EPT & Bathtime Fun

It now pleases me to say that my husband got his fantasy several times over and it seems his impregnation wish also came true so it was time to let him know. I arranged the table for a romantic candle light dinner and I made sure to have a bottle of chilled wine in the bedroom. After dinner I ask my husband to come to the bedroom with me. Once there I tell him I want him to help me do a pregnancy test in the tub and tell him to get naked in case I accidentally pissed on him.I said,
"Lets get in the tub, honey. There's something really special I want to do with you in there. I've been thinking about it for a while and I think you're going to like it."
My husband laughed wondering what I was up to as we took our cloths off. We got into the tub together. I gave him the test wand and told him to hold in in my urine stream. I parted my legs and he held the wand close to my pussy. Doing this turned him on and his cock got hard. I let go of my stream and I accidentally pissed on his hand and he naturally thought was I actively trying to piss on him. He said,
"Just you wait. I'm going to piss on your tits and watch it stream down to your cunt."
I asked,
"Do you have to piss now darling?"
He said,
"Yes but I can't piss with a hard on."
I said,
"I'll take care of that."
I then started stroking my husband's hard cock then offered,
"Talk dirty to me. I know it turns you on."
My husband set the test strip safely asid and said,
"You're a sexy slut. God, you're so hot! I bet you wish this was a big, black cock."
Playing along I said,
"You know I do, baby. You saw how much I love big Black cocks."
He said,
"You've turned into my beautiful a white, blue eyed, big black cock slut."
I said,
"You're right. I let you watch me bareback fuck Black cocks to get me pregnant and you love me more than anyone because of it."
My husband closed his eyes and I knew he was going to cum. I said,
"Married White girls love to get cummed on."
I pointed his cock between my tits. He grunted as white goo streamed from his throbbing member. I put my nipple against his cock and felt his cum spray across the sensitive tip. I did the same thing with the other nipple. Gobs of cum kept erupting from his cock covering both breasts. I could feel it dripping between them and streaming down my stomach. There were few things better for me then to have my husband shoot his hot sticky cum on my tits. I love watching the cum explode out of his cock and then once feeling the warm cum on my tits, I’m able to play with it and smear it all over but that's not what happened this time. I continued to hold my husband's cock in my hand as his cock softened then, he started pissing all over my tits. I jerked my hand a little so his cock moved up a little and pissed on my face some. I squealed,
"Hey! You pissed in my mouth!"
He instantly stopped his stream and nervously said,
"I'm sorry, honney."
I said,
"No. I was just surprized and you know what?"
He asked,
I smiled wickedly and said,
"I liked it."
My husband looked at me in shock and I said,
"It's not the first time I ever tasted piss, honey. I have sucked a cock or ten in my time."
He said,
"You're the best cock sucker I know."
I said,
"Well now I'm your dirty White girl. Piss on your dirty girl. Do it now!"
I stood against the tub wall and said,
"Come on baby, piss all over me. I want you to piss all over my tits and when I turn you can piss all over my hair an back."
My husband resumed pissing on me. He occilated the stream from head to toe and despite my efforts I got more in my mouth and some in my eyes. I purred,
"Mmmmmm. Do I make a pretty urinal for my favorite cock? Am I cunt enough for you?"
My husband said,
"You were always cunt enough, honey."
I asked,
"Have I pleased you, my love or do you need more?"
Without hesitation my husband asked,
"Would you want to go book a room and then maybe have a drink at the Final Approach?"
I said,
"I'd love to. Baby, I know you enjoyed seeing me getting Niggered as much as I enjoyed the feeling of big nigger dick stretching my pussy."
I sudenly remembered the test strip, picked it up and showed my husband without as much as giving it a glance. I said,
"Oh look honey, I'm pregnant! You can watch me getting Niggered as often as you want but I'm afraid it's going to be a long time before a Nigger knocks me up again."
We laughed.

