My Mature Fantasy: A Mile High Adventure.

The last day of work had been a stressful one so to be leaving to spend two weeks in the sun eased the tension in my head. I still wondered if the stress was worth it. I did enjoy my job to an extent but I was never sure if it was what I wanted to do in the long term. I did have to admit however that it had provided me with a lot of nice things recently, including the holiday. I couldn’t wait to get away.

We had booked a villa on the outskirts of a popular resort in Spain. It was originally just going to be me and my girlfriend but a last minute decision was made to invite her parents as a thank you for helping us out over the past few months. This might not have been a bad idea but recent events had left me a little uneasy about the whole thing. Once you have witnessed your in laws going at it in your own bedroom, things become a little awkward, especially when there has been no mention of it ever since. I thought maybe Janet would have confronted me about spying on her and her husband but then I wondered how she would even begin to argue seen as it was my room they were defiling.

I had no complaints myself. In fact, I had not stopped thinking about it and the more I thought about it, the more I reached the conclusion that my doubts about the holiday were probably because my girlfriend would be there. A large part of me wished that it was just me and the in-laws and another part of me grew ever larger at the thought of being alone with them in Spain.

The morning of the flight dawned upon us and the house was a flurry of activity as everybody scrambled to do some last minute packing. I had packed the previous night and so lazily made my way downstairs to get something to eat. On my way down, Janet passed through the hallway. She was wearing a maxi dress, which immediately turned me on. I imagined pulling it down to reveal her massive tits and massaging them with the palms of my hands. She glanced up and caught me looking but I don’t think I cared anymore. I just smiled and carried on down the stairs.

I followed Janet into the kitchen where she and her husband were busily conversing. He was brewing some tea and broke away from the conversation to offer me a cup. I happily obliged as I felt I needed a drink to take the edge off my ‘morning glory’. I sat down at the table before anyone could notice my semi erect cock bulging out of my tracksuit bottoms. Janet handed me my tea with a smile and turned to carry on her conversation with her husband. I quickly lost interest in what they were talking about and began staring out of the window and the surprisingly dull weather. Whilst the rain spattered against the window, my mind drifted to thoughts of warmer climes… I was excited. We hadn’t stayed in a villa before so I didn’t know what to expect but we had been to that particular part of Spain before and loved it. I looked forward to venturing into the town centre, which wasn’t the classiest of places but the night life was lively and you never knew where you might end up…

My mind wandered back to reality and I realised that the room had gone a little bit quiet. Janet and her husband were still in the room but I think they had forgotten that I was. He was still stood at the counter but Janet was now directly behind him pressed up against his back. He was smiling as she was whispering into his ear and I noticed her arms were wrapped around his front. He shifted posture slightly and I was shocked to see that her hand was actually down his shorts. The ripple underneath the thin material gave the effect of unravelling his hose. My jaw dropped as his swollen tip suddenly popped out of the leg of his shorts, followed by the slender fingers of his wife. My own cock began to stir and I watched in awe as Janet continued her gentle stroking motion and swirled her finger tips delicately around the head of his huge dick.

Just as quickly as it had started, the fun ended with Janet quickly removing her hand from her husband’s shorts. She stepped back and glanced at me with that cheeky smile again. I liked that. I wondered if she might come over to me next but instead she did something just as nasty. She lifted her index finger towards her tongue and licked off what looked like her husband’s pre cum. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked at her husband but he maintained his position with his back to me, probably in the effort to hide his erection. Janet left the kitchen and left me and her husband rooted to the spot. It seemed like the holiday had started early.

The rest of the day passed agonisingly slowly as when we reached the airport, we were told that our flight had been delayed by a few hours. It was a relief when, extremely tired, we boarded the plane. Unfortunately, one of us had to sit on the opposite side of the aisle to the rest of the f****y so I put myself forward for this role with the intention of spending the flight asl**p. I took my seat and made myself comfortable as the plane taxied towards the runway. I closed my eyes as the engines powered up and before I knew it my stomach was leaping and the plane was taking off. We were now finally on our way.

My eyes had remained closed for longer than I had realised for when I lazily lifted my lids, the lights had been dimmed along with the chatter of the passengers. I sat upright in my seat and adjusted myself as that ‘morning glory’ feeling had returned. I had been dreaming about Janet and her husband again, which left me with a great feeling until I remembered where I was, I checked that the strangers next to me hadn’t noticed my raging hard cock. To my relief they were asl**p. I looked over towards Janet, who was also asl**p. Being sat down made her dress seem tight around her chest, accentuating her large bosom. It also looked as if it had slipped down a little and I was sure I could see her areolas. Oh how I longed to just get a hold of them.

