Working at the coffee shop

My second story
Working in a coffee shop
A true stroy....

It was a cool cloudy day. Amanda, Danielle, Cole, James, and I were working at a local coffee shop. The little bell rang as the door opened. "Hey guys I'll have a marshmellow latte." It was clyde, Orange hair, brown eyes, and wearing a plad orangey shirt. "Who wheres plad anymore?" James said. "You know what dont judge me" James and Cole laughed. As for Amanda, Danielle and I, we were wearing A green and white blouse, short ruffled skirt, and knee high socks. Cole starred at us and laughed as he said "Easy access eh girls?" "Oh very funny!" Danielle comes out with clyde's latte. "$4.45 sir." "Put it on my tab sweet cheeks" Clyde said as he slapped her ass. She gasped and walked away. It was near closing time. Danielle, Amanda, and I were sitting at the bar stools while James and Cole were talking in the kitchen. "Hey Ari may I talk to you for a minute?" Cole said. I walked to the kitchen. "Yeah?" "Come with me." He lead me to the back of the resturant. "So how are feeling tonight?" he said in a deeper voice. "Uh, I'm fine." He slowly moved his hand and gently sqeezed my ass. "Good." He smiled sliding a finger under my pink panties and into my pussy. I gasp. "Cole, what's wrong with you?" "Do you really want me to stop?" He pushed in another finger. I moan softly. "No, please dont." He looks around. He lifts my leg over his shoulder and bends down in between my legs. He pulls my panties to the side and flicks his tongue at my clit. "You like that?" "uh huh." He slides his tongue in my pussy. I moan slightly. I giggled a bit cause it tickled as he slitherd around inside me. He gets up and unzips his pants, revealing his 9inch cock. "Shit." I thought to myself. I Slid it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head. He gasped. I sucked it while massaging his balls. His dick expanded in my mouth. He came instantly. I got up, wiping the cum from my lower lip. He lifted my leg over his shoulder and slid his throbbing cock deep in me. I moaned I bit loud this time. My 36c Breasts were bouncing together. He was rammin my pussy balls deep. My back banging against the brick wall. "Ah, Shit I'm Cumming!" I Yelped. he ignored me and kept going. Things were getting even better! His phone rang. "shit!" I whispered. He pulled out, and zipped his pants to get his phone. It was Bailey, his stupid ass ex girlfriend. "Hey Cole! Guess what? I'm Moving by you! I'm Visiting!" "Uh, Great!" "I gotta go." "What? wai---" she hung up. I walked to the storage room. to hear soft moans.
"Oh james please stop!" "Too late." I looked through the peep hole to find danielle and james about to fuck. "No, you dont understand! Its my first time!" "Oh, That sucks." He pushed his 8inch cock deep into her. she yelped loudly as her hymen broke instantly. I walked out into the main room and set my store key on the counter and left. The next day I walk in with Amanda to find Cole actually doing the dishes! "wow! your really doing dishes? why?" Amanda said surprisingly. "Just happy I guess" I smiled at him and sat at a table. we worked our shift and left. I fell asl**p on the couch. I could hear the door open. but I assumed it was Amanda. "You awake?" Cole asked. I layed there ignoring him. He set his phone on the table. He unbuttons my blouse and reveals my breast. He massages it gently. I try not to make a sound. He then takes nipple into his mouth. I moan slightly. after 4 minutes of this he buttoned my shirt. His phone vibrated. "Hey! wanna come over?" The volume was up all the way so I could hear bitch bailey. He rushed over. He walked in. Hello? Bailey? Hello? He gets hit in the head with a lamp. He awakens strapped to her bed gagged and pants less. Bailey walks in wearing nothing but a white thong. Her 36b breasts bouncing as she walked. "Hey baby!" She sits on his cock and yelps loudly. "You hear that? your my first." She rides him. "I saw you with Ari in her house! I saw you outside! everything!" Couple hours later theres a knock at the door. "Shit!" She opens the door. "Hey bailey welcome back." I said. Go Away! She yells as she slams the door. "Bitch." I said softly. I walk to her bed room window and I'll see everything. I barge through the door. Get The Fuck Out! She screamed. "Nah, I'm good." "I Said Get Out!" She gets up. "Yeah, try me." She runs at me. I grab her waist and throw her to the cold floor. I untie Cole and we ran. The next day Bailey hung herself......
Bitch deserved it.......

91% (8/1)
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3 years ago
Interesting story. I liked it.
4 years ago
Well i guess you shoeed her its soppopsed to be hot and sexy not mean and rough to bad she that to herself thanks
4 years ago
no i couldnt
4 years ago
Poor bailey. She was a bitch anyway. Did u go to her funeral sis?
4 years ago
So strong emotions, you just killed me. No future for Bailey! And your pen has penetrated into me...
:-) Nice job
4 years ago
ending sucked but a very good story