Susan and Theo

I'm Antonio's wife, Susan and this is the continuing story of a romantic weekend getaway my husband set up for us. Antonio booked us a room at the Airport Mariott Convention Center and we went to a night club right across the street. The night club was called The Final Approach. This, as it turns out, was the place White women go to find Black men for sex. The reason Antonio took us is because he's been wanting to see me having sex with another man for more years than I can count on my toes and fingers. Now I love my husband more than anything and I would stop at nothing to please him but I was quite reluctant with this request. Over the years Antonio discovered that I have secretly harbored a strong sexual attraction for Black men which explains my husband's "random" selection of hotels. Imagine; my husband thought that by putting me in a nightclub full of horny Black men I'd be powerless to their advances and relent to his fantasy. Well, I did.

By all standards we had the day of a lifetime but we were just getting started! It was 3PM when we returned to our room. Antonio was more lovable and attentive to me than ever in our marriage. The fact that I was a used woman with another man's sperm in me made him wildly horny for me as he initiated another round of sex but just before he was poised to enter me he asked,
"Honey, is your, ahh, you know, pussy sore?"
I giggled and said,
"No honey. I'm not sore but I have little doubt that I'm pregnant."
He said,
"Well I just wondered, I mean, Jamal's cock was kind of big."
I answered,
"It was big and it felt nice in me but the only way I'd be sore from sex is if I wasn't aroused enough to be wet. I gave natural birth to our c***dren. A fat cock is not going to bother me. I feel fine down there. In fact, I feel really good down there. Do you wanna give your pregnant wife another fuck?"
With that my husband drove his cock into me and we fucked to exhaustion then took a nap.

We woke up and showered. My husband was constantly hard for me and if I as much as leaned over to look at the mirror he'd jab that thing into my pussy. I must have given him twenty mini fucks before we were fully dressed. Antonio wasn't that hot for me during our honeymoon! We planned to go out to have dinner. I was in a black dress. The straps tied behind my neck, and most of my back was bare so naturally I couldn't wear a bra with it. The plunging neckline also showed off more of my cleavage than I usually feel comfortable with but I wanted to be especially sexy for my husband tonight. I made up my hair and did my make-up sophisticated, not slutty, and my shoes were comfortable. My husband loved my look but when we kissed he felt my ass and noticed I was wearing panties. Dispite my husband's objections I wouldn't take them off. The last thing I wantedd was to feel sperm dripping down my legs as I walked. I also, wore an anklet. The anklet was large and almost gawddy but my husband insisted I put it on. It had a spade pendant with a red heart in the center. It was something my husband bought for me. He told me it signified the woman wearing it was open to advances from Black men. The white-gold chain glimmered britely drawing attention to my legs. My husband was pleased that I had worn it knowing full well the message it sent!

After a short cab ride we had dinner and drinks in one of the city's finest reataurants. The conversation with dinner, was light as we were both quite nervous about what we might attempt later. Just before we were done, I went to the ladies room. It was well after 8:PM. I checked my make-up then checked inventory in my bag; Phone, room key, make-up and I noticed a bottle of vaginal lubricant. I knew Antonio slipped that into my bag. I'm sure he wanted me to stay wet. I smiled at his audacity and headed back out. My husband was waiting for me. He asked,
"Should we go back to The Final Approach?"
I knowingly said,
"So we can find another Black man fuck your wife?"
He sheepishly grinned and I replied,
"Yes honey, I'm ready for that."

Just before we were ready to go Antonio asked,
"Are you really ready for this?"
I returned the question,
"God honey! Isn't it a bit late to have second thoughts? You saw how easily I gave myself to Jamal and you saw how much I liked it. I'm probably pregnant with a Black baby now and you're having doubts?"
He leered at me with a seductive smile and said,
"No way honey, I'm ready. I just don't want you to feel pressured."
Then he took me in his armed and kissed me deeply. I melted and my nipples hardened at thinking how I was already very possibably pregnant by one Black man and I had just confirmed that I was going to very soon let another Black man fuck me.

