They called me for a follow-up session

It was early evening, three days after I met the hot couple at the adult book store (see my last post), that my girlfriend answered the phone. "It's Steve", she said, holding the phone out for me to take and she went into the bathroom and closed the door. Expecting it to be my b*****r, I was surprised when I heard, "Hi Jim, it's Steve, we met the other day in a book, um, shop. I was with Valerie, my wife. I hope you remember us?". "Sure Steve, I remember you both very well", I said smiling "Look Jim", he said, "we really did have fun the other day and Valerie and I have not stopped talking about it. We'd love to get together with you sometime soon". "I'd like that too, Steve" I replied. "Great", he said, "Well when can you make it? We are free most evenings and weekends". My girlfriend was going to see her parents the next evening and would most likely stay overnight as it's a long-ish drive. "Hmmm, I can make it tomorrow about this time", I suggested. "Wonderful", he replied and told me his address. "We look forward to seeing you then". I told my girlfriend that Steve was a guy from work who wants help with a presentation he is due to make. "Oh that's great, you won't miss me while I'm seeing my parents", she said.

So, the next day I rushed home from work to find my girlfriend had left a note saying that as I was going out she would definitely stay overnight at her parents. I had a quick snack and a long shower then headed to my car to make the twenty minute drive to the address I had memorized.

The house was a big-ish 'whie picket fence' type. Ringing the doorbell I looked through the frosted glass side panel and I saw two shadowy figures enter the hall. Valerie opened the door and said, "Jim, I'm so pleased you could come, please come in". She was wearing a loose low-top summer dress with fine string straps that showed her shapely neck and shoulders beautifully. I bent to receive the kiss she offered, but unlike the little peck on the cheek she had given me outside the book store, I was delighted to be given a warm, welcoming, kiss on the lips. Her breath and scent were delicious. Steve put his hand on my shoulder and guided me to their den, "I thought this would be a good room for us to relax and have a drink", he said. As I made myself comfortable on a big well padded sofa I was delighted when Steve slipped the straps of Valerie's dress over her shoulders and it fell to the ground revealing her naked body. "Wow" was all I could say. As I said in my last story, Valerie was middle aged (I was to find out later she was 42 and Steve 45, but they both looked 10 years younger) and just a little chubby. She was not fat, but beautifully female shaped with full firm breasts, a little tummy with no fat rolls, shapely hips and legs and, rare back then, a shaved pussy. She was a sight to behold. She let me appraise and enjoy the sight of her nakedness. "I thought a quick 'icebreaker' would make us all more relaxed and save time too" she giggled. "Wow" I said again.

