Wheelchair sex (v2)

This is the second of my two sexual experiences with people in wheelchairs. It's the gay one...

A couple of years ago there was a guy I chatted to a few times in a bar. He was about 30 and in a wheelchair due to MS. Being a gay bar we'd talk about the other guys as they came and went. Although I was tempted I never hit on him.

One day I brought a couple of ripped porn disks for him as our previous conversation had been about our collections. He had the same idea and he gave me three disks. One was entitled "Net Gay Clips", one was titled "Bisexual Encounters of the Extreme Kind, Volume 2", and the other had no title and he asked me to watch that one last.

I couldn't wait to get home and of course... I played the untitled one first. It was a load of numbered avi clips. Double clicking on the first I wondered what it would be and was please with what I saw. It was a close up of a small shaved cock and balls. The erection was strong and the cock was twitching with excitement. Eventually a hand gripped the cock and stroked it until it shot a decent load all over the hand. Hmmm, looks like it's a disk of net clip, I thought. The next clip was the same cock but with more of the body in view. Again the cock was jerked off until it shot a load of cum, but this time the guys head came into the frame and licked the cum off his fingers. OMG, it was the wheelchair guy from the bar. Cool, I thought. The next he was on his bed face down playing with his totally hairless ass. His fingers were probing deep and then he used a realistic dildo on himself. He then rolled over and shot a load onto his stomach. He rolled the dildo in the cum and then sucked it. This was about the point when I shot my load. The other avi's continued in the same way and all were a good show.

A few days later I saw the guy in the bar and went over with a couple of drinks to join him. He said he enjoyed the films I had given him and I gave him a couple more I had copied. Kinda shyly he asked what I thought of his disks. I said the Bi movie was the best I'd seen (and it was, check it out) and the net clips were great. "And the other disk?" he asked. "I'm gonna watch that tonight", I said, and he looked a bit disappointed and said OK. I laughed and said, "Man, I'm just k**ding you, it... no you, are fucking awesome. I wish I was that dildo!". He laughed and said "I was hoping you would be. I've not had sex with anyone since I've used this fucking chair, I'm too self concious, but you are always so nice so I thought why not". So, we finished our drinks and we went to his place that was just a block from the bar.

At his place he said he was a bit clumsy getting undressed and didn't want me to help him like a carer, so he asked me to have a drink and then come to his bedroom in a few minutes. I didn't have the drink but spent a while perusing his books and music. Finally I thought time enough had passed and I went to his bedroom. He was laying totally naked on his back with that wonderful small, totally hairless, hard cock In his hand. I sat on the bed and kissed him. My hands caressing his chest as we each explored with our tongues. He took my hand and moved it to his cock. It felt so very hard and hot and as I stroked he he moaned and came in seconds. He apologised, saying it had been so long since anyone had touched him. I said not to worry and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked the last drops of cum from him and then lapped up the cum from his belly. Again we kissed, this time his cum making the experience very sexy.

I stood up to take my clothes off and when I was just in my shorts he moved to the side of the bed and stroked me through my shorts. He slid a hand up and down my thigh and I was breathing heavy as he kissed my cock through the material. Then he pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang free. He stroked my length and played with my balls. Leaning in a little more he licked the drop of pre-cum that was developing and then took my cock into his mouth. He eagerly sucked me for a little while and then he said, lay down on your stomach. He moved and opened my legs and I could feel his fingers tracing my crack and occasionally caressing my balls. Then he got between my legs, pulled my cheeks apart and started licking my hole. I was in sexual heaven as his tongue lapped and teased me. My cock so hard pressed between me and the bed. He motioned for me to raise my hips and he stroked my cock as his tongue continued to do wonderful things. Then I felt a finger pressing and I wiggled my hips as it slid inside me. He finger-fucked me for a while and then he said he wanted me to fuck him.

He said the best way would be for him to be on his knees bent over the side of the bed, so once he was in position I went to town on his hairless butt hole. My tongue and fingers working him until he was ready. I slipped on a condom and used some baby oil he had on his side table as a lube. Pressing my cock-head to his hole I gripped my shaft and gently pushed. My swollen mushroom head slipped in to him and he gave a gasp. Moving I gradually entered him until my hips were against his cheeks. Starting slow I was fucking his ass until I was pounding hard and fast as we worked up to a power fuck. We moved so he was on his back and I held his legs high and entered him again. It was a joy to see his small cock giggling around as I pounded into him. When I was getting close he said he wanted my cock in his mouth. I pulled out and lowered his legs. Quickly removing the condom I just got to his face as I started ejaculating. The first couple of loads hitting his face and then my cock was twitching and shooting into his mouth. He took me balls deep and eased every drop of cum from me. I licked the dribbling cum from his face and I laid flat on top of him as we kissed. I could feel his cock was again hard against me as he put his hands on my butt cheeks and pulled me onto him.

I moved down his body, sucking and biting on his nipples then licked down his belly to his groin. I took his cock all the way in my mouth and it barely touched the back of my mouth. It was hot and throbbing and I started moving up and down on him. After a while I slipped a condom on his cock and rubbed some baby oil on and into my asshole. I straddled him and he held his cock up as I lowered myself onto him. Small as he was it was still a tight fit (I rarely do anal) and he entered me with a shock that ran through my whole body as I sat down hard on him. He pinched my nipples as I bounce up and down. Loving the feel of his hard cock inside me. He lasted for ages and finally said he was ready. I moved off him, removed the condom, and went down on his glorious erection. He still lasted a long time and I was fingering his ass and playing with his balls as my head bounced on the full length of his cock. He came with a gusto, his body arching as all his cum went straight down my throat. I kept playing and sucking as he went limp in my mouth.

We ordered some pizza and had a beer as we chatted and waited for the food. Still both naked and he back in his wheelchair, I dared him to answer the door when the pizza arrived. He said, "What the fuck! Oh why not, it'll be funny". So when the bell rang he went and opened the door. I was laughing to myself and I head the delivery guy say "Hot man" as he turned to leave. He returned with the box on his lap and his cock standing proud and erect. He laughed and said he got hard as the guy took the money. I said, "see, to everyone you are a guy that sits a lot... still a hot guy. They see you not the chair, so no more self concious shit, OK!". I then took the box from him and bent to take his cockhead in my mouth. "I hate cold pizza", he said laughing and pushed me off saying I could have desert soon :)

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3 years ago
Loved it! So much unexplored territory out there!
3 years ago
Wheelchair man here, enjoyed it very much. Although bi, I've had more success getting men in my bed then women. Biggest problem with either is convincing them they won't "hurt" me if we have sex.
3 years ago
wow love the story, would love to meet someone n a wheelchiar and make love to them man or lady. or both at the same time.
3 years ago
Love a true story!
3 years ago
Nipples and cock are hard as rocks!
3 years ago
Great story, very well written