Another cab ride and I was faced with a new moment of truth when we arrived at The FINAL APPROACH. We looked at each other. My husband told me he loved me, and we could continue or not, it was up to me. I breathed deep and told him I was as ready as I would ever be. He asked,
"Think your pussy can take another big black cock?"
I said,
"I know my pussy can but my heart may be another matter!"
As we walked in I asked my husband what he had in mind. My husband then reminded me of how he had often suggested I go out alone to find a man to fuck then return home full of cum and asked if I would do that for him. He said he would watch me seduce a man from a distance and will wait at the elevator lobby on our floor for him to leave our room before comming in to me. I told him I'd be happy to do that but I'd let the man know what we were doing and let him take me to his room. Antonio then nervously started to explain how he thought I should proceed. In an annoyed voice I said,
"Gawd honey, I think I know the drill. You must have pounded it into me every time we fucked in the past ten years! If I like the guy's looks, if he's romantic, and he gives me reason to believe he's healthy and clean then I'll fuck him bareback so you can have your sloppy seconds."
I reached up on my toes, and he lowered his ear and I said,
"Honey, from now on I'm your sex slave. I'll do anything you want as long as it ends with a big black cock cumming inside my pussy."

Hubby went to the bar. I went to a corner booth and sat down. The waiter took my order and I told him to bill it to my husband at the bar. He asked if my husband would be joining me, and I replied that he wouldn't. The waiter acted as if this was a common occurence. Perhaps it was. The crowd was mostly Black men, out-of-towner business types, just what we wanted. It suddenly dawned on me that I had no idea of what I was actually doing but felt it would just somehow happen. I looked to my husband, nursing his drink.

Not fifteen minutes later a forty-ish Black man came over and approached me. He seemed to be a good prospect. Well dressed and distinguished looking, he asked if I was alone or waiting for someone. I told him that for the moment I was alone but my husband would join me in an hour or so. The older Black man presented himself as such a gentlemen, I began thinking he wouldn't work out. He asked if he could join me. He said,
"You look lonely? Do you want some company?"
I said. Then I said,
"You should know that just because I happen to be sitting in a bar where married White women go to find Black men for sex doessn't mean that I'm going to have sex with you but if you still want to you can join me."
He smiled, sat down and introduced himself as Theo. We talked briefly about his business and why he was here in town. I wanted him to talk to disguise the fact that I really was a local housewife looking for somebody to help me thrill my husband. He asked me for a dance, the floor had a few couples dancing to a slow tune. I accepted. We danced keeping a comfortable distance between us. Then out of the blue he said,
"Look here, I have a confession to make. I saw you sitting here, lovely as you are, and thought I had to spend time with you. I know that you're married and nobody can miss your wedding band but despite what you said I should tell you that my intentions approaching you were to have sex with you."
Wow, he came right out and said it. Complete honesty. I ate it up. I then explained the story to him,
"Well I lied too. My husband has been desperate for another man to fuck me and I would never do it. We talked it over and over for nearly fifteen years until I finally got to like the idea. So here we are trying to make his fantasy come true."
He said,
"Well, I'm certainly not going to turn down the chance to fuck you."
I said,
"Wait right there. I didn't say that. I was just explaining."
Theo told me he thought I was beautiful. I continued to explaine to him that I was there to spend time with another man for my husband's sake. I told him my husband was at the bar watching us flirt but I was the one who would decide how far I want to go. I left it at that but he asked if we were going to want the three of us together. I explained how I wasn't going to promise any thing but if something was going to happen it could be one to one while my husband waits. I then I detailed how this could work. I told him I wanted him to discreetly try to pick me up and seduce me. I then suggested we go to the dance floor.

