Fit young guy from the swimming pool

A few years ago I started going swimming a couple of times a week. I was 55 and losing my toned body and getting a little chubby.

I liked going very early in the morning as the pool was quiet and I could get a good workout swimming many lengths. One day I decided to go swimming after working late and arrived at the pool about 10pm. I was disappointed that there were lots of people there at that time, but at least there were no k**s splashing about.

I managed to get a few lengths in but had to avoid other swimmers so I sat on the side to watch for a while. A young man caught my eye, he was bouncing on a springboard. Looking about 20 years old with a smooth chest, great physique, and his tight trunks looked well filled. He knew he was getting sly admiring glances from others (both male and female), and spent longer jumping up and down on the board than was really necessary for his dive. I enjoyed watching him for a while as he dived in, swam to the edge, and walked back to the board. His hips slim and his butt tight, he had a typical serious swimmers body.

Wishing I was young again I decided to go shower and get dressed. The pool has a strict "trunks on" policy in the communal shower, but a couple of guys were naked and rinsing their trunks. I did the same and just as the other guys left the young man came in. I apologised and made to put my trunks on, but he said "no trouble man", and quickly slipped his off as he stepped under a shower.

His uncut cock was thick and long and totally hairless. I couldn't help watching him as he washed the pool water off his wonderful body. He looked straight at me as he rubbed at his crouch and his cock got a semi. "I saw you watching me in the pool" he said. I laughed and said "I wasn't the only one looking". At that moment some others came into the shower and we both slipped our trunks on and went to the lockers to dress. We were in different parts of the changing room and when I was ready I looked down all the lanes but couldn't see the young man. Hey-ho, I thought, at least I had a good mental image to jerk off to when I got home.

In my car I started the engine and jumped as I heard a loud knock. I looked round to see a cock pressed against my window. He was moving a little side to side and his meat was rolling on the glass. I pressed the button and as the window came down I gripped the shaft pulling the skin back and licked the swollen head. This cock was a good 9 plus inches. I took the head in my mouth as he leant against the door. Clean, fresh and hot, his gland so swollen and smooth on my tongue, I was getting dizzy with the pleasure of his taste. Then suddenly he tapped on the roof and pulled back sliding his cock back in his jeans and quickly buttoned up.

He came round and got in the passengers seat. Just as I thought, it was the young man from the pool and he had a huge grin on his face. He nodded to a middle-aged couple walking past and said, "I think they saw us, park over there". I moved the car to the back of the parking area where it was dark and no other cars were near. As I was driving he was quickly stripping off. He lowered the back of his seat and stroked his wonderful cock. I bent to take him back into my mouth. One hand caressing his balls and the other moving over his hard flat stomach. He was moving his hips up and down as I eagerly sucked.

My own cock was straining in my pants and was rather uncomfortable. I sat back to arrange it's position, but the young man undid my fly and pulled trousers and pants down as I lifted my hips. His head went down and he licked my cock and balls all over, then closed his lips round my shaft as his tongue circled the head. I slipped my shirt off.

As he sucked and bobbed on my cock I reached round to caress his tight butt cheeks. He moved and bent a leg up, this gave me access to his hole and I started teasing it with a finger. He was moaning on my cock and moving his hips as I pressed a finger into him. Still with my cock in his mouth he motioned for me to scoot down in the seat. I complied and as soon as he had access he started playing with my hole. I put my foot on the dashboard and also moaned as he slipped a finger into me.

With his head bobbing and sucking wildly on my cock he finger-fucked my ass as I finger-fucked him. I was soon ready to burst and I warned him. He pulled back and stroked fast as I came, jet after jet shooting up my stomach and chest. When I was spent, he rubbed my cum on my chest, tweaking my nipples with cummy fingers. I took his hand and licked and sucked the residue from his fingers.

He leant back and my finger popped out of his ass. He put both feet on the dash and I went to town. Sucking my fingers first I soon had two inside him and was probing deep. Then I leant over and took his cock back into my eager mouth. My hand moving fast up and down his shaft and him grinding his hips. After a while he held my head still as he fucked my mouth. His huge cock going just to the back of my throat, but he didn't try to make me swallow the huge head.

He held my head until he was ready to cum, then as he shouted I took his cum in my mouth. It was thick hot cum and loads of it. I sucked and swallowed eagerly and as his cum lubricated my throat I pressed hard down on him and my chin and nose were against him as he shot his final two jets. I pulled back and sucked as his cock gradually softened in my mouth. He was twitching with post orgasmic pleasure.

When I sat back he said "wow man, that was awesome, thanks". He got dressed quickly, opened his door, said "thanks again man", and walked away. I've not seen him since, but I've often jerked off thinking of his wonderful body and cock.
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7 months ago
my cock is sooo hard pity there wasn't more
1 year ago
I'll be jerking off thinkng about it too! Beautiful story!!!!!
2 years ago
you are a very good writer, I've enjoyed several of your stories, and most I see on others favorites!
2 years ago
Nice story, very erotic and well written. Excitement!
2 years ago
ooooooh man
2 years ago
It's time to take up swimming again!!! Very hot.
2 years ago
hot hot hot