My name is Daniel and people call me Danny all the time. My wife's name is Ila and it's not uncommon for men to call her sexy. We've been married for twenty nine years and love each other dearly. This story is about the first time I had extramarital sex and it cannot be told properly without first telling you about my life with Ila.

Ila and I met when we were both eleven and we were intimate with each other for the first time when we were twelve. We both lost our virginity on the same day. I lost my virginity to Ila but she was not a virgin when I made love to her. Ila's first lover was a thirtyseven year old man and in the span of nearly three hours she (a twelve year old virgin) had sex with seven guys before I would later become her eighth lover.

As a k** I loved to go fishing in the Illinois river. My favorite spot was by an old railroad bridge. One day while I was fishing I was hearing voices. I noticed the sound was comming from some electrical pipes sticking out of the ground just above the river bank. I listened close and realized it was people having sex! I knew there was an old abandoned coal shack on the other side of the levie near by so I took a look. Sure enough there were two guys there with a girl. One of the guys and the girl were highschoolers and the other was a grown man. I later learned that the man was the teenage boy's dad and they were fucking the hell out of the girl they had. That was my first real exposier to sex and I knew I would never tire of it.

The Shack as it turned out was a clubhouse for The Wanderers, the local high school's bad boy club. They went to the clubhouse to drink and have sex. Girls who joined the club were initiated by having sex with all the male members including the old man. I was able to get an old garden hose to shove into the pipe allowing me to listen in on the people inside the shack while I watched them from my hiden vantage point at the edge of the levie. I saw and heard several of these initiations and the old man always went first.

As all of this was going on Ila and I were starting to make the transition from c***dhood friends to lovers. I once saw her and another boy making out. I mentioned what I saw and asked her if she'd make out with me. As we made out she asked me if I ever had sex. I told her I didn't. She then asked me if I ever gave it much thought. I told her I think about it all the time. I told her that I want my first time to be with a girl who had sex and can teach me what to do. She said she'll have to find a guy to do it with so she can be my teacher and we laughed.

Ila is a blonde. Back then she had a nice firm round ass and her 35-23-35 body came with great B cup tits that had long nipples. I'm not exactly sure why but I decided to take her to see what happens at the shack on a friday night. On that particular night there were the usual seven guys and there were three girls to start and later another one showed up. As we watched the guys work the girls over Ila let me pull her bra and panties off. Ila and I petted for a long time while watching our very own live sex show. We saw one of the girls being fingerfucked while she stroked another guy's cock. I asked Ila if I could do it to her. She said I could. I finger fucked her while she unzipped me and stroked my cock. I told her how hot it made me to watch the girls getting fucked. Suddenly Ila began to squeal softly and I realized she was cumming. She stopped stroking my cock as I worked her pussy. I had her cumming for about thirty minutes. We kissed a bit then went back to watching The Wanderers. Ila told me she knew the fourth girl to join in the fun. It was a friend of her older s****r. That girl began giving one of the guys a hand job with some head. Ila copied the girl and did it on me. I told her that watching people have sex was the coolest thing I'd ever done and that it will never get old. As her girlfriend was sucking cock and getting fucked, Ila went down on me and continued to suck my cock until I came in her mouth. Ila looked frightened because she was so surprised she didn't know what to do. Her cheeks bulged out and she clamped her lips tighter around my shaft. Then her nose wrinkled. She was looking right into my eyes as she swallowed.
"Why didn't you tell me you were gonna do that?"
she asked, then she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as I replied,
"I didn't want to. It just happened."
Ila's brows bunched low over her eyes but then she grinned saying,
I've never tasted cum before. I've really never even seen it but now I know that I like it."
Then I admitted,
"I wanted to see you drink it."
She said,
"I sort of thought so. Does this make you my boyfriend now?"
I said,
"I'm sure it does. I didn't know you knew how to do that."
Ila giggled and said,
"What's to know? I just saw what those girls were doing."

