At the adult book store

Having had a couple of years sucking cock with my boss (see my first story post) I was ready to move on. I'd had a succession of great girlfriends and regular cock from my boss, life was great. Now I was in love with my girl and we set up home together in a small apartment. For a few months everything was going well, but I kept thinking of my boss and the great times we had blowing each other. I was feeling cock hungry.
So, one day I decided to go to an adult book store to see if I could find a nice cock to suck. Settling in a booth I stripped off and was watching a rather good bi movie. Hearing a sound from the next booth I took a looksee. It was a middle-aged couple getting undressed. She was just a little chubby and had great tits, he was fit and well muscled. It was a joy to watch them undress. She started stroking him and I knocked on the wall to let them know I was watching. They both stooped to look through the hole, so I stood back to let them see me. They then started to put on a show as she sucked the guy. She then pointed his cock at me so I put my open mouth to the hole. He slipped his saliva wet cock into my mouth and I savoured the wonderful taste of cock I had been missing so very much. Sadly he didn't last long at all and he soon knocked the wall to warm me he was gonna cum. As he came I swallowd and took his twitching cock into my throat and I heard him gasp. He made a few thrusts and then pulled away and I watched his woman licking him clean. She then put a finger in the hole to indicate they would like to reciprocate. I put my hand through and waved it towards her tits. She moved her body and I found my hand full of glorious firm breast with a nipple as hard as a pebble poking between my fingers. Blindly fondling that full and pert tit was very nice (my girl had small breasts). She held my hand and then stood up and put my hand to her shaven crouch. This was 1981 and a shaved pussy was rare then! It felt so bare and smooth and her lips were swollen and wet. She gyrated her hips slowly as I ran my finger between her lips. Slipping one, then two fingers inside her I rubbed her clit with my thumb and she moaned. Pressing hard on her clit I moved my hand fast, the slapping and slurping sounds filling the air and then I felt her body shake as her pussy gripped and loosened on my fingers as she squirted all over my hand and wrist. Taking my hand back I licked my fingers to find her juice was the sweetest I had ever tasted. I could see them watching me licking her cum and she waggled her tongue at me. I stood up and put my engorged cock through the hole. I felt her soft lips go round my head and her tongue circling, and then the tip of her tongue flicking at my cum hole. Mmm she was good. She pulled away and I felt a tongue lick my head, it was different, not as assured as the way she had taken me straight into her mouth. I realized it was the guy and this was most likely his first taste of cock. I could hear her softly talking to him but could not make out the words. To confirm it was the guy I felt his light stubble scratch as he rubbed my cock on his cheek. Then he took the plunge and my cock was in his mouth. He licked, sucked, and bobbed on me as I kept still so as not to scare him off. I heard his woman say "oh yes, good", and I could hear the slapping and slurping sound that was obviously her masturbating at what she was seeing. He was enjoying himself and so was I. After a while he pulled away and I once again felt her soft lips round my cock. She took me all the way in, her lips to the wall. she moved back and forward taking me deep each time. She pulled away and the guy then tried to dt me, but he gagged and I knew exactly how he felt (I can only dt with the help of cum to lube the way). Give him his due, he kept trying but the stopping and coughing was not keeping the flow of the bj going. She took over and kept her head still as I fucked her mouth and throat, thrusting harder and harder as I worked up to climax. Tapping the wall I felt her pull back as one hand grasp my balls and the other my shaft and I shot jet after jet onto her face and in her mouth. I then felt the guy licking my head and he sucked the last drops from me. I heard him say "watch", so I looked through the hole. When they saw I was looking, he licked my cum from her face and then they kissed. I felt good for them and this was obviously a fantasy of theirs that they had played out for real for the first time.
I left first and was in outside when the couple came out. He looked shy but she walked up to me and said "wow, you just fulfilled one of my dreams, thank you", and she went on tiptoe and lightly kissed my cheek. The guy said "maybe we could do it again some time" and the woman squealed "oh yes, at home please"... but that's another story :)
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11 days ago
a fantasy of mine! have my wife take me and force me to service
7 months ago
Once a cock sucker and cum eater, always a cock sucker and cum eater. Good boy. To bad she did not let you fuck her pussy. Or husbands ass pussy.
2 years ago
i luv this story,,so hottt mmmmmm
2 years ago
Great job have had this happen a few times and loved it.
2 years ago
Very sexy, and good memories for me.
3 years ago
GREAT story..very hot...
3 years ago
Very hot
3 years ago
3 years ago
I really enjoyed this story as this is a fantasy of mine. Well written...keep it up!