Jamal Gets Susan Again

The pool area was deserted so we decided to lay out in the sun for a while. After a few minuts my husband got

up and went towards the bar. He was gone for about fifteen minuts so I glanced around for him when I saw

Jamal walking towards me. I said,
"Hello Jamal"
He looked at me with a wicked grin and said,
"Dam baby you look hot! Let me take you into the pool to cool off."
I smiled and said,
As soon as I got up I saw my husband carrying a tray with three drinks so I knew he and Jamal had already

talked. As we played in the water the Black man starts touching my ass and touching me all over but he makes

sure nobody sees. As he did he said,
"You a Black breeder now. You can't stop thinking about it, can you? Right now you thinking about life as a

White housewife knocked-up with a Black baby. Isn’t it nice to know your White belly will swell up with my

Black baby inside?"
I grab his hand and whisper,
He whispers in my ear,
"Why would you want me to stop? Nobody’s looking, and you know you want my dick."
In an effort to hide my state of embarrasment I tease him,
"What are you doing making a happily married White woman cheat on her husband. Besides, there is still a

chance some one will see us."
I then put my hand on his sholder but he picks my hand up and moves it onto his crotch. He was hard. I blush

and go to pull it away but he holds it there as he said,
"The chance that somebody will see is part of the thrill but the biggest thrill is to fuck my Black baby into

My heart skips every other beat as we stare at each other.
I weakly whispered,
"Oh my god, Jamal, you make me so hot!"
He just smiled at me. The memory of his size had me turned on to start with but now I had my hand on it,

feeling it. It felt so huge and heavy. I was a little bit d***k the last time we fucked but now I feel him

with my senses intact. I tease,
"Oh my god, your cock is so huge. It might be too big for me."
Jamal returned the tease,
"Don't worry baby. I'll be gentle."
He said as he laughed. I couldn't believe how long and thick it felt. He said,
"Your beautiful hot married White ass is making it grow bigger. You did this to me so you have to fix it."
It was so big and hard and hot. I was getting so wet and turned on. I asked,
"How am I supposed to fix it?"
Jamal said,
"Don't be a married White tease. You already a black dick slut. Just take my dick and put it into your sweet

married white pussy. When you do, you will no longer just be a black dick slut, you will be my black dick

slut. Isn'tWe both know dat's what you want?"
When he lets my hand go I turn around but he starts moving his finger in circles over my back. I shiver and

turn back towards him. He starts touching my breasts and squeezing them. I moan. He attempted to get his hand

under the bathing suit to my bare breast but I push his hand away. I knew I would lose all control if I let

him get that far and he was obviously brazen enough to initiate sex right then and there. I had to put some

distance between us or I wouldn't be able to stop him from fucking me in public.

I got out of the pool but I then got cold. Jamal noticed my nipples were erect and I had goose bumps so he

suggested we go up to his room for some hot buttered rum. Jamal took me by the hand and led the way. I

obediently and subseviantly accompanied him and Antonio simply followed. We enjoyed the drinks Jamal prepared

in the microwave and soon we got very comfortable with each other. Soon the men were letting their hands roam

and I remembered Jamal's big penis and wondered when it was going to find its way between my legs again. I

was fully aroused and ready for sex. I decided to move forward with this seduction.
I said to my husband.
"Is it okay if we get naked? You wouldn't mind us doing that, would you?"
I cooed.
My husband looked rather happy and his face was alive with a sexy, horny grin as he replied,
"Baby, you know it's more than OK. You know what I like and I want you do do it for me all the time from now

I'm sure he realize it when he said it but my spouse was giving me permission to cuckold him, to have

unprotected sex with the Black man while he watched. Jamal then commented that it was getting way too hot and

I couldn’t have agreed more as I removed my top. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do next. I liked the man

and I know my husband is anxious to see me having sex again. We simultaniously got out of the damp bathing

bottoms and I felt comfortable in my nudity with them. This was the first time I ever had such a good look at

another man’s body and I liked what I saw. I said,
"Look at how big his cock is honey! Have you ever seen a cock this big? It's so huge! It looks like a

pringles can with a big apple on top! God Jamal, you have such a big cock!"
Jamal said,
"It's too big for a lot of women."
I said,
"It's not too big for me. It's perfect for me. Jamal, you're perfect for me."