We were just getting ready to go when the old man got there. One of the guys was fucking a girl doggie style when he stood right in front of them and took his cloths off. He had the biggest cock of all of them (I didn't realize it at the time but my cock was just as big and I was still a growing boy!). He shoved the boy that was fucking her, away and took his place. As soon as he pennetrated her the girl began to moan. I said,
"Look Ila, she likes it."
Ila smilingly agreed. Then I said,
"I'd bet you'd like it too. I know I'd like to watch him doing it to you."
Then Ila kissed me and said,
"But I'm your girlfriend, Danny."
I kissed her back and told her,
"My girlfriend should get the best of everything."
Ila asked,
"Even if your girlfriend's first time is with somebody else?"
I said
"What makes you my girlfriend is that you always come back to me even after being out with another guy."
Ila said,
"I will always come back, I promose but do you really want me to have my first time with that man?"
I said,
"He knows how to do it and so far everything I know is from watching him. If I were to see him do it to you then I'd know for sure what you like."
Ila asked,
"You really do want to see him do it to me?"
I answered,
"I'd love it, Ila."
She said,
"Well my boyfriend deserves the best of everything too."
Then Ila kissed me. That conversation set the stage for the rest of our lives.

I fell in love with Ila. Ila and I always made out heavily but I always stopped short of going all the way. Two weeks later Ila told me that she was going to teach me how to have sex with her. She told me to be at the levy looking into the shack at about eight. She said I would get a wonderful surprize and then I was to meet her at the baseball field after I saw she was finished. The action in the shack had already begun when I got there and it was a new member initiation with the old man breaking in my virgin Ila! I watched intently as they had my girlfriend and every time she looked toward the window she was smiling at me. That night we did meet up at the baseball park and we had sex in the dugout. Ila told me she joined the club for me and now I can watch her get fucked all the time. That cemented my love for Ila and for sloppy seconds.

It went that way between us and because she was a Wanderer slut I found myself fucking her used pussy allmost every day. Unfortunatly the Wanderers got several girls pregnant (Ila got pregnant too) and the old man was put in jail for distributing alcohol to a minor. Ila and I continued to date and have sex. I especially enjoyed when Ila was leaking breastmilk. I realized then how much I enjoyed pregnant sex. Ila continued to slut for me throughout her pregnancy giving me the best possible sloppy seconds sex ever.

Ila was f***ed to give the baby up to adoption and her parents put her on the pill. The shack was torn down after the big scandal but I found a place where she could have guys park and I was able to look into the car undetected. Ila continued to have sex with other guys giving me show after show and keeping me in sloppy seconds. I loved it. I was a cuckold (but not the humiliated kind) all through highschool. I was very assertive and even threatining during highschool so Ila sometimes had to find boys and men from other highschools and at the university but she never failed to give me a sloppy pussy any time I wanted it.

In time we were married but Ila kept me satisfied with an endless supply of what is now universally known as cream pie. We decided to start a f****y right away so Ila got off the pill but not without a little bit of drama. Ila admitted that she had just met a guy at her work who she found attractive and she was interested in fucking him. She said his name was Marvin and she'd wait until she was pregnant but I told her I didn't think anything about our life should change. Ila reminded me that she had been off the pill long enough that she will probably get pregnant soon. I told her that was wonderful news. Ila said,
"Honey, if I sl**p with Marvin or any other men then I'll have no way of knowing who will father the baby."
Then I asked her if she was going to date him or invite him to threesome with us. Ila understood me completely and agreed to start seeing him right away.

I set up a hotel room and we all met. The three of us walked into the room. Without fanfare or delay we all got naked. Marvin looked over her long legs, tapered waist, nice tits, blue eyes and long blond hair. Ila's new boyfriend obviously figured Ila for a horny slut and me as her wimp husband. The fact is, however, that a naked, voluptuous twenty two year old married woman standing seductively in front of another man fully aroused and ready for sex was something we did on a regular basis.