My husband turned on the shower water and began washing me. I couldn't take my eyes off of my husband's penis as we continued making out, the water heating us and slickening our skin. He pressed that dick against me and I sucked his magical tongue, while I let him play with my titties, while one of his hands slide down my little tummy to my pussy. I spread for him as he began touching my hole, wanting to enter. Since he just spewed, I assumed he'd fingerfuck me now so I could get some sex here, but he had other plans. As I looked down, his cock had gotten hard again! I mewed,
"Oh Honey!"
I was genuinely surprised. He grinned at me and said,
"You have a hot sexy body! You're too hot for marriage, but I'm glad you married me."
He turned me around, my face against the tiles of the shower wall, forcing me to stick my ass out at him. It seemed my husband wanted to fuck me up my ass. I anticipated some discomfort as his dick entered me from behind but there was none. I felt the hot water landing on my ass, then streaming over and soaking the place where he was fucking me. His cock pushed into my pussy again, and he got so deep so fast once more. Standing in the shower, we couldn't move too fast, but it was nice to feel his thick presence in me as the shower poured hot water on us. Very relaxing and sensual. A slow, deep fuck.

I kept my hands on the wall, to steady myself, but time to time dipped a hand under me to engage my clitoris, which was throbbing for attention. My husband had a hand on my ass the entire time, steadying himself, with another hand on the wall, spicket, or sometimes my tit. We looked back at each other often, muttering little love sayings like,
"I love you."
"You're so beautiful."
His finger and thumb pinched my aching nipple painfully. I howled in pleasure, and the pinch grew harder. I looked back at him again with a devilish smile, my tongue halfway out of my mouth, like I wanted to lick him from the distance. Fuck, I was loving this! As he leaned over me, he moaned,
"Are you my slut?"
I sighed,
He said,
"Give me some ass."
I said,
"I'm your wife, baby. This ass is yours anytime."
I then felt him spread the cheeks of my ass wide open, so wide that I could feel my asshole
actually opening up for him. He used his fingers to pry it open further. I knew that the sight of what he was doing to me was turning him on all the more. He let my cheek loose and then rubbed my now tender hole with what felt like this thick thumb. My husband fucked my hole with his thumb a few times. Plunging it in and then all the way out. When he stopped I thought I'd be feeling his cock next. He reached around the shower curtin to the medicine cabinet and got some lube. I could hear him pump it out onto his cock then he said,
"Now I’m going to fuck that hot White girl ass!"
My husband grabbed my hips and then positioned his hard curved cock right up to my ready and loosened asshole. He slowly pushed it inside of me. I was so ready for that cock that there was no pain. He slowly pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my ass. As it started to slide in and out easier, his pace picked up fast and faster. I was in my full glory having my husband inside of me. I could feel his heavy hairy balls lying on my uplifted ass. For no appearent reason he asked,
"What if I ask you to ass fuck a Nigger?"
I answered,
"I'll do anything you want."
He then started to cry out and I actually felt my ass fill up with his hot load. My husband didn’t stop pounding as he unleashed it deep inside of me. Slowly I could feel that his cock was going back to its normal size. He continued to slide his cock in and out as it slowly got flacid. The talking between us continued pretty nonstop, just little sexy phrases, indications of total pleasure, lust, and love. I'm a black cock slut married to the most wonderful man ever and now I'm pregnant again, but this time with my first Black baby.

In a few months, I started to show and my husband started to show me off. He went so far as to insist I have a Heart in Spade tatoo placed high on my left breast near my clevage knowing that all the world will be able to see it. My husband was so happy that he was going to be a new father again. He was in the labor and delivery room with me when I had a big, strapping eight and a half pound Black boy. My husband was thrilled and helped take care of the boy as if it were his very own son. We named him 'Mandela' after Nelson Mandela. My Black baby suckled on his mother's creamy white lactating tits long after he was weaned because my husband found it so arousing to watch me nurse. We also quickly discovered how nursing a Black baby in public turned me into a Black man magnet. Displaying myself as the mother of a Black c***d, wearing my special anklet and showing off the Heart in Spade tatoo made it clearly known that Black men were welcome between my legs. Antonio saw to it that I would go on to enjoy as much Black cock as I wanted.

My husband and I now make regular room reservations at the Airport Marriott Convention Center because we frequent The Final Approach (sometimes weekly). We make sure to get there early to find out if Jamal has a date. On the rare occasion that he doesn't he is more than happy to insure my pussy gets a good workout. Antonio is as happy as he can be. One day I said,
"Honey, I'm sure I'm not the only married woman at the Final Approach with a loose pussy."
Then I gave my husband a wicked grin. He understood that I was actually asking him to enjoy other wives.
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