Friend with benefits

This continues the story of Steph as started in my "My first time on cam" post.

Having had a great time with Steph on cam and an even better meeting with her the next morning, I planned taking her for a nice meal on our first date. However, I received a text asking if I liked a certain food as she was planing to cook for me. I hate cooking, so the idea of a good home cooked meal sounded great.

Not knowing her taste in wine I bought two white wines, one sweet(ish) and one dry. I arrived at her home on time and rang the bell. She came to the door wearing one of those joke aprons. It was of a muscle guy with huge six-pack and a full looking tiny thong. Her top was the only other thing I could see and that was a lacy white blouse. Smiling I handed her the bottles and gave her a little kiss. She said, "Come to the kitchen, it's almost ready but I must keep an eye on it for a while". With that she turned round and to my surprise she was naked from the waist down. Her fine largish ass cheeks wiggling as she guided me to the kitchen. I couldn't help laughing and said, "I love your outfit".

In the kitchen she started stirring a pot and I just had to fondle her buttocks. She turned her head for a kiss and my hands made their way round her hips and up under her blouse to cup her bra-free breasts. She wiggled her butt against me and could obviously feel my boner. "Mmmmm, feels like you are hungry", she said, "but you'll have to wait". I rolled her erect nipples between thumb and finger and she said, "Stop it, I must keep stirring this".

I turned her round and lifted her to sit on the counter next to the stove. I said, "You stir, I'll play", and lifted her apron. She giggled and wiggled to the edge of the counter and spread her legs. I caressed her thighs and ticked where her legs met her crouch and she was breathing hard before I even got to her pussy. My finger traced her lips and as I touched her clit she gasped and her thighs twitched. I slid a finger inside her and bent to suck on her button. As I nibbled and sucked she took the apron off saying she wanted a better view. Slipping my finger out I licked her lips, pulling them, lightly biting them, and then slid my tongue between them. Lapping from hole to clit and back she was shaking (but still stirring the pot!) and moaning. My tongue went into her and I rubbed her clit with my thumb. She took two pots off the stove and held on to the counter just in time as her orgasm crashed through her body. She gave me the gift of a tiny squirt and I continued lapping and tongue probing.

"Go wash up, you dirty boy", she said, "dinner is ready". I went to the downstairs cloakroom and had a wash. When I returned Steph, wearing a skirt, was carrying dishes to the table. We ate a wonderful meal and drank most of the dry wine. The conversation was easy and often flirtatious. To my relief, during the conversation she said she didn't want a relationship, but a 'friend with benefits'. This suited me just fine. She then asked me if everything I said during our cam session (before the moment we realised we knew each other) was true. I knew she was referring to me telling her I was bisexual and I thought, what the heck, and said "Yes". She replied, "Wow, that's so hot, maybe one day...". I smiled and said, "Sure, one day". I asked her the same and she blushed and said no, she wasn't bisexual, she just said it for a hot conversation. I laughed and said it wasn't a problem.

We took our coffee into the lounge and she snuggled up to me on the sofa. Our conversation was again easy, interspersed with occasional light kissing. She told me she was newly divorced and having just got broadband went to the sex cam site for some fun, "...and boy, has it been good fun so far". She put her hand on my crouch and I was hard for her (I think I never totally lost the boner from eating her pussy before dinner), and said "I want to feel you in my mouth for a while". She unbuckled my belt and had my pants and shorts off me in no time. Curled up on the sofa she soon had her mouth round my erect cock and her hand gently toying with my balls. She was not sucking hard or moving fast, just enjoying having me in her mouth as her tongue teased. I had my eyes close enjoying her gentle attention.

She licked all round my cock and balls and told me she had already done two thing with me she had never done before and she wanted to do two more tonight. My mind was working like crazy trying to think what it could have been and what was to come. Seeing my confusion she said, "One, we played in a public place. Two, I put a finger in your butt this morning". "Ah, and the other two?" I asked. She just smiled and took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.

We were both soon naked and spent a long time caressing and playing. Her body was made for sex. She had a full, not fat, figure with wonderful breasts, round ass and long shapely legs. We 69'd for a while. I loved licking her from clit to butt-hole and she enjoyed sucking on my cock and balls. She then got a condom from her bedside cabinet and rolled it lovingly onto my cock. Straddling me she held my cock and, with her eyes closed, slowly lowered herself onto me. She was tight, hot, and so very wet. She sat just grinding her hips slowly as I reached up to her tits. Her nipples hard as I rolled them between finger and thumb. "Harder", she said and I pinched them harder, and harder. She started moaning, still slowly grinding but not moving up and down on me. "Harder" she said. Her head went back and her body arched as I pinched, twisted, and pulled on her nipples. She came in a body trembling orgasm that soaked my balls. She just kept grinding on me as her orgasm subsided then laid on my chest and we kissed deeply.

"Now for number three of my 'never done before' things", she said. She raised herself off me and guided my throbbing cock to her butt hole and rubbed it against herself. Holding me tight she tried a few time to get me in but failed. "You need preparing", I told her, and moved her to be on all fours. I licked at her dripping pussy then spent a while licking her butt while I fingered her pussy. With her juice making my finger wet and slippery I pressed it to her wrinkled little hole. With no trouble it slipped in and she gave a gasp. As I moved and probed inside her she was purring and moving her hips. As she relaxed I slipped a second then third finger into her. After a while I told her it's be easier now and moved to be in position to enter her. "No", she said, "I want to see your face, so me on top, please".

I laid on my back and she once again straddled me. "Make me wet again with your pussy", I told her. She slid her pussy down onto me and used her muscles for a moment, then raised herself. As before she held my cock tight and rubbed the head at her tight butt-hole. I gave a little push and her eyes and mouth opened wide as my mushroom head popped inside her. She let out her breath and then gasped in a lung full of air as she lowered herself completely onto me. Sitting and grinding her hips for a moment she said "It hurts a little. I feel like I am going to do a p*o. It's so different. I like this feeling it's odd and so very sexually exciting". She then started slowly moving up and down and was soon bouncing hard on me.

After a while I was getting close and could hold on much longer. "Sorry hun", I said, "I'm going to cum any second". She jumped off me and gave a gasp as she found her ass empty. Quickly getting between my legs she removed the condom. She gripped the shaft of my twitching cock very tight and took my gland into her mouth. With her tight grip and my long-time hardon I shot my load in jets that made her gag as my cum hit the back of her throat. She swallowed some and when I had finished she showed me the remainder of my cum in her mouth. She then rolled me over and parted my butt cheeks. Using her cummy tongue she licked at my hole. The feeling was awesome. She licked for ages and I just laid there totally enjoying the fourth of her 'never done before'.

She giggled as she kissed her way up my back. She laid on top of me and moved her heavy breasts side to side on my back. "That was my fourth. I now have a fifth that maybe we can do some time? That's for the future though, I want you to myself a few more times first, but one day I want...". I knew what she was going to say so I finished it for her. "...a three-way with two bisexual men". "Oh my god, yes please", she replied. But that is another story ;)

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give me a call, I'll join these two!