That was all Jamal need to hear as he took me by the hand and led me to his bed. It only took us six steps

befor we ended up next to the bed. All the while I gased at his massive penis, the long, hard erection that

in just minutes was going to be in my cunt, stretching and filling me with a lust, passion and sperm. I said,
"Antonio honey, I'm going to suck Jamal's cock."
I got down on my knees and began to suck Jamal’s cock. Things naturally got really hot. between us. Jamal

pushed me off his cock and lifted me into his arms. I felt so small, so helpless, yet so safe in his muscular

arms. He pulled me close to his hard body and a thrill shot through me. He kissed me tenderly and my pussy

twitched when in a barly audible whisper he told me I was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. He said I

was the sexiest woman in the world and he wanted to make love to me more than anything. Turning me with my

ass pressed against his crotch, he put his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck. I was now facing my

husband in all my naked glory and my Black lover was touching me ever so romanticlly. I said,
"Jamal, Antonio is watching us. I think you know what he want to see."
Jamal asked,
"What do he want to see?"
I answered,
"He wants to watch you fuck me. He wants to see you make me pregnant."
Jamal responded. He picked me up and laid me on to his bed then he climbed over me. He then looked directly

at my husband and asked,
"Is your wife on birth control?"
My husband truthfully answered,
"No Jamal, she's not."
Then Jamal said,
"So she really can get pregnant?"
Antonio said,
"You probably already got her pregnant but she is ripe for breeding."
Jamal pressed him,
"This what you really want?"
I said,
"Of course that's what he wants, Jamal honey. Look how hard his cock is just from watching! The best fuck he

ever had was when I had your sperm inside me. Honey, tell Jamal how you like to fuck me knowing that he has

buried his cock deep in my cunt and left his spermy seed inside me."
To my delight my husband said,
"Jamal, please fuck Susan like you own her. I want her loose and full of your sperm."
Jamal said,
"I will but not before she proves that's what she wants too."
Then Jamal looks at me and said,
"Show me that you want to make love. Spread your legs for me and guide my cock into your pussy."
I did as he asked. He continued,
"Now slide yourself up close to me, and with your left hand, the hand that wears your wedding ring; I want

you to guide my cock into your pussy."
Jamal's assertiveness was turning me on all the more. He continued,
"Sweetheart, if you want my dick, all you have to do is slip your little pussy up on to it."
I pushed his cock into my tight hole ,and moaned at the initial pennetration. He said,
"In a few minuts I want you to you place your legs over the back of mine, then slide your hands down to my

ass to pull me in deeper."
I did as my Black fucker asked and got most of his cock in me. I then began to gyrate myself on him. He said,
"Look at this woman pumped herself on my dick. She sho love her some Nigger breeding."

With that Jamal grabbed a hold of both of my thighs and pushed his big cock into me. Then he started to fuck

me; slow at first but it got faster. I now felt my insides accomidate the massive bulk of his manhood and I

was absolutely loving it. He fucked me good and hard for several minutes as I came very hard. He pressed his

lips against my neck and sucked hard at my skin. My lover held my milky white tits in his big black athletic

hands. He mauled my breasts, his fingers digging into the soft flesh. I groaned. The delicious heat of his

mouth on my skin was electric and my nipples grew tighter against his palms. My back arched, pushing my body

up into his brutal embrace. I felt my pussy tightening as he grew rigid inside me. His hips now began to

slowly thrust his great cock in and out and I knew he was about to ejaculate inside me. He slammed his cock

deep into me and I shrieked as I came, my body shuddering against his invading erection. I felt my pussy

clenching and pulling at him. The spasms sucked his cum into my womb and made my body thirsty for more. My

beating hips drove my pussy up to him, matching his every thrust. He increased his tempo, thrusting faster