We started dancing similar to our first. I made the somewhat aggressive move to be closer to him. He started warming to the idea that my White husband somewhere in the bar was watching him try to seduce me. I could see the confidence grow with every dance step. Now, with him feeling ready he started moving in on me I discreetly spoke into his ear,
"My husband is behind us and has a good view. Slowly let your hand fall to my ass and feel me up. I want my husband to see it."
I then took his open hand, sliding down my ass. He felt me cheeks up nicely then said I seemed nervous. I told him I was then explained how this was the first time my husband and I ever tried this. I then said,
"Now bring your left hand close and let go of my hand so you can feel up my right breast. Everyone on that side of the room will be able to see you including my husband."
He did as I asked. My heart began pounding in my chest. I was nervous. It's like I'm cheating on Antonio except it's with his permission. I then said,
"Oh my, I can already feel your erection pressing against me. Please remember that I don't know how far I will go with you."

Theo, however, seemed quite confidant. After the song we walked back to the booth. We sat closer this time. He immediately placed his hand on my knee moving the fabric covering my leg out of his way and placed it on my panties. He gently pushed his hand down to my now swollen pussy. I said,
"Theo, My husband cant see what you're doing."
Theo said,
"He can't see but he'll know."
Theo then spread me open and found my clitoris. I assured him it was just what I needed when I moaned,
"Oh Theo, that feels good. Please keep touching me."

We were both being discreet. When someone approached or got too close he would stop, but not remove his hands or fingers unless it was necessary to preserve our discretion. He circled my pussy with great care, pulling at the exposed lips, and then diving a couple of fingers as deep as he could into my hot wet pussy, he had assumed control and I had let him. His pace quickened, his exploration of my body had begun in earnest. He grazed his hands over my fabric-covered nipples. He slip his fingers into the gap between the dress and the sheer top underneath and cupped each one of my breasts. Now, the probing of my pussy took on urgency for me. I wanted to cum. We entered into an enduring kiss. Theo continued his thumb working my clit, some fingers in my pussy, and another finger reaching to my ass, flicking my anus with each thrust of his fingers. I was going to cum, hard, now. Maintaining eye contact the whole time, I came on Theos’s fingers. The waves of pleasure were slow to subside. I wet his hand pretty good and could feel the wetness all over my thighs. Here I was a married White woman, husband sitting only twenty feet away, watching what he could of his wife being used by this strange Black business man (Or were we actually using him?). Theo withdrew his hand and whispered into my ear a request. I nodded and got up from the booth.

I went to the ladies room, stepped into a booth then removed my panties. I reached into the goody bag and removed the lube, squirted the lube onto my fingers and lubricated my anus anticipating something would happen there. I glanced in the mirror as I washed my hands of any evidence. I left the room and walked with confidence sizing up all the Black men. I had never done that before. I only then realized that there were more Black men in there than White men and most of the White women were in the company of one of those Black men. The interracial couples and threesomes at their tables, where busy doing what I was doing but, only my Theo and my husband were going to play with me. I walked over to Antonio, kissed him and asked,
"I hope this is what you wanted. His name is Theo and I like him a lot."
He patted my ass saying,
"I have never been as horny as I am right now."
I said,
"He's from out of town. He already made me cum honey; he finger fucked me. It was quite nice. I decided to let him fuck me with his cock. We're going up to the room now."

