Step Jack Daddy: Part 5

Hey guys, sorry for not posting much, I will try to keep them up regularly now.

Over the weekend, Jack and I we celebrated his promotion with a lot of sex. My poor pussy was extreamyly sore by Sunday night with all the pounding it received by Jack.
Jack was a machine. Fucked rough and my pussy loved it. Jack hated condoms so over the weekend we also got a shot for me, which would keep me in check for the next 3months. So we started fucking without anything between us. And hell the feeling of skin on skin... Gave me the hardest orgasms.

Monday, school started.. Jack had taken most of my clothes and had clearly told me I was to wear only what he permitted me to wear. By the time I had woken up, Jack was already dressed to leave and was eating out of my sore pussy. After eating me, he got up and instructed me to wear what he’d left for me.. (as if I could wear anything else.. he had my cupboard keys) he also told me I could not touch myself throughout school and that if I did want to come… I was to let a guy do it for me and call him for permission before.

My school timings were amazing.. 9 to 12 and I had fun classes picked out.. music, yoga/swimming, bio, math and english and history.

After I showered and entered my room to see what was layed out for me I was socked and furious! He wouldn’t dare!
Inbuilt vibrating panties, halfcupped bra in a size smaller and a short dress. I was going to be screwed. In my bag, my white transpy swim suit was kept and my tight yoga clothes. I was so going to be given detention. I got dressed and packed my stuff all ready to leave. When I saw a note kept on the side
‘Ashley, I hope you are wearing the panties. Keep them on the whole day. I will know if you haven’t by the wetness and the amount of times you let a guy fuck to today in school. I’d like pictures of you wet after swimming and sweaty yoga. ;)
Have fun

God. I was going to kill him. I found the remote of the vibrator and put it on on slow.. hell it felt extremely good.
I left and headed out to school.. throughout the first half of the day, the vibration had always kept me on edge. I wanted a hard fuck. I looked like a lil slut, dressed the part and my cheeks were always flushed because of the vibrator.
I needed to come. I could certainly not beg a friend or a random guy to fuck me in the bathroom. I was waiting for swimming then atleast I could get the torture panties off.

Swimming came, I got dressed.. the bikini barely fit me. I was so embarissed going out like this of the changing room.. nipples poking out of the thin tight white material, it barely covered my boobs properly.. the panties a thong, soaked with my juices showing off my shaved cameltoe and wetness.

I rushed into the pool, hell the water was cold. I started with my laps.. after out time got up I waited till everyone left because I knew I’d be totally transpy.
As I was getting out, Coach came over.. "HELL ASHLEY!! What the?" He blushed, so did i.. "I’m sorry Coach.. Its new. I didn’t know it would become seethrough. I’m sorry." I could see the budge rising in this trunks. I licked my lips. “errmm.. I need a favour” I told him.. “Anything” he eagerly replied his eyes never leaving my breasts and cunt. I walked into the changing room and he followed me. I gave him my phone and said “click me” he did just so. I sent the picture to Jack and called him and left him a VN saying “I’m getting lucky” hearing that the coach chocked a bit and kept looking around.. “Will you bang be hard coach? Bang me bad and hard? I’ve been a naughty girl today” I smiled.. too horny to care a shit at the moment. I just needed a hard fuck and a harder orgasm.
“Fuck me..” he whispered.. “Yes, please” I replied and started loosening all the strings on my costume.. and got onto my knees… He came ahead, All I could see was sex in his eyes “Suck me!” he ordered me.. I began just doing that.. sucking him deep into my throat. I loved his smell.. I moaned knowing what the vibration does.. “yes fuck yes! Just like that bitch” He barked.. I kept sucking and playing with his balls… I could taste his precome and feel his balls tighten.. then suddenly he got me up, pushed my shoulders down on the bench and kept my ass in the air.. I could feel his thick digits poking into my sore vagina.. “hell girl, your puffed up and sore” he exclaimed.. “Jack loves me sore” I replied.
He took my juices from my cunt and rubbed in onto my ass.. I heard a condom being rolled on and then the head of his cock pushing into me.. “I’m going to fuck you hard in the ass, slut.” He moaning “Come with me when I do.. I’m not going to last long” I thrusted into me.. kissing me neck his hands pinching my nipples and he was ramming into me at a fast and hard pace. “FUCK COACH!! Yes, just like that! Fuck me hard and fast.. yeahh!!” I moaned.. Soon his fingers found my clit and started rubbing me and in a flash we both came hard fast and loud.
“Thank you” I told him so glad to have gotten my relief. “No problem, Hell I’d have blue balls if I didn’t fuck you and kept seeing you swim in that material” He said rolling his condom off. He then gave me a pass for the next class.. told me not to wear that or we’d be fucking again and this time he’d leave me sore in the ass. I was giddy happy thinking about it.
The day ended quickly, the panties kept me frustrated even though I came hard just a few hours ago.
I got home, and cleant up and waited for Jack. I got naked.. and made a early dinner for us. Jack hadn’t called me back or replied to my picture. I was disappointed.