Ila and Marvin came together and began kissing. They went to the bed and he got on his back. Ila began to slide her tits around his dick. Slowly she slide her cleveage up and down, allowing his penis to feel their softness. She slapped his dick against each nipple before sliding her boobs up and down his body once more. Marvin reached down and pressed her breasts together, encompassing his manhood in a warm, soft enclosure. Ila smiled as she placed her hands on top of his and she quickened her pace. Faster and faster his penis disappeared and reappeared as it came out of the crack of her clevage. Ila sensed that he was getting close so she stopped rubbing his dick with her breasts and just held it in place by the head. He said,
"I almost came."
Ila said,
I know. I want you to fuck me now."
He asked,
"Should I get a condom on?"
"No need,"
Ila told him as she got up and sat on his lap.
"Just stuff your dick in there and fuck me good."
"That must mean you're on the pill."
Marvin claimed as she stroked his cock with one hand. She niether confirmed or denied his statement. He continued,
"I don't have any STD's, but if you're not on the pill then youre going to risk getting pregnant."
Ila answered for both of us,
"Suger, we know now please fuck me."
Ila said as she slowly raised her pelvis into the air and began to sit down once again, this time plunging the head of his penis into her vagina. His mouth dropped open as he felt my wife's incredibly, comfortable pussy swallow up his cock.
"I don't mind if it's your baby if you don't mind."
Ila assured him as she lowered her pelvis even more. Her mouth dropped open as his sensational penis penetrated her even more.
"Could you see yourself fucking a baby into me?"
Ila asked seductively.
"Oh yes,"
He managed to answer as the rest of dick was inserted into her. Ila closed her eyes and smiled as she slowly began to hump him.
"Yes, I could see myself doing just that."
I softly said,
"Ila got off the pill right after you started working with her."
Planting the suggestion that my Ila wanted him to get her pregnant. Ila began to bounce up and down like a wild woman. Her tight wet cunt was so slippery that the foot long penetration was effortless. She said,
"The girls in the office were right about you."
After about three strokes he asked,
"How so?"
Ila was starting to get into the sex. She said,
"They told me you gave a huge cock and you do."
He asked,
"You like it?"
Ila replied,
"Oh yes, oh god yes!"
A few more strokes and Ila came hard. She kept pumping through her orgasm. The way she was working on him, I knew he couldn't last long. Her tits were bouncing wildly. He was being ridden hard and it was all he could do to keep up. After a minute or so Ila said,
"I love your cock! My god, I'm cumming again!"
Ila came again even more intensly than her first. This, of course, was different from sex with other men. For the first time since she was twelve my wife was having impregnation sex. In less than two minutes he began to moan. He asked,
"I'm going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?"
Ila said,
"Oh no, please no! Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum inside my pussy! Please cum deep in me!"
In a split second I realized that I am present at my wife's conception. Her Co-worker thrust hard at Ila and stiffened. I could see the white goo escaping from between his cock and Ila's pussy lips. There it was. She was pregnant. For the first time ever, I passed on the opportunity to fuck my wife's sloppy cunt. I went to them, kissed Ila, told him to make her happy, then I left them alone. He and Ila spent over three hours together having sex. After that she and her co-worker dated daily until she confirmed she was pregnant. During that time I only took blowjobs and ass from Ila.

Ila had three k**s that way but we never checked paternaty. The way my wife and I purposely stayed away from each other whenever she was off-the-pill-ovulating, it was doubtful that any of her c***dren were mine. However, Ila had few encounters that were as intimate as the one with Marvin. To this day he remains one of her stedy boyfriends and off-the-pill-ovulating sex partners.

I also helped my wife find other baby-making boyfriends. I would set Ila up with men in bars and if she liked the guy we'd all go to a motel so she could try him out. In every situation I watched another man fuck my wife, cum in her then I'd get the sloppy seconds. Occasionally I find a guy who pulls on her heart strings and that guy becomes a boyfriend. Then when she's ready to have a new baby she gets off the pill and when she's ovulating she dates each of her boyfriends playing a game of sperm roulette. I stay and watch the first cum then leave them alone so they can enjoy intimate romantic sex. Knowing other men were getting my wife pregnant was always a great turn on. After her third baby Ila got her tubes tied. We still let men believe she can get pregnant and Ila still has two steady boyfriends. Watching them breed her never gets old.