I walked back towards Theo. I always had a feeling my husband could get me to this point and now we were finally there. I was ready to give my husband what he wanted any time he wanted it. I led Theo out of the bar and we noticed my husband follow us at a short distance. Half way to the hotel I stopped and asked Theo to kiss me and lewdly feel me up so we could give my husband a show. He took me in his arms and kissed me and at the same time kneaded my ass bringing the hem of my dress up as he did. It felt good to be in his arms and being roughly kissed in such a public area. I rubbed my tits on his chest and felt his prick against me. I suddenly had a lewd idea and loudly said,
"Show me your cock honey. I want to see it."
Theo said,
"You do know anyone could see us out here!"
Theo none-the-less, slowly pulled his cock out of his pants. I massaged his thick shaft saying,
"It’s so big and heavy! I can hardly get my hands around it. It's beautiful."
Theo said,
"We can't keep doing this out here. If you keep that up I won't be able to stop and I'll have to fuck you on the hood of a car."
I said,
"OK sugar, let's go."
We entered the hotel lobby then to the elevators. Antonio caught up but we pretended not to notice. The three of us entered the elevator and put on a good show for my husband. I asked,
"What floor are you on?"
Theo Said,
"I'm on nine."
I said,
"My husband and I are on five. I'd better call him and tell him that I'm spending the night with you. I don't want him to worry."
I pulled out my cell phone and called my husband's number. We could hear his phone's ring tone but Antonio didn't answer. The phone went to voicemail as we exited the elevator and stopped before at the door to Theo's room. Theo opened the door to the room and we entered. I suddenly turned to Antonio blocking his entry into the room as I left the voicemail,
"Honey, I met a nice man and I'm going to sl**p with him. I want to be alone with him but keep your phone by your pillow. I'm sure I can convince him to let you join us later."
With that my honey smiled, kissed me deeply, and left. He finally knew I could be the slut he wanted me to be. Theo left the lights off in the room as I went to the large bay windows and opened the curtains. The skyline could be seen in the distance, behind The runways to the airport. I said,
"Theo please remove your clothes."
In seconds Theo stood naked, bathed only in the light from outside. He was in good shape, and his penis was still hard. I walked up to Theo and started kissing him, softly but passionately. My hands constantly roving over his chest and stomach and down to his penis. I got on my knees and started kissing, licking and stroking his penis. I said,
"Theo, you have a beautiful cock. It feels so firm but silky and I love the warmth of it. You feel so full and heavy in my hand. You gave me great pleasure tonight but I'm going to want a lot more."
I kept moving all around his body, kissing, nibbling. I explained,
"I never had a one night stand in a hotel like this."
Theo continued listening as I explained,
"Theo, I want you to make love to me. What we had downstairs was foreplay and when my husband comes back, he will want to watch you fuck me but right now I want you to put this in my vagina and make love to me like we are on a date and you seduced me."
I continued,
"I want to feel the tip of your penis enter me; I want to feel every vein on your penis touching my labia as it goes In and out. I want to feel you inside me and I want to feel the release of your sperm inside me. I want you to fill my vagina with your sperm."
Theo said,
"I can do that."
I said,
"I know you can, Theo, you are a remarkably handsome man. I should tell you that I'm not on any birth control. If you cum in me I'll get pregnant."
I pulled my dress off, and standing nude before him I asked,
"Did you ever get a White woman pregnant, Theo?"
He said,
I asked,
"Are you ready to shoot your sperm deep inside me and make me pregnant? Are you going to give me a black baby?"
Theo said,
I whispered,
"Thank you Theo please come to the bed. Lay on your back. I want to lower myself down on you so you can fill me with your black seed and knock me up."

Theo got on the bed and I followed. I positioned myself over Theo's huge cock. I leaned forward and placed my hands on his shoulders, and lowered myself until I felt the head of his dick between my pussy lips. I begin moaning as I feel the first actual contact of the stranger's cock pressing past my pussy lips. I pause, realizing that I've willingly taken another man's uncovered cock inside my unprotected pussy. This is the first time I am initiating sex with a man since pledging to be a faithful wife at my wedding. I know there is no turning back now, not that I want to. Theo is now moaning and squirming with pleasure and has a need to bury his cock deeper into me. I lowered myself further and I felt the big head of his beautiful cock enter my pussy. The flared knob spread my lips and I sighed as his pole slid inside. My pussy was a tight, hot, moist fit on his cock. I continued lowering myself, and I looked down between my legs and watched Theo's cock disappearing inside of me. I had to pause for a minute as a violent orgasm racked my body. Man his cock was big. As I cried out, I felt my legs giving way. I watched helplessly as my legs give way, and I plunged down onto Theo's cock. It was incredible! I looked on as the entire thick length disappeared into my pussy! When I hit bottom, I felt a really intense pain as Theo entered my womb. It was painful, and it took my breath away, but it intensified my orgasm, too. As I caught my breath again, the pain began to subside, and all I felt was this beautiful, depraved feeling He started to move benieth me an I quietly said,
"Wait, wait, I just want to feel this for a little longer. You have a beutiful penis. It's much longer than my husband's."
I sat motionless in his lap relishing the full feeling of the unfamiliar cock deep inside me. I clenched my inner muscles and felt his cock swell in response. I hugged him tightly, my breasts mashing against his sweaty, hairy chest and a low growl rose out from deep within me. His hands squeezed and massaged my ass. I raised myself a half cock's length, then lowered myself slowly. I did it again, three quarter's length this time. I did it again until his cock head pressed against my cervix; a little more pressure and it popped in again.