Then Steve said "Right Jim, one rule... do whatever we like but if anyone says "I don't want to do that", it must be respected, OK?". I liked that he had laid down the ground rules and agreed. "Good" said Valerie and came and sat next to me and gave me a full on, open mouth kiss. Her lips were soft and full, the most luscious lips I had ever kissed. As our tongues explored each others mouth I put my hand on her hip and enjoyed the feel of her soft skin. When my hand went to her butt cheek she pulled back and said "time for you to be naked. I want to watch Steve undress you". So I stood up as Jim came close and unbuttoned and removed my shirt. His hands caressed my chest and stomach (I was slim and finely muscled back in 1981). His fingertips traced the cut lines of my muscles and then he was lightly pinching my nipples. To my surprise he leaned forward and kissed my lips. Despite having sucked cock I had never kissed a guy before (or had any anal sex other than fingers), but I found myself responding and we opened mouths and kissed deep and passionate. I could hear Valerie making little encouraging sounds. I put my hands on his butt cheeks and we ground our hips together, both hard in our pants. We pulled back and he unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. Looking in my eyes he put his hand inside my shorts and started stroking my cock. Then he slipped my pants and shorts down letting my cock spring free as he slipped my shoes and socks off and I stepped out of the discarded clothing. His hands were exploring my now naked body, kissing and licking as he went. My eyes closed I was enjoying the experience as I felt extra hands on me, Valerie had joined in. They were both making their way around my body, exploring. I was in heaven. I felt a small hand wrap round my engorged cock and a bigger hand cup my balls. I opened my eyes just in time to see Valerie offering my cock to Steve's mouth. He licked my swollen head and as he pulled back a string of precum glistened between his tongue and my cock. Valerie leaned in and licked the string from my cock and then she and Steve kissed and shared that first sweet taste of precum. Then Steve licked all round my cock and balls as Valerie, one hand fingering her pussy, played with my butt cheeks with her free hand. As Steve took my cock into his mouth I felt a wet finger running between my cheeks, Valerie, was having fun, I though! Steve then stood up and pulled his sweatshirt off. He was a well muscled man with a bush of thick hair on his upper chest. A flat hard stomach had a line of hair from under his bellybutton that pointed to his groin. I bent over to undo his pants and felt Valerie's wet finger toying with my asshole now it was more freely available. Steve stepped out of his pants and shorts and his cock was gloriously erect. His legs strong and very hairy, he was a true macho looking man. We stood close and kissed, rubbing our cocks together. Valerie was on her knees and got between us. Holding both cocks she licked one then the other. Both Steve and I were breathing hard and the kissing stopped so we could watch this very fine looking woman enjoying two cocks. She has the most luscious cock-sucking lips and a wet mouth that took first one then the other cock deep into her mouth so her nose was buried in the hairs of the man she was sucking. I put a hand down to one of her tits and gloried in the feel of her full breast. Her nipples were small and rock hard and I rolled one between finger and thumb. I heard her take a deep breath and moan so I pinched harder and she moaned more. Moving as one, Steve and I bent and gently pushed Valerie to the floor. With hands and mouths we explored her body. Remembering the sweet taste of the pussy juice I had licked off my fingers in the adult book store I was eager to get my tongue inside her. She was pliant to the touch, moving an arm or leg as a hand gently pushed and I soon made my way to be between her legs. The sight and feel of her shaved pussy was very erotic. I spent a little time running my fingers between her swollen wet lips then moved in to take a taste. Licking and sucking on her lips she was moaning into a kiss that Steve was giving her. Her juice was sweeter than I remembered. I slipped a finger, then two, into her as I flicked my tongue on her small and hard clitoris. She was moaning loud and grinding her hips. I removed my fingers and probed as deep as I could with my tongue, revelling in the heat and sweet taste. Valerie's body arched and she had her first body shaking orgasm of the evening. As I lapped at her pussy she lifted her butt from the floor and I held her butt up in that position and licked at her asshole. As her orgasm faded I let her relax on the floor. "Oh my" was all she could say, over and over. It was a natural moment for a change of action and I had Steve's cock in my mouth in no time. My spit mixing with his precum as he laid back and enjoyed the blowjob with me bent over him. I heard Valerie say ඍ" so I made my way round, keeping Steve's cock in my mouth, until I had my legs either side of his head. I felt his mouth round the head of my cock and his tongue teasing my cum-hole as I bobbed up and down on his cock. Valerie must have got a little energy back because I felt her kissing my butt cheeks. Then joy of joy, she had her face between my cheeks and she was