Susan and Antonio Meet

I met my Antonio at a state university. I was told by my room mate that he had a really big cock. I suspect it was true because every time she had him over he made her moan and squeal something awful keeping me up on several occasions. They never actually dated. He was sort of my room mate's backdoor man.

As he was doing my roomy I found out Antonio was in the pharmacy school. I wasn't with anyone at the time and being exposed to him sexing up my roomy made me desperate for sex. When the Spring Semester ended, I was crazy horny and started dating a young man who I met at the same university. His name was Danny. At the same time my roomy suggested I do Antonio. I started talking to him and we hit it off right away. Antonio was dating other girls at the time and just wasn't sure what he wanted to do with his life. Just before we met he had enlisted in the military. I really liked him and he liked me so despite our other romantic interests, we spent as much time together as we could.

Danny and I had friends over and partied one night. Antonio happened to be there too. It became quite festive and I did some heavy drinking. I don't know why but various friends of Danny's were hitting on me and I liked the attention. Here I was desperatly horny and getting quite d***k while trying to get my boyfriend alone to finally have sex. Well before I knew what was happening, Antonio would walk in on me and another young man. He found us half clothed, kissing, and my habd stroking the young man's erect penis. In a d***ken stupor I would believe it was Danny who walked in on us. I panicked and ran out of the room with my breasts exposed.

Only the next day would I learn the truth when Danny, without looking at me, would simply state,
"I saw you last night."
The expression on his face said the rest. That cured me of my wild drinking, if only for the rest of that summer. The shame is that whoever I was with had a really nice cock and I never got to fuck him. Lies about what happened got around campus and I was mortified. The story being passed around was that I had sex with s*******n boys that night. I totally kept to myself after that.

A year later I hooked up with Antonio again. He was finished with his training and told me he was going to the war. I had dinner with him and then as we waited for a cab he leaned into me and said,
"I want you, Susan."
I looked into his eyes and I knew what he said was true. He stared into my eyes and my heart began to pound. He brought his hand to my face and caressed my cheek. He leaned in ever so slowly until our lips touched and then gently pressed together. Then he pulled away and led me over to a crevace between two buildings. There he looked at me for a moment before kissing me again. His hand slowly traveled up my side and I felt his fingers slide over my blouse covered nipples. I gasped. His hand then moved to my knee, and began to move up my leg. My heart pounded harder with every inch. I gasped and bit my lower lip when his hand slipped inside my panties. I felt him touch me and then I felt him rub my pussy lips. He began to finger fuck me and a small cry left my mouth.
"You don’t know how bad I want you."
He whispered into my ear. I said,
We pulled apart and hailed a cab. We went back to my place and once there we sat on the couch. He held me tightly in his arms. He pulled me close and we kissed. He stood up and pulled me up with him. His hands were all over me; pulling at my blouse to get at my tits and aggressively rubbing my legs and pussy. Eventually he removed my blouse and bra and was sucking on my pink nipples like a starving baby as he fingered my pussy again. I caught up quickly as I reached inside his pants and felt his cock for the first time. He had a huge cock and I was crazy horny. I believe I gasped at the size. We were the perfect pair. It was exciting and hot and amazing. My hand wrapped around that immense cock but my fingers didn't touch it was that thick around. I could see the veins on his penis as I pulled him to me and rubbed it up and down my legs and thighs and outer cunt lips to make us wet. Then he took over. He slipped his big dick inside my slit and I cried out.
"Oh god!"
I felt my vaginal lips push slightly apart and I spread my legs wide to help him with his insertion. I gave into Antonio's assault on my slit. He pushed cock tip inside the entrance to my cunt, and I surrounded it with my pussy hair. His balls dangled around the entrance to my vagina, I instinctively touched them with my finger tips. It seemed is testicles were full of sperm. He laid down on me with his cock entering my vagina, and placed his body on top of me, his chest touching my erect tits and nipples. His cock was heavenly. I cried,
"Oh god, oh god, you dick is so huge!"
He kissed me on the lips and I felt my ass being fondled by his hands as he pushed my ass up to meet his penis which was working its way inside my inner vaginal lips and folds of ping and fleshy skin. My juice fell upon his cock and the sofa, and he held me close. In and out he pushed driving me closer and closer to orgasm. His balls touched my outer cunt lips and his huge dick explored my inner organs and the entrance to my womb with his every thrust. I was melting in the erotic dance and my heart raced in impending orgasm. My joy was intense. He thrust inside me again and again. I felt like he would not stop. He slammed into me and with each stroke, I felt like his cock was getting bigger and bigger!

Then someting happened. I saw it in his face. I squealed,
"I'll get pregnant!"
Inside my my pussy he pushed, the tip of his cock full of seed ready to explode. I felt my womb widen to receive his seed. The first wad of sperm hit my womb's fleshy wall and I started to hump him harder throwing my ass and hips into his cock as he reached the limits of my cunt and was ejaculating his sperm inside me. Again I squealed,
"Oh gawd, I can feel your sperm! I'll get pregnant!"
I suddenly went dizzy and clammy. My eyes closed, and I pushed my pelvis up high as I climaxed on his penis and it rocked me!

Antonio wasn't finished. He kept fucking me and had six cums! He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me, I never knew anyone could keep it going for so long. When he came for the sixth time I swear I could feel his cock swelling up before erupting inside me. He said I was going to be his special woman and he would come back to marry me. Just to be mean I asked him what he would do if he found me naked with someone else again. He said he'd

watch. he whispered,
"I prefer a used pussy with sperm dripping from it anyway."
I said,
"You’re serious aren’t you? You'd just watch me get fucked, wouldn't you."
Antonio said,
"Some day you'll find out just how serious I am."
Then he told me his only regret in life was walking in on me with that boy last year when he did because if it had been five minutes later he would have seen me getting fucked. He said,
"I will never forget how beatiful you looked as that guy was kissing his way down the side of your face to your neck then down to your left breast. You moaned when his lips closed over your nipple and he began to suck. Then I saw your other nipple grow erect and I knew you were feeling the pleasure of it all. I would have loved to see that scene play out and that's why I would love to see you fuck another man. I would enjoy watching you and seeing how you look when you are cumming from another mans cock."
Antonio explained how he loves watching women enjoy sex. He said he thinks it's because he never saw his mother happier than when she had a cock inside her.
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3 years ago
Love it! I feel the same way about a used pussy with sperm dripping out of it. I always wanted my ex-wife to fuck another guy while I was at work and leave the creampie for me
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
very good