Will it ever happen

"> This is more of a fantasy than a story

My husband and I arrange to meet a W/E man at a restaraunt.The Restaurant has booth style circular tables enabling the men to sit either side of me. We are all dressed for the occasion the guys are in suits and looking dapper. I have a mid length evening dress on, red, low cut at the front sleeveless but accompanied by a shrug. I am wearing a diamante chocker and ear rings. My hair is gathered at the top. Underneath I have no bra or knickers but I am wearing a suspender belt with black seamed stockings. It is all finished off with a pair of red stilettos.
We order wine and the food, nothing too heavy, after all that’s not what were really here for. My husband and the stranger both have their hands under the table and are stroking my upper thighs, the waiter arrives with the wine but they do not stop. They are tasting the wine and then pouring it for all of us.
The stranger inches up my dress and I feel his fingers against my inner thigh, I am becoming wet. My husband raises my dress his side and I feel his fingers slip between my thighs my fanny is now longing for the touch of a finger. At this point the food arrives. We eat and drink & laugh and periodically a hand will go under the table and a finger will slip between my legs and finger my clit.
The empty plates are taken away and we continue with the wine.
I now feel bold enough to put my hand under the table and proceed to rub the strangers cock through his trousers he is already erect and it feels as if he is ready to bust through his zip. I slowly undo his zip all the time talking as in normal conversation and drinking wine. His fully erect cock slips into my hand and I stroke it slowly. At the same time my husband is playing with my pussy which has become so wet I am now starting to drip pussy juice onto the carpet. I try to hold back from squirting but to no avail and feel my love juices gush out of my pussy and onto the seat and carpet. The stranger is now having difficulty holding a conversation he is just staring at the wine bottle doing his best to look normal? His cock is throbbing in my hand and I massage the tip with my fingers, I can feel he is about to cum and sure enough he does. I feel his hot spunk on my fingers and running into my hand and I know there will be a load somewhere under the table. He lets out a muffled groan and his eyes dart from side to side for fear someone may have heard him, nobody does.
My husband can tell exactly what has happened and he withdraws his now wet fingers from between my legs and discreetly licks them, this is a cue for me to do the same, I bring my hand from under the table, the strangers eyes are on me. I hold a napkin in front of my hand then I slowly lick the warm sperm from my fingers.
We all agree it is time to pay the bill and go, but I know the night is not over yet and thrill to thoughts of what is to come next.
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4 years ago
Mmmmm, lovely sauces for all to enjoy - my kind of eating out
4 years ago
very good thanks for sharing with us
4 years ago
Mmm that is a hot story x Wish it was my seed you were licking from your fingers
4 years ago
great story, love to be the stranger.
4 years ago
Nice fantasy, we love public exposure.
4 years ago
Can`t wait for part 2!
4 years ago
Now thats is a fantasy well done

4 years ago
Oh my god wow thats such a nice fantasy
Xs D
4 years ago
sounds like a perfect meal
4 years ago
Excellent prelude to a night of passion.
You must now tell us in graphic detail what came next.
4 years ago
repost you should wait 48 hours it can & does take that long
4 years ago
very hot and sexy a real turn on want more ;)