Why I am a divorced man

I an a true bisexual, I find both men and women equally appealing and I can't imagine giving up one for the other.

I've been in many long-term relationships with women, some as a live-in partner and one I actually married. None knew of my bisexuality but these relationships all ended because I craved cock, and even though I tried to be faithful I eventually went looking for a guy. Only one of these women actually caught me having gay sex... My wife.

This is the story of when she caught me in the act.

I had been married for 10 years and had many trysts with guys during that time. There was a gay couple living down the road that I occasionally joined for a threesome. Tom was an old wealthy queen of about 65. James was Tom's young trophy toy-boy of about 25.

My wife was away visiting her parents and not due back for a couple of days. I asked Tom and James round for diner. They arrived with a couple of porn movies for us to watch after we had eaten. Tom helped me finish preparing the food and told me he was pleased I'd invited them as James had been in a bad mood recently and a fun night would cheer him up. After we ate we settled on the sofa to watch a movie. I sat in the middle and as the action on the screen increased it wasn't long before I felt James' hand on my thigh, soon followed by Tom's on my other thigh. I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off and they both started nibbling on my nipples. This always sends tingles through my body and my cock was straining in my pants.

James stood up and slowly did a strip to the raunchy background music of the movie. Tom and I watched, each with a hand on the others bulge. James had a wonderful lithe slim body and is a joy to look at. His tighty-whities bulging as he danced for us. He pulled then up between his cheeks and wiggled his ass at us. He was close enough for Tom and I to reach so we each slapped a cheek and James groaned and moved away a little. Facing us again, his hips gyrating as he eased his briefs over his huge cock and down his legs. Stepping out of his briefs he waggled his erect cock up and down by making a fucking movement. His cock hitting his hard flat belly with a slap each time and his balls tight up in his scrotum.

Tom undid my fly and I lifted my hips as he slipped my pants and shorts down. He held my cock and stroked it a few times then pointed it towards James. James got on all fours and made his way slowly towards me licking his lips. He came straight on to my cock and Tom let go as my cock disappeared, full length, into James' talented mouth.

Tom quickly got undressed and stood on the sofa for me to enjoy his small thick cock. I was sucking on Tom's swollen head with his low hanging balls in my hand, enjoying the taste and feel of Tom as James licked around and under my balls. We got on the floor and made a three way daisy chain each sucking a cock. Changing partners occasionally and all teasing the butthole of the guy we sucked.

James said he wanted to be fucked and both Tom and I took turns licking and fingering his hole. Tom put a condom on me using his mouth and then guided me into James. He was laying on his back with his legs high as I slipped all the way into him. His tight ass muscles working on me as soon as I was inside. Tom took James' cock into his mouth and the two of us pleasured James the way he loved best. Tom then moved and sat on James face. His small cock twitching with the thrusting of me fucking James and his own pleasure as James tongued him.

I leant forward and took Tom's cock in my mouth. It was not long until Tom was shouting he was going to cum. He shot a mass of sticky thick cum into my mouth just as we all heard, "WHAT THE FUCK!" screamed in a voice that made my bl**d run cold... My wife was standing at the door!!! I looked at her with Tom's cum running down my chin and my cock buried in James' ass. "Oh fuck!", I said.

My wife left the house and refused to talk to me for three days. Finally she phoned one evening and told me she wanted a divorce. This was 10 years ago and she has never spoken to me since.

There is a side story to this. She went to stay with a friend, Jane, while she decided what to do. Obviously she told Jane what she had seen and Jane told Paul, her husband. After my wife left their house I got a call from Jane inviting me to dinner. All through the meal she seemed on edge and Paul was unusually quiet. I was expecting a tirade of "How could you?" etc any moment. As she poured coffee her ears were burning and she had a red blotch on her chest. I thought "here it comes". Looking at the coffee pot in her shaking hands she finally blurted out... "May I watch you suck Paul's penis?". But that's another story :)

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2 years ago
Hot! part 2, 3, etc. please!
3 years ago
Luv it
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3 years ago
Very good. Continue please.
3 years ago
very hot story...cant wait for the other story