Ila and I also had some adventurous fun between her having c***dren. Sometimes we'd go to conventions and befriend guys for her to seduce in their hotel rooms. Onetime she carelessly let her skirt ride up to her panties while we were driving and a truck driver honked. She looked up at him to see a very handom young Black man. Just to tease him more she unbuttoned her blouse. He drove along side us for miles when she skillfully took off her bra and hung it out of the window. It was then that she noticed there were two men in the truck and seeing her bra waving in the wind further encouraged them. Several more miles of interstate flirting later and Ila removed her panties. She asked me if she should wave them out the window. I told her that would be like offering them sex. Ila said,
"I never had sex with a Black before."
I said,
"Well you've seen Blacks in adult video. They have big cocks and they don't use condoms. What could be better?"
With that Ila grinned devilishly and waved her panties out of her window.

Just then we see a sign informing us that there was a rest stop ahead. My wife suggested I pull ahead of the trucker and drive into it. I did and the truck followed. We stayed on the truck parking side and pulled into the most secluded area. We got out to meet the truckers, the driver and his father. We asked them to join us in our car. We had an extended conversation and the truckers were quite courtious. Ila then bluntly asked if there was a bed in the truck. The old man, Lamont, told his son, Tyrone to take and show her the cab. Ila and Tyrone left together. About fourty minutes later Tyrone comes back and tells his father that Ila wanted to see him. Lamont was with her over an hour before he comes back telling Tyrone to go back. Fifteen minutes later Tyrone returns and Lamont goes into Ila again. About an hour and twenty minuts later Lamont returned. This happened twice more befor they were spent and I got to get my sloppy seconds. That, however still wasn't enough for Ila. She suggested we find a hotel and make a night of it. In the hotel I found out why. Both men were hugely hung but Lamont had a monsterously large cock that she fell in love with. To top it off Lamont was on viagera and stayed hard. The three of us enjoyed my Ila until about four in the morning. At about nine the next morning I awoke to my Ila riding Lamont. This was clearly a case of love at first sight. Tyrone and I determined we's be driving in the same direction for about ten hours so Lamont and Ila continued fucking in the sl**per while Tyrone drove and I followed. We made two fuel stops (and pussy) stops before stopping at another rest stop where we had to part company. Tyrone got one last fuck and I was alowwed to get another fresh sloppy seconds. When they pulled out I looked at Ila and found a womman that was totally fucked. She told me Lamont (the father) had the biggest cock she ever had and she has his phone number. Lamont and Tyrone swing by for Ila several times a year and Lamont is officially Ila's favorite lover and would have been a boyfriend but she wasn't sure about having a Black baby; Ila's one and only regret in life.

This brings us to my first extramarital sex. Ila and Terri are the same age at 44. Terri is blonde, green eyes, 5'3", 115 lbs, 34B-25-34. To say that she has a fantastic body would be the understatement of a lifetime. Terri was married to Brian. He and I were hired by the same company on the same day and we worked there together for nineteen years when he was killed in a terible accident. In those years Ila and Terri became close friends and Ila confided in her about our cuckold lifestyle. As facinated with Ila's lifestyle as Terri was, Ila could never convice Terri to take on a lover even after Brian died.

After Brian died Terri was alone. Her c***dren, like ours, were grown and moved away so we convinced Terri to move in with us. We helped her readjust to single life but even after a year she was not ready to date. Terri had gone out to girls nights with Ila and had seen Ila go out on solo dates so she knew Ila was having frequent extramarital sex. Ila continually encouraged Terri to go meet men with her but Terri remained reluctant.

One night the three of us went out to a club and started partying. we were dancing and drinking and having a real good time. I danced with Ila like I usually do but she also danced with other guys. There were a string of guys that asked Terri to dance but she would always decline so I danced with Terri to make sure she was having fun.

The night progressed and it started to get close to closing time. We were all feeling pretty good when they made the last call. Ila and I went out on the dance floor for one last dance. Ila started grinding into me real hard and rubbing my cock, she got real close and whispered in my ear,
"Let's have a threesome tonight."
I thought I knew what she wanted when I asked,
"What about Terri?"
Her reply was,
"Well I was thinking she could make three."
My wife, Ila, wanted me to fuck her best friend!