I could tell he couldn't restrain himself any longer.
I said raising myself up on my knees and leaning forward to rest my hands on his shoulders.
"Make love to me but I'm serious. If you cum in me I will get pregnant. I want you to put your baby in me. I want to be your woman."
I looked him in the eyes and waited. He grinned just slightly and I could feel his hips compress, feel the muscles of his belly contract. Then he thrust up into me. He pulled back then thrust again, then again, then again. I started to moan as he pumped into me. Theo began to fuck me very hard. I moaned,
Yes, yes, deeper baby, your cock feels wonderful in my pussy. Does my pussy feel good? Oh god, I can feel your big cock stretching my pussy!! Oh you feel so fucking good in my pussy. Mmmm, you like that, don't you baby? You like fucking a married White momma's pussy? You can't wait to cum inside me, can you? That's what you want, isn't it baby? You want to shoot all of your hot cum deep in my pussy, don't you? You want to fill my pussy and my womb with your cum and get me pregnant, don't you? Is that what you want, baby? To fill this White momma's pussy with your cum and get me pregnant?"
This went on for several minutes when all of a sudden I cried out with one of the most intense orgasms of my life.
"Oh, baby, I'm cumming! Ohhhhhh! I am your woman, your white bitch in heat! Do it, baby! Cum! Cum inside me! Get me pregnant! Fill my pussy with your cum! Get me pregnant! Your cock feels wonderful inside me. Your cock feels wonderful inside your White slut. Please fuck your white slut. Show your slutty little married White wife what a whore she is."

Theo again pushed his big cock deep into me and held himself tight inside me. I threw my arms around his neck as I wrapped my legs around his thighs. He quickly began to fuck me again very hard as I moaned out. I laid my face on top of his shoulder. A few minutes later I felt another powerful orgasm coming on. I whispered into his ear,
"Don’t stop! God, Theo baby, please don't stop."
He fucked me very hard as I began to cry out. I came very hard again on his cock as he was also ready to cum. I made sure I held myself tightly to him so he couldn’t pull out of me. I said,
"Oh god your cock is so big! I need you to impregnate me. Will you make me pregnant? Will you? Will you give me your c***d? I want to get pregnant by you. Give me your cum and make me pregnant with your baby. O god, please make me pregnant. I want to have your baby so bad!"
This must have turned him on because he pulled me tight to him and pressed into me with all of his strength. He buried his cock into me penetrating my cervix even deeper than before and I felt it twitch and he filled my uteris with his hot sperm. He quickly moaned out as I felt his cum hitting very deep inside me. I held our bodies together for several minutes as I didn’t want any of his cum to leak out of me but even after I let go he stayed still inside me for about ten minutes before slowly withdrawing then re-entering me. He asked,
"There's no way to be sure you’re pregnant, is there?"
I said,
"Oh I'm sure."
He whispered back.
"I'm not. We should try again right now.”
I looked down at his face and nearly came to orgasm again. I looked at his dick completely in my pussy; god what a feeling that was! we both enjoyed the intimacy of the moment. Then he started fucking me again, his big fat hard dick filling my pussy with all the meat I could take. He was pumping in and out of my pussy getting it sloppier and sloppier with every stroke and my juices dripping out. I looked down and watched his dick sliding in and out of my pussy, his dick was slick and shinny with my pussy juice, he went all the way in and stopped. Theo slowly entered my vagina, and I loved feeling all of him moving inside me.
I said,
"Theo, honey?"
He asked,
"Yeah baby?"
I'm your woman now. Kiss me baby."
We kissed. My mouth opened and my tongue darted between his lips. He gripped my hips as I started to move on him, rocking us closer together. I threw my head back as he brought his face forward and started to kiss my neck, my chest, under my chin. I held tight to him, using his shoulders as leverage as I continued to lift myself up and down on him. He moved his hands from my hips, making tiny circles on my flesh with his fingertips as one hand grazed around my backside, stopping for a moment to cup my ass before slowly caressing up my back to grip my shoulder. His other hand went to the front of my body, palming my breast. I said,
"Fuck me hard, baby. Fuck me with your big fat black cock. Fuck me like a whore. I want you to fuck me deep and cum inside my pussy. Do it, make me pregnant."