Later Jack got home, I was naked waiting for him.. waited to be fucked raw.
“Ashley” he barked when he got home I jumped up and met him at the door.. “God, come here” he kissed me hard on the mouth.. nippled on my lip “That picture had everyone wanking off at the office today. Fuck.. I need your mouth now! I am going to have a case of blueballs!” he said dryly!
I got onto my knees and he removed his cock.. ramming himself inside my mouth “God, so.. you fucked the coach.!! Was he any good? You don’t have no idea what not I’ve been thinking the whole day” Jack said and kept ramming into my mouth. “suck me, I want to come inside your pretty little mouth” I sucked him off until I felt hot spurts hitting the back of my throat.. I moaned.. and sucked him dry.. “That’s my girl! Everyone wanted to see you underthat swimsuit today at the firm.. I swear everyone was wanking off at under their table”
“YOU sent it to everyone there?” I gasped!!
“Of Corse, I sent it to Tom and Nathan and they forwarded it to people, and I did to my friends..” Jack grinned.. I felt a rush of joy pass over me! Everyone wanted me.. I blushed.
“All I could smell was spunk in the bathroom today” Jack exclaimed.. "Maybe next time I'll record us or you and take it and we all can watch it in the presentation room!" he winked

“So where did the little Coach take you..” sliding 2 finger into my cunt.. “Here” to his thumb went inside my ass “or here” I moaned.. “my ass” I moaned.. He spanked my sex.. “horny bitch, dripping wet already” SMACK “did you enjoy it, him ramming into you? I bet you begged to be fucked HARD” SMACK “Didn’t you?” SMACK. My pussy was tingling.. “Yes.. Oh yes.. hard and fast.. he couldn’t take my cunt.. I was all sore because of you” I blushed.. SMACK “I am always going to keep you sore my love, very sore.. puffy red and sore” SMACK! “On the couch, on all 4s” he said.. I walked he followed and in less than a min, He was pumping in and out of me.. ramming his thick hard cock inside my sore pussy.. “Oh yes, all hot and wet for me” He pinched my nipples.. kept pulling at my breasts.. SMACK “I am going to always keep your holes sore you sexy cunt!” He was ramming into me hard and fast.. “Yes Jackk.. fuckkk me.. just like that!! Please fuckkk” ahhhhh I yelled as a hard orgasm took over me, he didn’t stop.. keep ramming.. his 2 fingers inside my ass.. he was fucking both my holes well.. his other hand kept busy on my boob! “Yes Ashley” he kept ramming into me.. I was a girl possessed ridding back, meeting ram for ram! “JACK!!” I could feel his cock jerk inside of me and we both came together.. laying spent on the couch his hands went inside me.. scooping up some cum and making me lick his hands.. “take me babe” he bit my neck..
We ate dinner, both naked sweaty and smelt of sex. We showered and got into bed soon.
“How were the panties?” “Torture chamber!” I giggled.. He kept playing with my boobs.. I love these boobs! I could suck on you all day! I moaned as his lips found my nipples as he bit and suckled on them “Tom was asking when could he get a taste of your sweet cunt next.. everyone wants to see you Ash” he whispered into my ears.. “Lets give them a show” I moaned.. “YES, I’d like that.. Maybe over the weekend.. lets see..” I nuzzled and kept sucking and biting.. “Jackkk…ahhh” I moaned.. god I was unstoppable.. “I want to call some friends over, Can you fuck them?” Jack asked.. “We’ll see Jack.. You already keep my busy and sore” I giggle.. “They’ll bring their dau.ghters and nie.ces too.. we could plan an orgy soon” butterflies filled my tummy.. fuck that would be bl**dy insane I thought.. “I’d like that. Plan it asap” I moaned and his fingers slid inside my cunt.. “You like it, you’re dripping!! Want a gangbang my love? Rough hard gangbang? Being filled in all holes? Want 6 cocks inside you at onces? Stretching you? Coming inside you? Want a girl going down on you? Like to be watched? Want to be shared and fucked sore? I could arrange that” his fingers pushed hard into me.. “Yes, all!” I moaned.. “I will plan it soon my fucktoy. Got to use to in all the ways I can.” He kissed my boobs, took one in his mouth and we slept.


I’d like some ideas if you’ll would like to suggest to bring in more chapters into this story with twists and turns and lots of mad sex. :P

Do vote and comment. I’d love to know what you’ll think.
Part 6 will be coming soon. x

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2 months ago
Fuckin awesome - cum again horny bitch. Now I am dreaming and hoping these are you in real life & true. Would love to see you walkin the street with vibe knickers & shopping - then masturbating in a nearby park - in public - wow - my mind is racing now - just thinking about it . Great horny stories my girl xxxxx
4 months ago
Your stories made me so hard that my cock will never go down. Please post more!
10 months ago
Has anyone ever told you that your stories are both arousing AND full of humour? There's this energy and attitude about your female lead that just grabs me! The other nice thing is that the story isn't just narrative. You have dialogue, banter.

Hmmm.... future chapters. Admittedly I haven't read the others in the series but you have unlimited access to characters and material just from what you talked about in this one. There's the men's or women's swim team. You could have the hot women's soccer coach catch the two of you in the act, get turned on and then join in. You have EVERYONE in Jack's office that could come over for a party at your house. How about INVITING the swim team over to the house while Jack's friends are there. Possibilities are limitless.

1 year ago
ASHLEY! im so glad u started writing again! its been too long! please write part 6 ASAP!
1 year ago
That was awesome. I am so hard. Thank you.
1 year ago
good to see you writting again6/10
1 year ago
i've missed your stories
1 year ago
1 year ago
Great story. Very hot :)