We went back to the table in time to see Terri refuse yet another guys advance. Ila said,
"Terri, let's go home and have some real fun."
When we got home Ila put on some romantic music and told Terri,
"I want you to dance with Danny but when you do I want you to talk dirty into his ear."
Terri was grinning but she took me into her arms and we began to dance. As we danced she said,
"You and Ila were getting hot and heavy tonight."
My heart began to race and I started to get erect. The whole night I avoided getting an erection with Terri and now I knew she could feel me. She asked,
"Ila told me you think I'm sexy. Do I attract you?"
I said,
"Terri, you are beautiful. You are soft, and feminine, and gorgeous; and so sexy. I have been attracted to you for years."
Terri gave a frustrated little moan. Suddenly Ila noisily came out with a tray of drinks and said,
"Let's go out to the hot tub."
We followed.

Once there my wife said,
"None of the neighbors will be able to see anything with our lights turned off so let's get naked."
The tub was sunk into the patio. Ila shed all of her cloths and stepped down into it. After a bit of prodding Terri finally took her cloths off and climbed in. Although it was very dark, I could see them both when they were naked. Terri had nice breasts that were firm with small nipples. She had a neatly trimmed mound and a full round little ass. I quickly disrobed knowing they could see me. Terri smiled when my cock sprang loose, straining and throbbing. Ila pretended to look the other way but I could see her looking peripherally and the muscles on her face contorting as she tried to hold back her huge grin. I got into the hot tub and sat right between them.

The tip of my cock poked out of the water and Ila said,
"Look what you did to my husband Terri!"
She continued,
"Listen honey, Danny wants to fuck you. He thinks you're sexy and he really has the hots for you."
Then Ila reached across me and took Terri's hand and guided it to my cock. As both women had their hands on my cock, rubbing me hard, I couldn't believe my ears when Terri said,
"I think he's sexy too. He has the biggest cock I had ever seen and I'd love to fuck him."
Who was this woman? I know she had been drinking but this was a side I had never seen. Terri asked,
"Are you going to let Danny fuck me?"
I looked up and saw Ila nod bringing a smile to Terri's face. I stood then pulled Terri up to me and we kissed. I had her sit at the edge of the tub, grabbed her knees and pulled her into me. With one swift move I penetrated her pussy and moaned in pleasure. We both paused to savour the moment, the thrill of the penetration echoing in our minds. My huge member was a snug fit in her hot, wet, grasping little pussy, and as I held her in my arms; held her close, her bare tits pressing against my chest, stomach against stomach, our hips as close as can be. Never before had I felt a grasp so tightly around my rib cage as Terri locked her legs around me. She was pulling me deeper and deeper into her with thrusts I almost couldn't match while Ila stood and began deeply french kissing us both. Ila then said,
"Terri, Danny loves you and I know you love him."
Terri sighed. Ila continued,
"You know what elst I know?"
Ila paused but not long enough to get a reply as she continued,
"I know you're going to get pregnant. Danny is going to fuck a baby into you, honey."
Terri screamed,
Ila then said,
"Make her cum,honey. Make her cum!"
Lost in the frenzy I fucked for all I was worth. I finally exploded into our friends sopping pussy. My wife smiled as if she knew I had just filled her friends wet pussy with my sperm. At the same time, Terri began to climax, her inner walls squeezing my shaft and drawing me even deeper into her. Her grip on me became so tight I couldn't pull out if I wanted to. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back as she continued to cum and writhe in pleasure. We fucked each other harder and harder until we colapsed in a heaving mess of dripping sweat.

Terri spoke first,
"I watched you and Ila do this out here."
Then Ila said,
"Let's all go up to our bedroom."

We then retired to the bedroom where I put Ila on her back. She looked at Terri and said,
"God did you ever turn him on!"
I mounted Ila and her pussy was so wet I slipped right into her, I started pounding her pussy so hard we were making those slapping noises when we came together, I fucked her and fucked her until we were both ready to explode. Then Terri joined us and I slowed things down.