and deeper, heightening my orgasmic climb. I wimpered,
"I have to tell you something."
He grunted,
"Tell me anytthing."
I said,
"You're going to m-make me p-pregnant! It's-true!"
Hearing this only made him pound his immense shaft harder and deeper into my quaking, grasping pussy.
Jamal grunted,
"You’ll get pregnant? You really don't take no birth control?"
I answered,
"Y-yes. I told you I don't"
Jamal began to pull away from me and I cried,
"Oh God no! Stop! Please put it back in and fuck me. Please Jamal, breed me."
My body drove up to take each deep stab. Our bodies met again and again, his flesh burying itself deep into

mine as I cried out over and over in endless rapturous orgasm. His grunting grew loud and sharp as his

thrusts became even more intense. He grabbed my hips and pulled me up off the bed, stabbing himself down into

my upturned pussy again and again, driving deeper and deeper each time, pounding harder and harder into my

cervix trying to push right into my womb. As big as he was I didn't think it could happen. I said,
"Jamal, your cock can't go in any more, it's reached the end of my pussy."
Jamal must have realized that, despite my words, my hips were pressing tightly back against him so he tried

pushing deeper again. I wimpered,
"God, Jamal! Shit you have a big cock but, you've reached the end, honey!"
Jamal, nevertheless, kept on pushing and it started to hurt for a moment then I finally felt something give

way inside me and his cock suddenly was all the way in. I knew his cock had finally penetrated my cervix into

my womb. I would never have believed it could but it did. I was told I had an incompetent cervix during my

last pregnancy so it stays open. This is what just allowed my hung lover to penetrate through my cervix into

my womb. He moaned,
"Shit! I'm all the way in. You're the first woman to take me all the way inside!"
I said,
"Yes Jamal, you did it! I think you slipped through my cervix and you cock is in my womb. That really makes

me your woman now."
He asked,
"Does it feel good? Do you love my big black cock all the way in you?"
I swooned,
"Oh yes I love it and you're sure to get me pregnant now! Do it Jamal, honey. I'm your woman and I want your

He bent down, taking my full lips onto his mouth as he continued fucking me. I could feel his cock was

throbbing and he was getting close. He said,
"That's what I want to do. I want to give you my baby. You want it too, don't you?"
I wanted to answer him but I was gripped in orgasm and said,
"Oh my god Jamal, I do, I do, I really really do! Jamal! Jamal! Jamal! Oh fuck, your cock feels so good. Oh,

Oh, Oh I cumming. Jamal! OHHHHHHHHH."
Then his back began to tense and his buttocks grew tight as his body prepared to shoot his cum into me. I

felt his cock grow tighter inside me as it swelled, getting ready to inseminate me.

He let out a long low groan as his back arched and he rammed his cock in deep, painfully ramming the tip hard

into the bottom of my battered pussy. Then came the violent wrench of his cock and the subtle impact of his

cum spurting into me. I erupted in violent orgasm. My pussy clamped down hard on his contracting cock,

pulling the thick cream swiftly through my cervix into my unprotected womb. My spasming channel released the

great mass just as it again expanded, only to squeeze even tighter upon it as it pumped another rich gush of

his virile sperm into me. My pussy sucked greedily at his gushing flesh, eagerly swallowing spurt after

spurt, indifferent to the consequences. I passionately welcomed each sweet, savage spurt, digging my heels

into his buttocks to f***e his massive prick deeper and tighter into me and I did. His cockhead finally

slipped into my cervix with the added lubrication of his sperm. I urgently milked his cock, pulling sharply

at it again and again, drawing every drop of his seed into my insatiable womb.

His climax seemed to go on forever. His pumping cock swelled and throbbed inside me over and over, shooting

more and more of his cum into me, flooding my womb, filling it to overflowing. My body shuddered under him in

delight as I came again and again, rhythmically grabbing and pulling at his grunting, sweating body even

after the violent jerking inside me became a dull pulse and he fell gasping onto my rutting body.
I smiled saying,
"O-oh G-God Jamal! God, you c-came in me, you came in m-me!"
Jamal rolled off me. He got off the bed pulling me with him and onto the couch. He sat on the couch as I

slowly climbed on top of his big cock. As I came down onto his cock I pushed my tits right into Jamal's face

making sure that my husband was watching. He sucked and licked my hard nipples as he slid his big cock up

inside me. He grunted as my hips began to slowly rutt at him again. We fucked for a good five minutes this

way and as he gently moved inside me, I began to babble,
"I'm going to have your Black baby Jamal! Oh god Jamal, you just got me pregnant! I feel it! I feel your baby

inside me!"

