Brandon is one of my husbands best friends. Why is it that it's always the best friend that makes the moves on a guy's wife? Well, it happens to be the case with us, too!
Brandon is just an average guy, but with a strong build. Not tall, not fat, but stocky. He doesn't really even know his own strength.
He has always been the "touchie, feely" type, giving me a hug every time he sees me. I didn't realize it, but often when he would come over in the evenings, I would already be in "comfortable clothes", usually a t-shirt and shorts, with no bra or panties on. I didn't think about the fact that my long nipples stick out incredibly far in a t-shirt with no bra. Well, apparently Brandon noticed a lot, and would get a hard-on visiting with me like that. My husband told me that he had noticed this going on. Well, I don't mind teasing Brandon, so I went with it. The next time he came over, I made sure that I was in my t-shirt and shorts, and rubbed my nipples a little to make them extra perky when I answered the door.
Brandon tried so hard to not look at my tits, but it was definitely a battle for his eyes! lol. After he hugged me, as he pulled away, his hand "accidentally" brushed across my nipple in the shirt. Did he notice?
In the following weeks, Brandon would come over and watch movies with us at night. It was nice to have the company anyhow. However, my husband just cannot stay awake late at night, so he would often fall asl**p beside me on the couch, with Brandon on the other side. Our lights automatically turn out at a certain time, leaving it totally dark in the living room, except for the tv. So one night, my husband was out, and Brandon and I were watching the movie. I felt him turn toward me in the dark. Very gently, he put his hand on my right breast on the t-shirt. I know he could feel my nipple through the shirt. I don't know why I didn't stop him, but I didn't. Sensing a "green light", he started rubbing my tit through the shirt. He just rubbed my tit until the movie ended, which was probably only 15 or 20 minutes. When my hubby woke up, Brandon went home and we went to bed. I didn't say a word about it.
So the next weekend, the same scenario went down. THIS time, my husband was barely asl**p when Brandon reached over and touched my tit. I slid over a little in front of him, so he could reach both hands around me. In a few seconds, he had his hands under my shirt squeezing both of my bare tits. Rubbing my tits makes my pussy wet. FYI.
This time, when the movie got over, I got up and turned it off. Brandon decided to sl**p on our couch that night, and I got up and went to bed. A few minutes later, my husband came in, but I was already groggy and sl**py, drifting in and out of sl**p. As he lay on the bed, he started caressing me. I LOVE that, and it puts me right to sl**p - even through a massage, I can sl**p. So in the dark, I took a second and pulled my shirt and shorts off. He caressed my breasts, which made me sl**py, and then worked down to my ass and pussy, which felt too good to sl**p through. I knew Brandon was in the livingroom, so I didn't want to make noise, but it felt good. My pussy was already wet, and his fingers were barely penetrating my pussy, which was driving me crazy. Next I felt fingers near both of my holes. NO!! Penetrate me anally and vaginally at the same time, and I will orgasm loudly! But the fingers kept coming, probing my pussy hole, and toying with my anus. This went on and on. I felt a tingling sensation running through my body as I tried to hold off cumming. Then I felt lips on one of my nipples, as he gently suckled my tit. The urge to cum was growing, and I told him to slowly bite my nipple. He has done this many times as he knows that it will cause my juices to flow! Then he did it. He penetrated my asshole with his fingers, and bit down on my tit. I love to toy anally, and I reached down and grabbed his hand and shoved his fingers further up my ass as an immense orgasm built up. He knew to stick more fingers up there, and I felt the increased pressure, as three or four fingers probed my asshole, jabbing in as far as they would go! Then I exploded in orgasm. I buried my face in the pillow to hide my squeals as my world rocked over and over with each wave of orgasm. Afterwards, he got up and slipped out of the room.
In the morning, I realized that he hadn't come to bed. I peeked out into the living-room (it was very early, probably 4am) and I saw him lying on the couch in exactly the same position that he had fallen asl**p in. Brandon, however, had left late in the night, and I never heard him. It was then that I realized that it wasn't my husband at all, who had fist-fucked me to orgasm. I turned three shades of red in embarrassment and went back to bed. However, I couldn't help but fantasize a little about what else COULD have happened that night. Brandon took a different job after that, and hasn't had the time to come back for movie night for several weeks now...
I love it when my husband cums on my nipples or clit. I love to make him lick the cum off afterward. I'm scheming now on a way to have Brandon cum on my clit, and then leave, and make my hubby lick it up.... mmmmm.... I think that will be easy enough to do...
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2 years ago
bad girl
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
gr8 story more to cum????????????i hope
3 years ago
Love the way you think....
3 years ago
great story keep them cummmmmmmmmm