I closed my eyes as my world was reduced to the feeling of the stranger's fat dick pounding my pussy. I tensed as another orgasm took hold of my body. Theo asked,
"Do you want my black baby?"
I said,
"Yes, oh yes!"
He asked,
"You want my Nigger baby juice planted deep in your belly? Is that what you want?"
I said,
"Yes, yes, oh yes!"
Theo demanded,
"Tell me you want cum. Tell me you want my black baby. Tell me I'm your man."
Then I pleaded
"Oh god, Theo, fuck me please. Fuck me please! Oh god! Oh god, y-e-s! Y-e-s, You're my man Theo! You're my man! Give me your big black cock, give me your sperm! Fuck your black baby in me! Knock me up with your bastard baby, Theo! Knock me up, Theo!"
Theo grunted,
"You may woman now. I'm about to cum inside your cunt!"
Theo's buttocks contracted hard. Then Theo tensed up and with several short bursts, I felt the warmth of his semen coming from his penis and into me as it filled my pussy. I softly said,
"Thank you, Theo, baby. Thank you honey. Thank you."
Theo kept fucking me powerfully for about another 20 minutes. I was surprised he could stay hard that long after cumming twice. He nevertheless continued fucking me harder and faster as he attempted to reach his next climax. It was impossible for me to stay turned on, much less have an orgasm knowing my husband was anxious to be with me so I put a stop to it. I said,
"It's time to stop now. I'm going to call my husband now."
As Theo and I waited for my husband to arrive I reached down and felt the warm cum seeping out of my pussy. I asked Theo to turn on all of the lights. As he did I opened my legs to show my pussy, dribbling cum so that would be the first thing Antonio would see.

It wasn't a full minute that passed before my husband knocked at the door. Theo let him in. Antonio had a huge smile on his face. I knew that he was a very happy camper and as he took his clothes off and laid next to me I knew that I was about to receive one more load of cum from my husband. He laid next to me rubbing Theo's cum on my inner thigh and he looked at the drying cum on my stomach. I loved knowing that my having all of this cum on and in me excited him. I told him how it felt so nasty taking all of Theo's hot cum. Then I said,
"Well come get your reward. I hope you like your sloppy seconds. Honey, I love you."

Antonio began to get even more excited. He dipped his finger into my soaked pussy and he moaned when he felt the warmth of Theo's cum in me. I knew this made him even hotter and with that he got on top of me and fucked me hard till I came over and over again. He told me that he wanted to add his load in my pussy and I told him that after he came in me I wanted to taste it. That's all it took, my husband shot his load deep inside me mixing his cream with Theo's. I had him pull out so I could taste his cock covered in all of the mixed juices. I breathed in deeply taking in all that sex. Then I swallowed his cock licking all the way around as I took it in. I cleaned his cock off and as I withdrew it from my lips. I then said,
"Theo baby, my husband wants to watch you fuck me. I think doggie style will be the best way."
I got up on all fours with my knees right at the side of the bed and my feet hanging way over. I spread my legs, pushing my ass upwards and backwards. My ass and pussy were plainly exposed for both men as they were standing near the side of the bed. I could feel my pussy lips, open like the petals of a flower, and the cool airconditioner breeze against my hot pussy lips. I knew that my dark anus was also proudly on display. I said,
"Theo, I think by standing there, you will be the right height to enter me and my husband should be able to see everything."
Theo's warm hands gripped my hips and I felt his cock worm its way between my labia. It slid into my hot cavity until pubic hair was tickling my thighs and ass. I let myself be pulled back and forth onto his shaft; it rubbed delightfully across my vaginal walls. I could feel my tits swinging wildly sometimes, banging into each other and bouncing out from my chest and rhythmically at other times floping back and forth in unison with his every trust. My ass was slapping loudly against his thighs causing his low hanging ball to swing up between my legs an bounce off my belly.