Terri's hand moved gently over my balls then readjusted itself so that she could pet my cock, touching it lightly as it entered my wife. Feeling Terri's fingertips was keeping me hard. Terri asked,
"Sharing each other makes you happy, doesn't it?"
I said,
"Making a woman come turns me on like nothing else,except watching Ila come."
Terri asked,
"I bet you wish Ila had a date tonight."
Ila said,
"Oh he does. He loves to watch me getting fucked good and hard."
I slipped my cock deep into Ila's begging cunt, thrusting it quick and hard all the way and asked,
"This is what you want? You want it hard and deep? Just close your eyes and pretend I'm a Nigger. You're getting fucked by a Nigger and he wants to cum innside you. Ok baby cum with him. I want to feel you cum baby. Yes, cum for me baby."
Then Ila said,
"Push it in, honey. Push it all the way in!"
I asked,
"You sure?"
She answered,
"Do it!"
Terri watched as Ila parted as wide as she could while I pressed myself deeply into her forcing her cervix over the head of my cock and breaking through into her uterus. She screeched and her nails clawed at my back drawing bl**d. Ila cried,
I suddenly reach over and Grab Terri by the hair and pulled her roughly to my lips. we kissed then I said,
"This is how your friend like to be fucked. Right now I'm in her so deep my cock has wormed its way right into her uterus and when I cum it will flood up both of her tubes."
Then Ila said,
"Honey, don't cum in me. I want you to save it for her."
I asked,
"You want me to cum in Terri?"
Ila said,
"She wants it too. Terri's ovulating and can get pregnant. I want you to knock her up."
Then she looks at Terri and continued,
"Honey, he needs to pump that baby juice deep inside your womb and knock you up. Tell him you want it"
I look back at Terri and ask,
"Is this true?"
Terri replies by kissing me then said,
"I think I’m too old to to get pregnant but I'm ready to try."
Ila said,
"Fuck her, honey. Fuck her deep."
I pulled my cock out of Ila and began to kiss Terri. Ila lyed beside us as I began to mount Terri. We continued our three way kiss When I moved between Terri's wide spread legs. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her wet pulsating pussy slit. She rubbed it up and down her wet slit then guided it to her opening holding it trying to work it up into her own tight hole. I lunged and drove my thick long cock up into her tight opening. She whinced when my cock plunged all of the way up inside of her again. Terri was tight but I didn't hesitate; I fucked her hard and fast. Ila said,
"It's about time you got a good fucking."
Terri said,
"That's it, put it in me. Fuck me and knock me up. Cum in me and make a baby. Oh god Danny, I love you so much!"
Ila said,
"Cum in her pussy, Danny. Fuck my her good. Pump your sperm in her womb, sweetheart. Knock her up. Make Terri pregnant!"
I decided to insure Terri's impregnation. I made sure that Terri had three intense orgasms before I filled her tight cunt and womb with my hot fertile sperm. I began to press my hard cock deep into her. Terri groaned in pain as I held her tight then suddenly I popped in. I was in her cervix. I wasn't sure if she was opened enought for me but I was confident that with three orgasm she'd be dialated. I was right. I let go of my sperm and filled Terri deeper than she had ever been filled. I collapsed with her, my cock still in her pussy. With that, we all fell asl**p.

The next morning, we woke up with my cock in Ila's ass. There was obviously plenty of lubrication in her but I couldn't remember fucking her. Terri came into the room fresh from the shower and told me to clean up if I intended to fuck her. I din't blame her. I wouldn't want to shove my shitty cock into Terri's cunt.

A few minutes my Ila joined me in the shower. As we washed she asked,
"Is Terri a good fuck? I bet her pussy is real tight around this, isn't it?"
Ila got on her knees and took me in her mouth as I answered,
"She's tight because she hasn't been fucked in a long time. Once we get a few of your Nigger lovers to fuck her she'll loosten right up."
Ila asked,
"Think she'll ever do that?"
I answered,
"Yeah, I think she will."