The sweat pouring from his body got onto my soaked skin, mixing with my own perspiration, pooling in the

hollow above my rolling abdomen and between my glistening, rocking breasts, streaming in rivulets along my

neck and down my sides. I'm sure it was giving my husband a vision to remember. It may have been eight minuts

later that he physically lifted me off him and had me sit down on the couch. He pulled me towards him as he

knelt down in front of the couch. He quickly inserted his cock back into me and began to fuck me again. With

the innocence of an impressionable little boy my husband said,
"Holy shit honey, I can see his cock in your belly!"
I said,
"I know honey. Jamal, you have the biggest cock I have ever had in me. Antonio honey, I love Jamal's cock. I

love Jamal."
As his slick cock slid in and out through my foaming pussy and his swelling balls slapped wetly against my

drenched buttocks, I grew resigned to my fate. I'd taken loads from two Black studs in my unprotected pussy

and was about to receive more from Jamal. Hardly any of it had come out of me. My sucking pussy had pulled

almost all of it into my fertile womb. Even if my egg wasn't close enough yet, their sperm would stay inside

me for days as it relentlessly swam up to meet my dropping egg. All of the seed in me would eventually find

my egg and would fertilize it, making it bloom and grow. My belly would grow fat with a Black man's baby. It

would be a Black baby I would carry and gave birth to but the baby will have my husband's name.

I looked up at a man who may be the father of my next c***d, grunting and sweating over me, laboring to plant

his baby in me. I stared at his dark brown skin, his dark eyes, his dark hair. I imagined his c***d would

have his eyes, his hair, his skin. the whole world would know I slept with a Black man. I looked down at his

immense cock as it pistoned effortlessly in and out of me. As my hips rocked to take it deep and tight into

my pussy, I realized how much wider and deeper my channel had become as a result of fucking men hung much

bigger than my husband. There was no pain, only pleasure as our pubic bones met and I easily took his entire

length and width.
"Oh god, oh god, you're such a good fucker, Jamal! Your cock is so big! Honey, I love Jamal, I love his cock,

I love how he fucks me! Jamal ia my man now. I love you Jamal."
I moaned as he increased his tempo, stroking in and out faster. I marveled at his stamina. Sex had never been

this good before.
"Oh god, fuck me Jamal! Oh god you fuck so good, so good! Jamal! Oh Jamal!"
I cried as again I came. My entire body went rigid and then shook uncontrollably. My fingernails dug into his

back, my legs became a vise on his waist, my pussy clamped tight onto his piercing cock. I cried,
"God yes, yes! Fuck me Nigger! Fuck me Nigger!! Fill me up!! Fill me!! Yes!! Yes!!"

Jamal suddenly went tight in my twitching, clutching arms. Then, roaring, he slammed himself into my

thrusting pussy. Again I cried,
"Yes, Nigger, yes!! Fill me!! Come in me!! Yes!! Yes!!"
His howl filled my ears as his lurching cock filled my pussy with his cum and my spasming pussy walls

instantly sucked his creamy semen into my womb, ravenously devouring every drop, greedy for more. His eyes

rolled back in his head and he growled savagely as the stiff thickness inside me throbbed and spat stream

after thick stream of his sperm deep into my pussy. I squealed at every sharp release, shaking in bliss at

the feeling of his virile seed streaming into my cervix again and again, flowing into my fertile womb. I

fully gave myself; willingly, eagerly, yielding to Jamal's driving need. I opened myself completely to him,

freely offering my ready fertility to his urgent potency. I fearlessly, joyously welcomed his sperm into my

womb. I embraced it, pulling it deep into me, longing for him to impregnate me, yearning that his essence

would couple with mine. I ached for our violent mating to create life within me, for his flesh to breed

inside me. I craved to concieve his c***d while my husband watched.
"Yes, god, yes! You're my man, Jamal."
I moaned over and over as his bloated balls contracted again and again, driving his rich semen surging from
his rapidly spasming cock. Incredibly, he pumped even more of his seed into me than he had before. My

insatiable pussy feasted hungrily on his cum, sucking each syrupy spurt into my flooding womb as it squirted

from his quivering cockhead. His massive chest crushed against my breasts as his thickness slowly began

softening deep inside me.

