Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 3

Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 3

Continued from..
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Uncle Charlie moving towards the bar, pouring himself a Large Whiskey and a Large Vodka for me, Neat.

We sat on the couch, naked.. his dick was still pretty hard and i was still dirty in cum.. As we downed our drink, having 2 more shots making me pretty high..
He looked at me, "So its time to get fucked now baby" I looked at him.. I spread my legs a little and said "I'm ready when your ready" as i said that.. i saw a wild sparkel in his eyes..

Uncle Charlie stood up.. staring at my bald pussy his dick hard and thick.. "I wonder how will this fit inside you.." He announced.. i wondered the same to.. he was pretty thick and i was to tight for such a think cock inside me "Well, you will just have to.. 14 days.. your pussy will adjust i think" he said stroking his shaved dick infront of me while his balls were hanging.... looking wonderful

"Lay down on the couch my sexy.. i need you get inside you" he said.. and slowly bent over me as i laid on his couch.. he adjusted my hips.. i open my legs wider and helped my ankles over his shoulder touching my pussy.. it was still wet and throbbing after the wild finger fuck i just got from my Uncle Charlie

He slowly bent forward and the head of his dick was now on my pussy.."you better not scream to loud once this thick meat is inside you" Uncle charlie giggled...
Slowly... he bend forward letting his cock gently inside my pussy hole
i could feel pain.. little, he was trying to be gental "ahhhh" i let out a slight moan as his cock was half inside me... i knew there was more to come.. it was only half that he had still fitted inside.. "ohhh yeahhhhhhhhhh" i gasped as he thrusted the remaining half of his meat inside me.. in on go... God it felt amazing... i could feel my pussy clinging on to his thick cock inside me

"oh yess uncle charlie.." i moaned, "deeper...AHhhh yeahh" his thick cock was inside now.. deep..
he slowly began to move my hips in a circular motion making his cork drill my pussy hole to open a little wider

he started thrusting me.. slowly first then faster.. deeper rougher wilder and faster his dick was moving In - Out, In- Out of my pussy.. making it hurt even more... but there was 10times the pleasure than pain..

"Do you like your uncle's dick inside you, ehh? like it rough deep? dont you my slutty niece?" he said as we was fucking me.. out of my brains.. deep and fast!
i was gasping and moaning in pain.. "Oh yess uncle charlie i love this... i love the way you fuck me soo good.. its the best, OHH YEAHHHH" i was in pain lots of pain.. but he didn't stop... i never asked him to.. i felt pleasure with the pain
His dick slamming into my pussy.. his balls smacking my ass.. he kept thrusting deeper and deeper..
he removed his cork after 15mins... i sighed.. i knew he wanted to cum, so did i.. after getting me so horny, suck an amazing fuck i too needed to cum.. but then again.. i needed permission
he let off my ankels from his shoulders and moved towards my face.." want to eat some or want it on you face" he asked me.. i wanted to eat his yummy cum.. i wanted to swallow it.. i winked and opened my mouth and said" I'd love to eat it.." he started jacking off.. He came loads in my mouth.. i swallowed all his cum.. every drop hot creamy cum..

He walked back to my pussy.. he spread my legs wide.... my hole was swollen, he looked at me and smiled. "I love the look of your pussy, its so red and swollen.. looks abused.. but its not, is it?" he winked.. "its not.. not abused at all, i'm enjoying it as much as you are Uncle Charlie" i winked back at him.. "may i please cum.. i need to.. feels like i'll explode.." i was begging him..

"I was you to have a multiple orgasm.. can you? will you for me? well.. you have too" he said and in one thrust he shoved his thick cock into my pussy and said "cum as much as you want to..." and started fucking me once again like a wild man... enjoying fucking me hard deep, thrusting his cock into me.. deeper..
"Ahhh, Yeah! ;) FUCK ME" i was moaning... in the matter of 5mins i was cumin... cumin like the way i've never cum before.. he didn't once stop.. he let my juices pour out of me.. but he did stop.. fucking me harder and wilder while i screamt with pain and the rush of my orgasms.. i lost all my counts the moment i reached my 5th one in the matter on minutes...