I then began to shoot cum all over Ila's face. She laughed saying,
"You love to do that, don't you."
I ignored her as I licked my cum from her face and offered it to her in a kiss. Ila opened her mouth to kiss me and eat my cum from my tounge. I continued untill I fed her all of the cum but I was hard again. Ila said,
"I love being your slut."
I kissed her then pressed my finger to her asshole until it popped in. Ila asked,
"Want my ass again?"
I kissed her again. I then turned her around. She turned the shower water off and supported herself on the faucet offering me her ass. I got the lub out of the medicine cabinet and smeared it all around my cock. I was rubbing my cock head up and down her slicked up area then I pushed the head past her ass muscles. I had my hands on her hips, controlling her, and my cock was pushing further down her brown tunnel. She stiffened as I was sinking deeper into that tight ass of hers. I pushed as hard as I could, and my cock was inside now, to the hilt. Ila said,
"Oh honey, I love you."
I started to ram her ass as deeply as I could. I could hear my balls slapping those beautiful asscheeks as I pummeled her behind. I reached underneath her, and started to squeeze her nice titties. This made her very hot and she pushed back against me. I gave her all I had. That tight ass of hers was making my seed boil up. I slammed one more time into her tight butt and then shot all my seed, like a raging volcano. It felt like I blew a gallon of cum into her tummy! I could feel her ass muscles gulping, taking my hot love brew. It was a few minutes before I finally squirted my last bit of cum into her. I slowly pulled out and she turned around to me, looking at my dick. She said,
"You're too much man for one woman. I'm glad Terri is with us now."
I said,
"You're too much woman for one man."
Ila said,
"That's one of the reasons why you love me."

Ila and I found Terri on the bed on all fours, looking ready to be fucked. A thin patch of pubic hair showed as her pussy lips jutted out from between her lightly spread legs. Ila said,
"What a sexy little slut. You look like you're ready for cock."
Terri Squealed,
"I am."
My cock rose to the occasion as I knelt behind her and eased my dick into her pussy. It slid easily into her well-lubricated lips. I grabbed Terri by her hips, pulling her back onto my cock until it was buried within her. Then I pushed her forward, pulling back at the same time until my full length emerged. This time I quickly stabbed it back into Terri like a spear. Withdrawing quickly, I then plunged again. Over and over again, faster and faster, my hard cock plunged into my wife's best friend.

"Unnhh, unhh,"
Terri grunted at each thrust of my cock. She leaned forward on her elbows, with her face against the mattress. The bed moved and squeaked as I had my way with her. Her breasts shook each time I plunged into her until we setteled into a rythm then they swung back and forth lewdly. I decided to deep fuck Terri again and start getting her pussy used to real fucking. I pulled out of her turned her on to her back. I then folded her over for maximum pennetration. I was holding her ankles next to her head and presseing deep into her cunt. She whimpered,
"Ow, It hurts again!"
Feeling the tip against the mouth of her cervix I pushed and gyrated. Terri Screamed when it popped in. It held my cockhead in a vice like grip, locking me to her. She sat still, her breath gone from the pain of our mateing. Her pain subsided and moved slowly together. I could feel the sperm in my balls rising. She felt the twitching of my cock and cried out,
"Come in me! Fill me with babyjuice."
I climaxed and my sperm went directly into her womb, filling my precious new wife with my baby-making sperm. Her cervix clamped shut spitting my softening cock out and preventing my sperm from escaping from her rich womb. She rubbed her tummy softly. I joined her. We smiled and kissed passionately, happy with the chance that we might soon have a baby.

Terri then took my half hard cock in hand and guided it to Ila's waiting pussy. As we had all of the lights on Terri got to see Ila's well fucked loose and gaping pussy. She said,
"I wish I had a pussy like yours."
Ila said,
"I'm sure you will soon enough."
I fucked Ila while kissing them both. Then I said,
"Ila, When will Lamont be in town again?"
Ila said,
"Oh, Terri is going to love Lamont!"
Terri was totally confused until Ila and I explained it all. Terri finally agreed to let me watch her have sex with another man. Terri, Ila, and I enjoyed a crazy week of exclusive threesome sex together. The following Monday was business as usual. I went to work to support my f****y. The only difference was that now I had two women. On my way home that next Thursday I bought a home pregnancy test kit and we Tested Terri. We were all happy to see that she was pregnant.
95% (19/1)
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1 year ago
2 years ago
Love it very much
3 years ago
Loved your dirty, degenerate mind to come up with this beautiful 3-way scenario. What a wonderful way to go thru life with two loving, willing womem. Great story.
3 years ago
Fantastic story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Amazingly hot story. Any of it based in fact? (Not that it matters it makes cocks hard and pussies wet to read it.)