His breathing grew heavy. I sighed as he pulled his long, flaccid flesh out of my still rutting pussy. He

glancedd over at my husband as he got off the bed Jamal's wet semi-rigid cock dangled and swayed between his

hairy muscled thighs and the massive organ swung back and forth in a slow wide arc with every move he made.

There was cum dripping from the fat head that slung all around with every one of his footfalls as he walked.

Despite having already been fucked by it my eyes could not resist staring at its magnificence. The skin was

smooth and the head was still as big as an apple. His balls were enormous and I knew there was much more

sperm in them for me. I thought of the White couple he was with and fully understood how they were taken

under his spell.

For my part I'm sure I looked like a fresh-fucked whore. I felt like one. My hair was sticking to my face and

I glistened all over with sweat. I felt drips of semen leak from my raw gaping cunt and ooze down my inner

thighs. I liked it. My husband liked it too as his lustful eyes burned through me. I intice my husband

"God honey, he's so fucking big! I can't believe that thing fucked me!"
My husband responded to my admiration of Jamal's cock and unexpectedly issued a friendly invitation for him

to see be with me whenever "we" come back into town (never letting on that we are local). My husband said,
"Jamal can't believe it either. You're the first woman who ever took all of him in. From now on, Jamal, she's

yours to fuck when ever we're in town and the way she's looking at your dick I can bet we're going to be in

town often."

My pussy was quivering as I was there sprawled out naked on the couch, my legs spread wide open. I sat up as

my husband came to sit next to me and Jamal sat across from us. I sweetly asked,
"You want me to sit on your cock, don’t you? You want my loose wet pussy sliding up and down your shaft?"
He said,
"You know I do, honey."
I said,
"OK honey. You get your sloppy seconds."
I mounted my husband in a lap dance straddle while facing Jamal and begin to give my husband a naked watery

lap dance, rotating my hips around as my ass cheeks brush against the head of his cock. he place his hands on

my hips as I gyrate in his lap, letting my hands travel up and down my wet naked body. Jamal watched as my

hands make their way to my tits and my fingers pinch and pull my nipples into hard cones which he eyes

hungrily. I continue to sway my hips back and forth, occasionally dipping to allow my husband's cock to rub

between my ass cheeks, teasing him. It isn't long before he is thrusting up towards my puffy-lipped pussy. I

smile and slip my pussy over just his cock head before pulling away teasing him again as I give Jamal a show.

Then I see what I was trying to achieve. Jamals cock was getting hardd again. I smile as I slip my husbands

cock head in my pussy again then almost out then back down again. Each time I go down, I gradually take more

of his cock into my pussy, making him so horny he can hardly stand it. I finally sank my pussy down full onto

my husband. He said,
"Oh my god honey, your pussy is so loose now!"
I coily asked,
"Honey, does my loose pussy make you feel like you have a small cock?"
He laughed saying,
"It's not that loose honey."
I asked,
"But you like my loose pussy, don't you? You like that Jamal stretched it out and filled it with his sperm.

You want me to be his slut from now on, don't you?"
Surprizingly my husband clearified what he wanted from me. He said,
"No honey. Not a slut. I want you to be my sex slave and fuck anyone I want when I want you too."
I slid down the length of my husband's shaft enjoying the sensation as it penetrated my loose pussy. I rode

up and down on his hard member driving myself toward orgasm, I tried to keep it slow and easy but knowing how

much pleasure I was giving my man made me just go wild bouncing up and down, I orgasmed every third time I

ground my clit into his pelvic bone as he thrust up to meet me. I continued riding my husband's cock for over

ten minutes when we exploded in orgasm together. I felt my husbands member start to soften, so I got up and

sat on the couch next to Jamal and My husband sat next to me.
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1 year ago
Fantastic story. One of the best interracial impregnations stories!
2 years ago
Nice to read and see that I am not the only one