Without realising it, I had fallen into a daze, which was broken by Janet breathing in sharply. Not only that, she was now awake and looking at me. She smiled and I smiled back nervously, wondering if she had caught me looking again. This time she didn’t take her eyes off me and no matter how much I tried, I could not break contact. Before I could register what was happening, Janet slowly slid down a little in her seat until she was almost lying down. She adjusted the hem of her dress and pulled it up teasingly over her knees and, to my delight, even further until I just caught a glance of her crotch. My heart began racing and once again I had to adjust myself. Trying to disguise my boner and shifted a little so that I was now slightly facing Janet. This actually gave me the perfect view of her beautiful body.

Janet now had her right hand between her legs. She had pushed her underwear to one side and was inserting her fingers into her slippery pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet she was already. She must have been having a nice dream too. Continuing to finger herself, she moved her left hand upwards and squeezed each breast before pulling her top down to reveal one of her rock hard nipples. Her nipples looked great, like dark chocolate cherries protruding about an inch from her tantalising tits. She looked at me again and, cupping her breast, directed her nipple towards her mouth before flicking it with the tip of her lengthy tongue. I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep my dick in my pants. There I was on a plane filled with people experiencing the most erotic moment of my life and I couldn’t even take pleasure in it. Even more arousing was that my girlfriend and her father were asl**p next to me, unaware of the fact that my horny mother in law, who was sat in between them both, was now drawing succulently on her giant left tit and ploughing her fingers into her now glistening pussy lips. In an effort to join in, I tried to manoeuvre my cock down the leg of my shorts but it was no use. The material was too thick.

Feeling frustrated, I decided to throw caution to the wind. I stood out of my seat to check who could see me. Not many people were awake and those that were, were surely to far away to see what I was about to do. In a flash of excitement, I lowered my shorts and poked my erect cock through the flap in my underwear. It was the hardest I had ever seen it, veins bulging and the tip all swollen and purple. I sat back down and before I had even touched it, my cock began oozing with pre-cum and using this as lubrication, I slowly began sliding my shaft between my hands, pulling my foreskin back as far as it would go.

I turned my attention back to Janet, who was now toying with her clit and tweaking her tit between her thumb and forefinger. She was staring at my bulging balls, eyes twinkling as if yearning to grab them. I pulled my shaft to one side to give her a better view of how loaded I was. She couldn’t resist. She poked her index finger into her mouth and began to sit up straight. Her top now came down completely and now her huge tits were out in full glory. She checked the parameter as I had done previously and to my excitement, she motioned me to join her. I hesitated. I wasn’t sure what to do. What if we were caught? The hesitation didn’t last and again my cock took over my brain and I quietly moved and leaned over the seat in which my girlfriend was sat. Janet motioned me closer and I thrust my pelvis as far as it would go. She then moved forward and before I knew it, her hands were wrapped around my cock.

The sensation of Janet just touching me almost made me climax straight away. She ran her hands down my shaft, one after the other making the tip swell even more. I couldn’t believe this. My mother in law was jerking my dick right in front of my sl**ping girlfriends face. Continuing the motion, her left hand moved down to my balls and she cupped them whilst jerking the end of my cock. She opened her mouth as if ready for me to cum but I wasn’t quite ready yet. I took this as a cue and pushed her head gently towards me. She willingly moved forward and closed her luscious lips around my pulsating tip. My balls began tingling and I tried to stem my groaning but I was getting close. I think Janet realised this and began deepthroating me and stroking me harder with her hand. I started to lose control and, steadying myself between the seats, my body tensed and my breathing grew deeper. Without warning Janet, I exploded into an orgasm of pure ecstasy. My sperm shot out of my cock into her mouth before she pulled it out and directed it over her face. The eruption continued as load after load smothered her features. Janet stuck her tongue back out in an attempt to catch the overwhelming spill but she couldn’t handle it. She submitted, put my cock back in her mouth and swallowed the rest of my cream.

The feeling gradually dwindled and I came to my senses. Janet still held my cock in her hand and was now cleaning it with her tongue. I looked down and noticed some of my cum had accidentally spilled out on my girlfriends knee. Janet had noticed this too and before I could react, she was licking my goo from her daughters knee. Her daughter stirred a little but just carried on sl**ping in her seat. This almost got me hard again.

Realising the moment had passed, we both fixed our clothing. I sat back in my seat as Janet stood up and as cool as you like walked down the aisle of the plane towards the bathroom, with her face covered in my cum. I smiled and with excitement as this was to mark the beginning of the best holiday ever.
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