An old friend (with bi-sex benefits)

Many years ago I lost contact with a guy that I used to work with, we occasionally also had oral sex. Our wives never knew. When he moved to another country we soon lost contact.

Out of the blue one day my phone rings and it's him, Simon. I was delighted to hear from him and he said he was back in the UK, married to a new woman... a much younger woman (lucky bastard). He was living up north and he invited me to his home for a weekend.

Eager to remake our friendship, and hopeful he still had a taste for cock, I drove up on the Friday evening after work and arrived about 10pm. The greeting from Simon and Louise was warm and welcoming. I was tired from the drive, but we sat and chatted over a bowl of home-made soup. Simon, like me had aged over the years, he was now a little overweight and balding. Louise at 37 was 24 years his junior and was a joy to look at and talk with. She had a great figure that was a little on the chubby side, but not fat, just the way I like women. She has brown hair, bright green eyes, and an easy smile, her personality was bubbly with a great sense of humour.

Soon after midnight I said my goodnights, got a lovely little kiss on my lips from Louise, and went to my room. I was really tired, but as there was an en-suite shower room, I decided to have a quick shower before getting naked, as usual, into bed and in no time I was fast asl**p. When I woke I realised someone was in my room. It was Simon with a huge mug of steaming coffee. "The morning is ours", he said, "Lou has gone shopping and we are meeting her in town later for lunch".

Still a bit sl**py, I sat up and sipped at the strong black coffee. Simon, with his own mug sat on the bed and we chatted while we finished our drinks. He then stood up and pulled the duvet off me saying "come on time to get up". Then he went quiet as he stared at my morning glory hardon. "Is that for me?" he asked. I laughed and said, "who else". To my joy he sat back on the bed and wrapped his hand round my shaft. "I was hoping you still enjoyed men", he said as he leaned over me and took my swollen head into his mouth.

His tongue was doing wonderful things as he expertly slid his head up and down on my cock. I moved to try and touch his crouch, but he pushed me back, breaking from the sucking just long enough to say "not yet, let me enjoy this, you lay back and let me have my fun". Who was I to argue! I laid back on the bed and Simon soon had my cock back in his mouth. His hands roaming over my thighs hips belly and chest.

We had never done anything anal in the past and I was surprised when he, after giving my balls a good licking, licked under them and was easing my leg apart. With one hand stroking my cock he was licking real close to my hole and as he put his free hand under my knee he raised my leg and moved his tongue to tease my hole.

Loving the feeling I raised both my legs so he could have easier access. He was eagerly lapping at my hole then moving to suck on my cock head again before moving back to my butt-hole. Then he took my cock deep into his mouth and pressed a finger against my tight hole. I was squirming as his finger slid into me. Just as I was relaxing and he slipped a second finger in I had to warn him I was about to cum. We were both cum-lovers from way back, and this hadn't changed. He finger-fucked my arse as I shot my morning load into his eager mouth.

He sat up and smiled, "time for breakfast", he said. Standing up he took the empty mugs and left my room. I was a little shocked, not just at the anal play but also that he seemed uninterested in my helping him to satisfaction. Anyway, with a smile on my face I had a quick shower, put on a t-shirt and shorts and went down stairs to the wonderful smell of cooking bacon and fresh brewing coffee.

There was no mention of the wake-up blow job while we ate. Mainly we talked about Louise. When the dishes were put away he asked if I'd like to see his den. The room had a big black leather sofa, a big-screen TV, a treadmill, and a few weights. Sitting on the sofa he picked up a wireless keyboard and his TV came to life displaying a Windows desktop. I sat next to him and he asked if I'd like to see some photos of Louise. I was expecting wedding pics but the screen filled with Louise wearing a bikini in their garden sunning herself. Her breasts look much larger than I had imagined and her little belly looked cute. She was all-woman and a joy to see. Simon flicked from image to image as she moved provocatively, obviously enjoying be photographed nearly naked.

I looked at Simon and said, "you're a very luck man, she is gorgeous". "Keep watching", he said. In picture after picture I was entranced as she moved one strap then the other of her bikini top off her shoulders. Then I said "WOW" as she pulled the top down to expose a perfect pair of large firm natural tits. Her areolas were small and dark with wonderful hard nipples standing proud. She had a naughty look on her face as she pinched each nipple between her fingers and thumbs. The images kept changing and she was undoing the side-strings of he bikini bottom. With twinkling eyes she pulled the front down and exposed her shaved pussy.

"What do you think?", asked Simon. I looked down at my crouch and my shorts were bulging. I replied, "as I said before... WOW". He too had a hardon in his shorts and I slipped my hand inside the waistband and gripped his cock. He moaned a little as I stroked his length. Catching his breath he said, "she is the most sexual woman I have ever met. We haven't stopped having fun in the 7 years we've been together. I, we, are hoping you would join us for some fun this weekend. "With that he started a video playing of the two of them having sex. "Count me well and truly in" I said as I pulled his shorts down with my eyes fixed on the screen where Louise was giving my pal a blowjob.

We sat and watched the movie to the end and it was with me slowly stroking Simon's wonderful cock. "You may have guessed that I'm into more than oral with guys these day, Jim." he said, "Is that a problem?". I told him I did in fact enjoy the occasional cock in my arse and giving it too. He smiled, said "cool, now I really would love a blow job". As in the movie he had a totally smooth crouch. Even though I had sucked his cock and balls many times in the past, it was a new experience to play with him being hairless. I spent a little time just moving my hands over his crouch and commented on the lack of hair. He replied that Louise preferred him that way. "Well, I had better go shave after I've had my fun with you", I laughed. "Oh no, Lou will shave you", he said.

Having given me a blow job earlier and watching his sexy wife on screen for an hour, Simon was eager to cum. It wasn't long after I got on my knees between his legs and had his cock in my mouth that his body was shaking and he moaned loudly as he shot load after load into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed all his cum and kept gently sucking as his cock went soft in my mouth. He sighed and told me I was the first to introduce him to the pleasure of gentle post-orgasm sucking. A trick he had taught to Louise, telling her it was a man that first did it to him. He said she has always known he was bi, but this weekend would be the first time they would have a mmf. He told me they have wanted to have a three way for ages, but he always put it off because it meant sharing his wife. However he felt comfortable, in fact eager, to share her with me... but that's another story!
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1 day ago
Beautiful start to to an exciting day!
7 months ago
nothing like good old friends
1 year ago
a fantasy of mine to yet be fulfilled. added to my favorites. thanks
2 years ago
My fantasy
2 years ago
a little bit nice stories but maybe i have to spend m0re time to read it to understand all the reason, expecting and beliefs, m0ve toward to the nxt stories
2 years ago
a little bit nice stories but maybe i to spend m0re time to read it to understand all the reason, expectasions and beliefs, m0ve toward to the nxt stories
2 years ago
a little bit nice stories but maybe i to spend m0re time to read it to understand all the reason, expecting and beliefs, m0ve toward to the nxt stories
2 years ago
great story mate thanks
2 years ago
Love it, look forward to part 2.
2 years ago
mmmgreat action . I can't wait for part two.. She sounds delicious.
2 years ago