"Ohh yesss my slut likes it, doesn't she?" he fucked me harder.... "Its my turn now.." he winked and began shooting loads of cum inside my pussy... white cum oozing out of my hole as he still didn't stop.. i felt cum all inside me.. deeper he went and kept cumin..
he removed his rock hard cock from my hole and went onto his knees and began to finger me before.. scooping cum into his palms.. and spread it onto my tummy.... "there you go, cum all over you now.." He winked.. "I hope your on the pill my darling, because i hate using a condom" i nodded... "Yes, i am on the pill uncle, no need to worry" i smiles

he went back to my pussy.. licking it.. drinking my juices.. this made me even more horny and i came again.. He liked the taste of my juices.. He drank it all up..

He stood up and headed to the stairs... "you look filthy my whore, we need to shower you, come on up into the shower room, i'll preparer the water for us"
He said that and walked up right into the master bedroom which had the room size shower

I got up, sticky.. cum all over me.. My pussy was sore and hurting.. it was numb, paining.. difficult to walk but i had to reach up quickly.. i didnt want to be so messy
I walked slowly into the master shower.. i saw Uncle Charlie under the hot running water, he was standing, stroking his hard dick

"What took you so long love, get inside quickly.." he said.. calling me towards him
i walked into the shower room.. he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shower..

Warm water sliding down my hair, my face, my neck, my boobs, dripping from my nipples onto my belly and down to my pussy and to my legs..

I felt warm... It felt amazing a hot water shower after such a long and wild fuck..
He turned to me face him, his hands on my hips.. getting his face close to mine.. He kisses me deep and full of passion.. Grabbing my hair, pushing my to the wall he kisses me deeper ..... on my mouth, to my jaw down my to neck and stops at my nipples and being to suck them again..
"Ohhh yeahh Uncle Charlie, AHHH" i let out a moan.. enjoying the feeling
he was sucking my boobs and and then came back up to my mouth, then to my ear kissing me all over he whispered "This is fun, isn't it babe? and guess.. this is just the starting.. 13 such nights.. Woah, thinking about it gets me so hard" and he slides his cork slowly inside me again.. "Ohh yeahhh yesss ahhhhhh" i moaned

He fucked my gently this time.. He fucked me long in the shower.. He came inside me once.. The feeling was amazing.. Having someone cum inside you. warm cum inside the pussy.. dripping out of the hole once the dick is removed.. Amazing..
he kissed me more and nicely cleaned my body nicely..

We got out of the shower.. he applied an amazing smelling lotion onto my skin and wrapped my hair with a soft towel.. wiping my body then he wiped his..
"Lets hop into bed, No clothes.. Ok?" he said and went set the heater and drew the curtains
It was pretty late.. We had being fucking since hours now.. My pussy sore, I had bite marks all over me..
i looked at my self in the full length mirror.. i made my hair, applied some perfume and hopped inside the blanket.. Uncle Charlie slipped inside the blanked after a few minutes... Facing me he said "Ashley, you are beautiful" and smiled..

he took my boob and started playing with it..
"Open up Ashley, My cock is waiting..." he said.. and i nodded.. I spread my legs for Uncle.. He parked his cock inside me.. kissed my mouth, sucked a little on my boobs and snuggled up agains me.. pressing my into his chest while his cock was inside my pussy, Deep in and we both fell asl**p after a long fuckfull evening and night

Part 4,
Coming soon.
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1 year ago
Next!! :)
2 years ago
keep it cumming
3 years ago
Great series. And getting better with each part
3 years ago
Well done great story
3 years ago
The story just keeps getting better and better!
3 years ago
Ashley, Your Uncle Charlie is like my father in law Doug. I'm his fucktoy and I enjoy being it, Kim
4 years ago
great story loved it!
4 years ago
Rates a spurting erection. getting hotter with each chapter.
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yes this has me waiting on pt 4 very good
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Wow!!!!!!! Hurry up with the rest of the parts. Cant wait!!!!!!!
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4 years ago
That was greeeaaaattt i cant wait for part 4
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This will be a long and red hot series! After the first night of a fortnight, young Ashley is pretty wasted from bruises and coming hard and long.
Soon her bums might burn and her ass stretched ;-)P
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i wish i had a neice now very good
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wow that was a got story ashley! cant wait for part 4!