She had not changed her will or anything before she died. In the will I would inherit everthing after i became 21 and Jack was my legal guardian till i left for college. I cant believe it she didn't change the will.. Now i had to stay with Jack for about a year till i finished my senior year in school and then i'd leave for college far away from Jack and this town.

This is just the intro... Part 2 has all the sizzle ;)
I am Ashley, 5'8. Light brown eyes, Long light brown wavy hair, Toned body, Firm perky boobs which every guy and girl in my school eyed. They were a little big for my lean body (36C) but they were tempting. I had nice round bottoms and amazing looks.. I chose not to have a boyfriend after i lost my virginity to Ron when i was 16 and then he dumped me. I had hook ups and one night stand with people and totally loved being a nasty slut.

I am looking forward to be 18 in less that a week and out of this town in a year. On my 18th birthday I moved into Jack's huge condo and he arranged a party for me with all my friends at a longue. I had a great time at my party and it ended at around 4am.

I got home stripped out of my dress and slipped on a tee.. removed my make up and crashed.. My room was opposite Jack's room. We had a common bathroom and one was near the kitchen and living room on the lower floor of his duple.

The next morning i woke up with a major hangover and got down to the kitchen wearing my lacy panties and a short top forgetting Jack was at home. I saw him in the kitchen where he was eating his breakfast. He looked me from head to toe and his eyes looked at me like he was undressing me slowly.. Totally gave me the creeps. He looked like he had just come from a Jog. “Have a seat Ashley,” He tapped the bar stool in the kitchen next to him “I've made us breakfast, I was just about to wake you up. How was your party last night? Happy to be 18 at last? An adult..” I smiled and sat on the stool “Thank you for the amazing party, Jack. I truly enjoyed it” and i gave him a small hug.

“My My Ashley, You look hot and WOW check out the booty darling” he winked.. I just shrugged and rolled my eyes.. “Well, I have some rules for you hun and you have to follow them or i might just sell you off as a sex doll to some random stranger” I was totally shocked by what i was hearing this man tell me.. I didn't want to be sold so I asked him what the rules were 'You will learn them in time and now its just you and me for 2weeks before your school starts after the mid-term break' was was all he said and went up to take a shower.. I was freaked out of my mind..
I finished breakfast and got back into my room showed and dressed into short shorts and a shirt.. Got back into the kitchen. I planned to make lunch for us.

I made us pasta and by lunch time Jack returned from his office and we sat to eat in complete silence.. He opened 2 beers for both of us.. After lunch we sat on the couch watching some movie.. He paused it and looked at me and told me
“Ashley, I find you very sexy and I want to do you” I was taken back by what he just told me “WHAT?” was all i could say. “I know.. I know.. i am your step daddy and blah blah blah but wtv, I want to do you and thats that. The rules are something like this; You sl**p in my bed when i ask you to or when i dont have female company.. When I am home if i ask you, you need to get naked to be my eye candy or for me to fuck you whenever i want. You shower with the door open and sl**p with your door open and naked. You can bring guys home for sex when i am not around. But when i am around you are my property. My personal fucktoy and i may share you with whom ever i please. You wear the clothes i ask you to and you need to change your wardrobe to fit my taste. Thats all my little ashley. Those are the rules for you till you leave for college and in bargain; I dont sell you,” He giggled and winked “I pay for your college fee and you can keep your college savings for your future and you stay in this house with me.”

I was totally under shock by the rubbish this man had just spoken.. I nodded my head and yelled “NO FREAKING WAY IS ANY OF THIS HAPPENING JACK.” Jack looked unpleased by my answer “Well Ashley then i need not keep you in my house.. You will get poor and homeless and wow, I might just sell you. Won't that be amazing. A man will buy you after all you are so fucking hot and so” He winked at me.. What was this man? Insane?.. I knew he was a perv and had his eyes on me for a while.. Well even i found him hot and and when he and my mom were married i used to finger myself thinking about him so what harm in being his fucktoy.. it was only for a while then i'd be off to college.. “Ok Jack, I'm in as long as you pay for the college tuition and everything else” “Its a deal then hun, I knew you'd give in.. After all i know you have the hots for me since forever.. I use to hear you yelling my name and fingering yourself” i was totally red now.. god! I never knew this.. but wtv now.. I gave in and i hoped for the best and fucking was always fun for me.. and Jack was crazy hot..

Part 2 up next. :)
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2 months ago
Horny intro - want more
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I'm enjoying this series already!
1 year ago
i know just how you felt...
2 years ago
cool.i wanna do you tooo ashley :)
2 years ago
oh wow, what's next?
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Great intro! Part 2 is going to be awsome. I just know it! ;)
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Great story. Thanks.
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good story
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nice storie:P
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Crazy start of two hot weeks ,-)
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very good start
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good intro cant wait for part two!