First taste of cock

It was 1971 and I was nearly 19 years old and had left home. I working in a record store and lived in a small trailer owned by the boss. He was 37.
After I had been working at the shop for a few weeks my boss suggested a night out. We had a great evening getting d***k and he paid for a whore to give us both a bj to round the evening off. With a bottle of scotch we returned to my trailer for a nightcap and spent an hour or so discussing the bj and sex in general as we drank the scotch. I was shocked when he admitted he was bisexual but was not put off him as he had made no passes. Anyway, being too d***k to drive home he asked if he could crash in the trailer. So, stripped to our shorts we each made ourselves comfortable in the two single beds/couches and I was soon asl**p.
I was having a dream about the bj I had received and slowly woke up to realize my boss was sucking me off! I was scared and shocked so just laid still and pretended to be asl**p. As the shock wore off I realized I was really enjoying what his mouth was doing to me. My cock was rigidly sticking out of my shorts fly and he was making very slow, wet, movements up and down. Taking me fully in and then moving back up the shaft to lick around my swollen head then back down until my cock disappeared into his mouth again. I don't know how long he had been sucking me but it was only a not long after I woke that I came. To my joy he took my load, jet after jet of it shooting into his mouth as he slowly and quietly swallowed and drained me dry. He then put my cock back in my shorts, pulled the sheet back over me, and went back to his bed.
I laid their for ages, confused, embarrassed, thrilled, disgusted, delighted. Emotionally torn. I could hear him stroking himself while I, still pretending to be asl**p, was having all these mixed emotions. Soon I heard him get up and come back to my bedside. He took my hand and wrapped it round his hard swollen cock. His hands holding mine in place he slowly started fucking my hand. He must have been close from stroking himself as he soon put my hand down and came in his own hand and started licking himself clean. The last drop he let dribble off his finger onto my lips. I twitched as I realized what he had done and sl**pily licked my lips. He returned once again to his own bed and I savoured the small taste of his cum.
With a rock-hard erection I laid there knowing I wanted more.
I slipped off my shorts and went to his bedside. In the half-light I could see he was looking at my naked body and I said, "I want to watch as you suck me this time". He was obviously shocked and said, "you were awake?... both times?... you knew you were licking my cum off your lips?". I just smiled and said I enjoyed what he had done but wanted to take part now, not pretend to be asl**p. He threw off his sheet and moved over and I sat on his bed next to him. He told me he was into cock but not kissing guys or fucking asses. I said that was cool by me. He got up and turned the lights on and slipped his shorts off. His cock was as stiff as I was as he walked back to the bed. I took hold of his cock and stroked its length as my other hand cupped his balls. His manly scent added to the thrill I was getting from jerking his cock and the feel of his balls as they moved in his sack. I leant forward and tentatively licked his swollen head. It felt so smooth and hot on my tongue. He moaned as I started licking it all over, up and down the shaft and loving when I got back to lick the head that was by now oozing precum. I took the plunge and let his cock slip into my mouth. It felt so big and hot and I was dizzy with excitement as I sucked licked and bobbed back and forward. His moaning grew in volume and intensity until he gently pushed me back and said, no you cum first. He positioned me on the bed with my back against the cupboard and said, now you can watch. He licked and stroked my cock for a while until it was soaked with his spit and my precum, then I saw him take my cock into his mouth and not stop until his nose was hard against my groin. With my cock deep inside him he looked up at me as he started moving up and down. He was good, very good, much better than the whore earlier or the few girls I had had bj's from. Massaging my balls and he worked his magic. I was in heaven. Finally I was moaning and twitching as he brought me to climax. Taking my load his lips never left my cock and as I came he reached up and pinched one of my nipples. It was my best orgasm to date. He kept my cock in his mouth until it was flaccid and still gently sucked on my soft cock as I twitched with post-orgasm pleasure. I was exhausted, spent, but wanted to please him now. So as he laid on the bed I moved down and licked where his legs joined his groin. I then licked his balls, taking one then the other into my mouth, then licking up his shaft I took him into my mouth. My head bobbing I tried to take him all the way in but gagged (I nearly threw up). He said not to worry about taking it in my throat, not many can do it. I got my breath back and went back down on him. I was tempted to play with his hole but remembered what he had said about fucking asses, so I didn't. I eagerly sucked and licked at his engorged cock, loving every second of it. He finally warned me he was gonna cum and I was eager to have him cum in my mouth. So lips tight round his shaft, his balls gently squeezed in my hand, I kept sucking and bobbing. His cock as deep as I could take it (touching the back of my throat) I moved back so his head only was in my mouth and I gripped his shaft tight and jerked him off as he came. Shooting the hot cum into my mouth it filled up and some dribbled down my chin. I swallowed and moved back down on his cock. To my surprise his head slipped easily into my throat and I had him all in as he twitched and jerked his body as his last shots left him. Learning from his example, I kept his cock in my mouth as he went soft, gently sucking and licking.
Needless to say, we had many more fun times, including two three-ways. One with a woman and one with an extra guy. I worked for him for two years and it was great :)
97% (41/1)
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1 year ago
I never would have quit working there, especially with mmf nights
2 years ago
Great story; how about another three-way?
2 years ago
got me hot
2 years ago
2 years ago
Fabulous story, thanks for sharing, lucky boy....
2 years ago
Super sexy!
3 years ago
very bot...I had to cum,,,
3 years ago
Very Hot Story!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Sounds like a great gig!!!