Teasing 2

After getting settled in a new state, I decided to turn things up a notch! My need to feed my exhibitionism kept growing stronger! In our new area, there were many more people, but also more parks and recreation areas! Perfect!
My husband started taking the lead more, often removing my bra in a public place, leaving me braless in whatever I happened to be wearing at the time, and also leaving the bra for someone to find! I guess he didn't mind buying bras!
So one day, we decided to hit up a thrift store, actually, to buy bras and underwear just for the purpose of sex and exhibitionism! Great idea! They actually had changing rooms, but I doubt that I was supposed to try on bras and underwear! Ha! So, instead of doors, the rooms only had curtains over them, and were right out in the open - I supposed to deter shop-lifting. Perfect! So while my husband was looking through the bins of used clothing, I stripped nude in one of the changing rooms. I saw many other guys in the store eyeing me as I shopped, and now some of them were casually walking a direct course past my changing room! I couldn't help but make sure that the curtain was slightly open for them to see in! It was glorious! I kept my back to the curtain and bent over with my legs spread a little for my fan club, until my husband came over and swished the curtain wide open! The shit! I quickly got dressed as it was time to go! I got some great jeans that day to cut holes in the crotch and ass of. I loved walking around in public or sitting on a bench at the park, and feeling the cool air on my clit! MMMMmmmm! There were plenty of guys who would casually sit across from me. Imagine that!
We made some good friends rather quickly there, and for the first time, our male friends felt comfortable enough with me to casually grope me in front of my husband. At first I thought he would be mad. We were having a barbecue one day, with several people over, and yes, there was drinking and partying going on, and I was wearing a two-piece bikini, as it was summer time and hot out! Our friend Brian and his wife were among our guests, and as I walked past Brian, he pulled me back onto his lap. I wasn't surprised, and he was just holding me, talking trash. Then, his hands went straight under my bikini top and he held my tits in his hands! I was waiting to see what my husband would do, and he didn't do anything but laugh about it! Well THAT was the wrong thing to do because NOW it became a GAME! So I swatted Brian away, and walked around for a minute with my top up off my tits, making sure that the rest of our male friends got a good view! I guess after that my tits were fair game for our friends!
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