lapping at my hole. I kept still and Steve raised and lowered his head on my cock as Valerie worked a slim finger into my butt. In no time she was probing as deep as she could and soon had me relaxed enough for a second finger to go in. This was the first time I'd had two fingers in my ass and I was loving it. I had to break away from sucking Steve to call out I was gonna cum. He kept my cock-head in his mouth and stroked the shaft as Valerie finger-fucked my ass. I shot over and over and over into his mouth. When I was spent I rolled off him and Valerie dived in to kiss his cum soaked mouth. I kissed them both, too. The three of us playing with my cum as we enjoyed the wet kisses. Finally Valerie asked me a question... "Will you let Steve fuck you?" I had never had a cock in my ass but I was so hot for this couple, I told them I'd try it, but asked him to be nice and let me take it (or stop) at my own pace. So, with Steve on his knees and me on all fours, Valerie once again licked my hole, pressing her tongue in, then two fingers she worked on me until I felt Steve's cock at my hole. I moved my hips pressing back a little, then pressing harder I looked back to see Valerie holding his shaft tight and finally his huge mushroom head popped into me. Both Valerie and I gave a gasp. It felt huge. There was a little pain but the pleasure ran through me as I moved my hips slowly back and forward, taking him a little deeper each time. Steve was good to his word, he held still and let me take him in slowly. Valerie's eyes were nearly popping out of her head as she asked me if it was OK and then asked Steve if he was OK. Finally I had his full length inside me. Both the pain and pleasure still had me in their grip. I stayed still for a while then slowly moved back and forward as my ass muscles learned to relax and take him more eagerly. Valerie then sat back to watch as her husband started moving his hips. Soon he was really fucking my virgin ass hard and Valerie was encouraging us both. My cock was soft at first but it soon became hard as he was pounding into me. Valerie knelt in front of me and I licked her ass as good as I could but Steve's pounding had my jerking all over the place. Valerie suggested I sit on Steve's cock, so we changed position. Valerie sucked us both for a moment then she guided Steve back into me as I lowered my ass back onto his cock. She then asked Steve if she may sit on my cock. He replied "yes". She straddled me and guided my cock into her soaking wet pussy. The three of us bouncing fucking and being fucked until Steve said he was gonna cum. Both Valerie and I got to his cock together, bumping heads and laughing as Steve's cum shot out of him all over both our faces. We each sucked him and I could taste the muskiness of my ass on him and then the three of us were licking cum from faces. My hard on was throbbing as Valerie moved to sit on my cock again. She bounced up and down, stopping occasionally to let Steve lick her juice off my cock, and then slip me back inside his wife. She looked at Steve and an unasked question was answered when he said, "sure if you want". I was a little confused until Valerie raised herself off me and then held my cock to her asshole. Soaked with her pussy juice my cock-head slipped in and she lowered herself onto me. It was the first ass I had been in and it was tight, so fucking hot and tight. She slowly moved on my cock and Steve licked his wife's pussy. My eyes closed, my hands reaching round to play with Valerie's tits, I let this wonderful woman bounce her hot ass on my cock. In no time, with the ass-fuck and pussy licking, Valerie was cumming. Her ass muscles doing wonderful things to me as Steve lapped up her juice. He moved round and kissed me and we shared her taste as I felt myself building up to cum for the second time that evening. I warned Valerie and she bounced on me a few more times and my first jet went into her ass as she pulled off me. My cum came in jets, streaking up my chest and onto my face as they both watched. I was licking the cum from my face as they both licked at my smooth chest and belly. Then Steve took my softening cock into his mouth and my body shook as he sucked the last drops from me. We all collapsed in a heap laughing and sighing as we all cuddled and kissed.

I mentioned the fact that Valerie's pussy was so sweet, and she told me she was diabetic and it's common for body fluids to taste that way... well you live and learn huh!

Valerie suggested a shower and then food. I was starving hungry and delighted to find she had prepared a huge amount of pasta and meatballs. Clean and naked we sat down to eat and they admitted that Valerie was only allowed to fuck me with Steve's permission and he's only give it if we all got on OK. As we finished our meal Steve also admitted he'd like to try being fucked. So there in the kitchen it happened :)
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3 years ago
Great story, have done similer and loved it
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3 years ago
Fabulous well written story.
3 years ago
Excellent...carry on
3 years ago
Very hot stuff....lucky jim.
3 years ago
I'm not into girls but that did sound hot
3 years ago
WOW! Very Hot. Bi couples can be so much fun when there is some chemistry between everyone.
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