Next Door Neighbour

I was about 17 when i had my first sexual encounter,I had for some reason acquired a liking for aprons when I became a teenager, full bib and waist pinnys, I grew up in the early 70's well certainly my sexual desire did, my mother had several, and when my parents went out I would strip off put on one of her aprons, walk around the house and then wank myself stupid..why? I haven't a clue..but I loved the soft feel of the material and the tightness of the apron ties around me.
My mothers friends would come to the house nearly everyday, we lived in an industrial town, North East England and women wore aprons/pinny's all the time..this was the norm,so I had a quite a good time looking at them.
Our next door neighbours, were an woman in her 60's called Mrs Frenzil, a big busted thing, tight tweed skirts, glasses, the usual matron look, and Kathy whose husband was at sea, she was about 48,small, good looking, short bob hair, both lived in their aprons. Mrs F would always give me a hug ever since I was little always pulling me in, my head normally engulfed in her huge tits,which when she was attired in an apron would obviously get me hard.
One day, my parents were out, I was walking around the house wearing an apron when a knock on the door happened, I was in the front room at the time when suddenly Mrs frenzil appeared at the window, we had net curtains so i dived behind a chair .. she peered in for a bit then left.
The next day she turned up to see mam, they chatted away ,nothing unusual,mam told her they were visiting my aunt for the day, she asked was I going and I said No.. She said to mam she would keep an eye out for me.
The next day when they had gone, Mrs F turned up,she came in as the doors were nearly left unlocked, she asked if I needed anything I said no, she noticed mam had left the morning dishes in the sink,the next thing she went to the drawer where the aprons were, looked through them and put on a pink waist apron, the one I had worn the day ealier, she turned to me walked straight over, pulled me out the seat, sat down pulled me over her knee and spanked me.. Hard, I was shocked, jumped up, she was a strong woman, tall , she stood up came to me and went to the apron drawer, pulled a waist apron out and tied it on me and smiled, she said she had seen me yesterday thro the nets ,I pulled the apron off in embarresment, she came forward and pulled me slowly forward and started to kiss me, I felt a hard on straight away, she pulled back smiled and started to rub my hardened cock,I pulled away but she came back got hold of my arms, strongly, looked me straight in the eye and said she needed to staisfy a desire in her..she began to rub me again staring straight at me, she then moved her hand down to my cock and started to rub me,, after a little time still staring intently at me she opened my jeans pulled my pants down always looking at me, went on her knees and began to pull my foreskin back, looked up and said this had to be doen.. she slowly opened her mouth and began to suck me,I can still hear her moan and she sucked hard.. I stood petrified, she moved back up and then wrapped her apron around my hard cock, I can still remember the smile on her face and the sensation going through my body,she started to kiss me again and slowly began wanking me, she asked if I was a virgin, which was stating the obvious,she told me that she would be my first, we went to my bedroom, where she stripped me, i can still feel her lips exploring my body, as she took her clothes off, the image of her large tits falling out her bra just like y'day, she told me what I had to do to her, I began sucking her huge nipples, following her instructions, she then untied her apron, took her skirt off to reveal a corset type suspender belt with stockings, she then retied her apron on, wrapping my cock in the material and wanking me,we eventually ended up on bed , I was instructed what to do, the first taste of her fanny, not pleasent but I got use to it, and then the instruction of the fuck... I fumbled my way around it, she opened her legs pulling me in and then i felt the hot flesh inbetween her legs as I slipped my cock into her, you never forget the first time.. ok she was 42 years older than me, we all have to start somewhere..she eventually went on top and so I completed my first fuck...This continued till I was married at 21, my wife always said my tongue work is superb..taught by Mrs F no less.
I did as my sexual interest grew eventually ended up bedding the other neighbour Kathy, nothing as dramtic, it was more a fuck banging her over the kitchen table every now and then, when he was at sea.I fucked her daughter Susan as well.. same age as me, so keeping it in the f****y.. her mother was better.
I meet my now wife eventually confessed to my apron fetish when the time was right, which my wife gladly carries out, she likes to spank me, dressing up, tight skirt , heels, stockings and of course aprons..
My liking of older women has never died, I adore my mother in law,my wife does know this, its no secret.. a stunning women when I first meet her when she just turned 40, blond, large tits and an apron wearer, I have had several wanks thinking about her, and when fucking the wife, think its her mother instead ..always works a treat when Im struggling to come.
Not one for messing around, I would give anything to be able to fuck my mother in law..I think she teases me now and then all through our relationship, Im sure she knows about my apron fetish, as sometimes when we visit she always appears to get up and says she wash some dishes, comes back sits down still wearing her apron she has tied on to protect her clothes...very strange. She knows Im fairly certain
Well my first time explained..i will never forget Mrs F.
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nice story!
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amazing story