True story

Back when my life was much more exciting and my current boyfriend and I were separated, I was in the best shape of my life and wasn't getting laid nearly enough. So I did something wild.

I'm an 18 year old girl 5'5 with long blonde hair and I had the perfect tan. I weighed about 130 with a curvy build. I spent must of my time at the gym dealing with a fresh break up.

A good look man approaches me at the gym. I was new there and he had talked to me a few times before. He's a good look guy nice build, tan, tattooed. He told me he was in the military and he looked the part. Clean cut and fit as fuck! He looked flustered and his friend was waiting for him and teasing him.

He said to me "your a good lookin' girl and I don't care if your only 18 I want you... I mean want to take you out." He was red in the face and I couldn't say no.

I loved my ex and I wanted him back but a girl sometimes just wants to try new things. So I gave him my number.

We talked for a few days and then we went on a date it went well other then the fact that I can't get into most bars yet. He teased me and I put it like this. Do you watch porn. He looked at me wide eyed and said I have. Okay we'll I'm the same age as those girls so...

He took me home. His place was beautiful. Looked like a 5 star hotel. We drank and found out we liked the same music. I sat next to him and he smelled so very good. I quickly thought about my boyfriend and controlled myself. But he bite his bottom lip and that was it. I felt my pussy get warm and start to throb. (I was used to a lot of sex.) I needed it bad. I could tell he wanted it too the look in his eyes changed he went from wanting me to needing all of me. I watched his pants grow without ever touching him. I had never had a effect on someone like this before. I could feel the need and passion he was feeling just by watching him. I climbed on his lap pushing myself down on his hard cock. I whispered to him "don't hold back." He grabbed my hair and kissed me hard. I pulled back and stood up, took a few steps back and got naked in the middle of his living room I made him watch.

I turned around and started to bend at the waist. He got up and grabbed me. He threw me onto his couch and buried his face between my legs. I felt my body shake. He was amazing. He stopped and told me everything about me is perfect. I pushed his head down back to my pussy.

I drank enough to give me the confidence and make me brave and wild. With no desensitization I felt it all and it was amazing.

He picked me up and carried me to his huge bed. And this is where shit got crazy. He got naked and I grabbed him and threw him on the bed. I stood over him and said "do you want my pussy?" While I played with it. He didn't talk just nodded his head.

The inner pornstar came out of me. I went down on him. His dick was so fucking hard. I started by licking it all putting my lips around the top and making a popping noise. I drove it all down my throat I went fast and I felt his body tense up. He said "Jesus fucking christ your wild" and I wanted more. I climbed up on him and put the tip of his dick in my soaking wet pussy. I bounced up and down and then started to grind on him. It felt good but I wanted something more. I turned around and slid him into my ass. It went in easy with all the wetness from my pussy. He loved it. I started to go up and down his hard cock I told him to pull my hair hard. All of it felt so fucking awesome. He started to tense his toes curled and i felt him cum deep in my ass. I was sad cause I though that meant he was done. He got up cleaned up and turned the light on. He looked at me abs said "you are my type of girl."

I looked at him and said "that was nothing."

He looked rattled. He was still rock hard. He said to me with that same look in his eyes "Give it to me then" He bite his lip. I got face down on the bed with my ass in the air. "Smack my ass hard, now" he was up for the challenge. I unleashed something in him. He smacked my ass hard and I felt my pussy throb every time it was dripping down my leg just from him smacking me. Fuck it was so good. " get your phone" I told him, " we're gonna make a movie."

He looked at me and said " wow, your bad" I looked up at the camera while I sucked his cock like a porn star. He moaned I could tell the watching my through the camera of his phone turned him on. ALOT.

To be continued...

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1 month ago
wow that story is so dam nhot loved it more please
10 months ago
well Ms. Sexy... looking forward to the rest of this sexy story... and maybe even seeing that hot video.. :)
11 months ago
Everyting is clear to her, she is fuckable as each cunt as, but he was used balls.
11 months ago
That is one hot fucking story! Please finish it for us! Before i wear my cock out stroking it like mad!