My first cumshot..... With my teacher

You might have read my "First Masturbation" story. So yea, I was completing my assignments and I masturbated for the first time while doing so. Thats the first time I experienced sexual pleasure. But little did I know I was in for a treat.
So after I started masturbating, I was so addicted to it that I would go to the toilet after every lecture and masturbate.
I did enjoy it a lot. So I never really completed the last assignment. I was like to hell with submissions. I'm not gonna fail if I didn submit the assignments. And so I didn submit the asssignments. That was the last day of our submissions.

Diwali holidays were to begin from the next day(Its an Indian festival) and I was enjoying with my friends watchin football n stuff. 3 days after the holidays started, I received a call from my teacher(the same teacher whose assignments I didn submit). I said I was sick n crap to somwhow dodge her. The next thing she said scared the hell outta me. She said, "If you dont submit the assignments, I'm not gonna let you attend the exams". I was scared to death and the next day I went over to apologise and ask for some time to complete the assignment. Apparantely, she didn go to her native place cuz my submissions were not done and she was to leave that day @ 5pm. I was literally beggin for time but she didn listen a bit.
Thats when I used my secret weapon - Tears ;)
I pretended to be crying n left the room and headed towards the empty classroom. The next thing that happened just blew my mind. That teacher came to classroom n said she was sorry if she hurt my feelings. I just noded n acted sad. Thats when she said that it'd be okay if I didn submit the assignment. I was over the moon and just jumped up high and and gave her a hug and said I really appreciate what she did.

Cut the crap and here's what happened next....

First lemme tell you her description. Fair complexion, blue eyes, long black hair, height same as me n breasts.... I'd pay a million bucks to own them.
After I hugged her, we had a small eye contact and she smiled lookin at me and said nevermind. To celebrate this, I went into the toilet and was planning to masturbate. After a couple of seconds, she came to the men's toilet where I was supposed to masturbate. I was a bit confused n my dick(or Chan Jr) was almost ready to be stroked. Thats when she unzipped my jeans n undie and rmoved my backpack. She said I did yu a favour and this wad my time to repay. She started stroking my dick and went for blowjob. I started moarning nd thats when some fluid startrd to eject from dick head. She said, "wear your pants n come to my office". I went intoher office n lookin at her naked, I was mesmerised. She said link n finger my pussy. Her pussy was so hard that I had to finger it for 2mins before lickin. In some time, she started screamin when I started spankin her her ass as well. She didn wanna have intercourse cuz she said she was supposed to marry in 2 months but we did have some nice boob cumshots n fingering. Chan Jr justwudn get small nd stayed erect for a really long time. We both then spent like half an hour sl**pin bsides each other n the whole time she was strokin Mr. Chan Jr. Before leaving to go home, I pressed her pink-nippled juicy boobies (Oh oh, I kinda wet my boxers rite now) n kissed her cheeks. She actually enjoyed our first non-intercourse sex and said never to mention bout it ever. But here I am and here's the story. Sorry for such a long story bur hope you all enjoyed it :)
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