Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 5

Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 5

Continued from..
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Grabbing the food tray, I head out to serve my uncle and his friends.. 4 hot men (Steve, John, Alex and Charlie ) sitting on the poker table with drinks by their sides, I head out with the tray. All the men taking the starters and touching me on my ass, rubbing it and saying.. "Oh, Hell yes this will be the best poker night so far Charlie ;)"

A few rounds of poker down, A few drinks later Alex takes the tray out of my hands and keeps it on the side and makes me sit on his lap.. "Hey there sexy, Well its come to my notice your here for us. So we are going to do what we like to you.. I hope Charlie has told you that" "Yes, i do know that, I'm suppose to serve you'll in every way i can and i have no say" "So then get rid of the apron and show us that pussy of yours" John hoots..
I get rid of the apron and stand infront of the men.. "Lets start the bang guys" Uncle Charlie announces.

They get up and clear the poker table and ask me go come and sit on in.. I do just a s they tell me.. Sitting on the table with my legs spread wide open.. Alex starts to finger my pussy "Damn girl, Your tight"
John and Steve start sucking my boobs and bitting my nipples, Taking one breast each..
Uncle Charlie standing and looking at us, "Hope you guys have fun and enjoy.. She is all yours for tonight, I think 3 is good for her for now. The toys are all there, I'll sit back and enjoy" He says, removing a cam, "May I?" he asked me.. "Sure, as long as you and me are the only one with the taping"
He starts to record his friends and me

Alex had 3 fingers into my tight cunt, "Oh baby, Your darn tight" he said stroking his fingers in and out fast and hard "Guys, She loves it rough, Trust me." Uncle charlie tells them
Alex winking at me.. "Oh yeah babe likes it rough and wild? eh?.. well she is going to have a blast tonight" Stroking harder and faster
"Ohh yeahh Alex, Ahhhh yeah thats how i like it hun.. Ahhhhh" i was moaning Alexs name which was driving him wilder and he now and 4 fingers deep in, Gapping my pussy up for his thick cock.

John and Steve were enjoying my firm huge breasts, "Oh babe, Your a true keeper, Just feel the boobs. Amazing.. Love your nipples" Steve says while john continued to bite and suck my breast as hard as he could. "Lets get you out of the clothes.. Eh?" and John starts to remove my clothes.. I was completely naked now and standing infront of the boys and a camera..
"Woah babe, Your a beauty, I need to fuck you quick" John said. Steve hops onto the table and says "I am going to ass fuck you bad babe, Wild and bad." Nervous.. I had never ass fucked before.. Uncle charlie keeps the cam on the stand and comes and hands John the gel for my ass, "Lets all fuck her together guys" Uncle charlie says.. "We will use the nipple puff on her for a while.. I have toys guys.
Alex with the pussy, Steve with the Ass and John with her wonderful mouth, Well john she is amazing in deep throating buddy"

Alex puts the gell in my ass and suddenly i feel 2 fingers slowly trying to gap my ass hole for Steve's cock. Steve is laying down on the floor and asks me to come and place my tight firm round ass on his dick. I spread my ass checks and try sitting down.. but my hole is to tight, He rams his dick into my ass "Ahhhhhhhhhh, Jeezzzzzz" i yell.. "Yeah bitch, Your going to get it bad, Your too tight, and the tighter the more i enjoy gaping it" steve tells me.. Now slowly stroking his dick in and out of my ass, applying more gell.. i am in a squat position.. my boobs bouncing a little.. Uncle charlie comes with his Nipple puffs and puffs them up, Tight and Very Very puffy. "Oh i love the sight of your nipples hun, lets keep it on for a while"
I am made to lay on top of Steve.. and Alex starts to ram him hard thick cock inside me, All the cocks were as thick and big as my uncles cock.

John hands me his cock, "Stroke it well bitch ;) try giving the best handjob you can"
I start to stroke his cock for him, while i am getting double penetrated in my ass and my cunt moaning and moaning by the pain and pleasure they are giving me.. "Ohh yesssss, Ahh yeahh ahhh ahh,, faster Alex, Use me bad... Ahhhh yeah ahhhhh" Giving John a great handjob, Getting him very hard..
Steve moaning, "Move is girl, Faster.." His thick cock, r****g my ass while i am loving it all

Uncle Charlie loving the scenery around him.. "I hope you'll are enjoying Ashley"

Part 6,Coming soon.
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1 year ago
Very nice chapter!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Brilliant. Please write more
3 years ago
Just read 3/4/5, and pretty good so far, you succeed at not repeating, and as I wrote before you manage to increase the harcore level at a steady but fast enough rate, the anal part could be a bit more developed(saying this before reading part6)
3 years ago
Love your stories! Keep up posting
3 years ago
Yes there is, Its in the writing. It should be up in a day or 2 :)
Sorry for the delay guys.
3 years ago
Lovely story. Is there going to be a part 6?
3 years ago
Your Uncle & my father in law both share us. That's such a nice thing, for us. Kim
3 years ago
Wow!!!!!!!! U got me realy wet..... waiting for the next update...... SOON!!!!!!
3 years ago
this one should be a favorite for all those that love a good gang bang.
Well done.
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
brilliant again
3 years ago
Ashley is so terrible trashley.
Driving four dicks wild on her own.
That is a lusty lovely lady!
3 years ago
Brilliant again! :)
3 years ago
So hot absolutely love it can't wait for part six!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
I would be one of this lucky guys!!!

you made me so hard!