Tipping the cab driver

I had been using the same cab service for a while and it was the third time this same cabbie had been my driver. We settled into conversation as he drove me the 120 miles home from the airport. I was in a bit of a bad mood as I hadn't had time (or energy) to get any sex (male or female) during the short business trip.

He sensed my mood and and asked what was wrong. I told him and he laughed and said, you should be married, bud, you'd never get any then. You could play away from home, I told him and he said he'd feel bad cheating on the mother of his k**s. Well, what about getting some stranger suck you off at an adult theater or book store, I suggested. Maybe you'd not feel you were cheating if it wasn't a woman. What the fuck, he said, and laughed. I noted he went quiet for a while. I'd either pissed him off or he was giving it some thought.

A few miles on he asked if I'd ever had a guy suck me. I told him yes, many times. Then he said, um, have you ever sucked? Sure, I replied, I am bisexual. He went quiet for a little while.

So, how does it work at an adult book store? he asked. I explained and he was amazed, yet enthralled as he asked question after question. Finally he said I wouldn't mind being sucked by a man if I couldn't see him. I told him he'd still know it's a man and he said, yes I know but I'd feel less concious. OK, then how about we park up, you get out and I suck you through the car window? Again he went quiet.

A few miles on we pulled off the main road and a few turns later we pulled into a little used fame track at the edge of a field. He said nothing but got out and came to my window. I lowered it and he pressed his body to the side of the car. I unzipped his fly and slipped my hand in. He was already very hard and I stroked him through his shorts. I could hear him breathing hard and deep through his nose. Undoing his belt I eased his pants and shorts down and took his smallish but beautifully hard uncut cock in my hand and stroked him slowly. Pulling his skin back he looked and smelt nice and clean so I flicked my tongue over his swollen head. He gasped aloud as I took his cock into my mouth. With lips tight round his shaft I moved back and forward. He pulled his pants down a little more and I had free range to caress his balls as I sucked on him. They were big and free hanging and moved nicely in his sack. My tongue was teasing his cum slit and his precum was copious. It wasn't long until I heard him gasp and his body jerk as he shot his load, hot and sticky into my mouth. As is my way to loved the cum and let his cummy-cock slide in and out of my mouth as I swallowed and his cock softened.

He zipped up and got back in the car. His hands on the wheel as if he was driving, but the engine was as quiet as he was. Finally he said, fuck man that was the best blow job I've ever had. Fuck, you even took my load! You are most welcome, I told him, it kinda made my trip away almost complete. He started the car but still we didn't move. You um, she said, um you, um are you gonna ache all the way home now? I laughed and said, yes I got a vicious bonner in my pants. He said nothing but stopped the engine and opened his window. I took the hint and silently got out and sent to his door. A few inches away from the car I pulled my pants and shorts right down then leaned into the open window.

His fingertips tentatively touched my cock, he was tracing the length back and forward, then he gripped my shaft and gave it a few strokes. His other hand started playing with my balls and I felt the tiniest wet touch of his tongue on my engorged head. Then a more positive action as he licked all round my head and shaft. The next ting he had his lips round my cock-head and he was sucking as his tongue lapped and he stroked the shaft. Not too shabby at all, I thought. Then he stopped and said, please don't cum in my mouth. I assured him I wouldn't and he went back to enjoying his first ever cock. He was having fun, and so was I. He never tried to take any more than my head into his mouth, but his tongue, sucking and stroking were well and truly doing the trick. Finally I tapped on the roof and turned sideways and gave a few quick strokes and shot jet after jet of cum as he watched me orgasm into my free hand. Squeezing the last drops out I let him watch me lick my hand and fingers clean. I then pulled my pants up and got back into the car.

I really enjoyed that, bud, he said. Oh, so did I, I told him. He started the car and drove me back home as he asked me about my experiences. As I loved telling stories the final miles seemed to pass in no time.

Back at home I signed the bill (business account) adding 15% tip. He thanked me and as he started the car he turned and said, can we... Before he finished his question, I smiled and said, sure, I'd like that. For some reason it was rare he was not the cabbie that arrived whenever I booked a trip :)
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