He pulled my ass back onto him, forcing his cock deep into me, and I felt him pulse inside me, filling me with still more hot sperm. He withdrew, and I stayed on all fours, feeling a trickle of semen emerge from my gaping tunnel and slide over my clitoris to drip onto the bed. I said,
"Theo Honey, I want to thank you for a wonderful night."
Theo came around to my head and kissed me. He said,
"Thank you baby."
He then turned to my husband and said,
"Anton, your wife is fantastic! Really great pussy! Take my card and E-mail me so I can let you know when I plan to be back in town."
I stood up, feeling large amounts of cum dripping down my leg as Antonio took the card. My husband and I hastily got dressed and ran back to our room so we could get naked. Antonio took his place fucking me in my used wet pussy. I asked him if he loved me even though I was such a slut. He told me that he loved me even more and will continue to love me for ever.
He said,
"Honey you're wonderful and don't ever think you're not."
I asked,
"Are we going to be doing this again.?"
Antonio said,
"I think you know that if I had my way I'd ask if tomorrow was too soon. Honey, I don't know. It's your body and I don't want to take a chance on destroying our marriage by insisting you fuck for me. I don't think we should necessarily plan to do this again, but if it happens, it happens."
I said,
"Yeah I guess your right but so you know, honey, I love you. I don't ever want you to forget that I'd do anything for you. I want to keep doing what I clearly love doing the most, and that's pleasing you. It seems you enjoy watching me let a Nigger fuck me. Well I enjoy it too so tomorrow is definatly not too soon."
Then I asked,
"Honey, Do you want to fuck my ass?"
My husband asked,
"Got any K-Y in your purse?"
I said,
"Don't wory honey, My ass is good and wet for you."
I knew that would have him wondering if I let Theo fuck me there. I felt the tip of my husband's cock against my anus and then he rammed his cock inside me. He said,
"Fuck! Your ass is wet and sticky. You did this for me?"
I said,
"Of course I did, honey."
Then he said,
"I'm surprized your ass isn't sore from his big cock."
I just answered,
"Oh honey, I love you so much."
My husband rode me hard and each thrust sent me rocking back and forth; my tits swinging freely beneath me. Each time his groin smacked against my ass, I grunted like a sow as I began to experience pleasure at my powerlessness to my husband. I had given myself to my husband as a slave and now I was being treated as one. The mental images in my brain translated to my pussy and I reached up to begin fingering my clit. Shamelessly, I climaxed just as he grunted and shot his load of semen deep inside my colen.

We fell asl**p in each others arms and when we woke in the morning we had breakfast and began planning on how we'd get me fucked again. I said,
"Want to try the pool again?"
Antonio smiled and said,
"I'm glad you said that."
I said,
He said,
"I got you a new bathing suit"
Then he presented me with a modest looking red two piece that had white hearts on it that made it look polkadoted. He asked me to put it on so I did and as soon as I went to put the bottoms on I knew why he got them. They were sort of crotchless. The crotch was covered well but it was two strips of fabric that could easily be pulled aside for easy access to my pussy.
Giggling I asked,
"Honey, did you know these were crotchless?"
He said,
I asked,
"So what are you thinking up now?"
He said,
"Who knows, maybe a fuck in the hot tub."
I said,
"I can't do that!"
He said,
"Yes you can now let's go."
I said,
"Wait. Let me get my anckle chain on. I'm a slut for black cock and I want the world to know."
I put my anckle chain on and off we went.
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3 years ago
Nice short story lol
3 years ago
Super WOW. So damn hot. Thanks.