My fiance with a stranger

Hi, this is my 1st ever story... well actually it was a text to my fiance about her fucking a stranger as i watched so its not exactly written as a story, but hope its still enjoyable to read... i have pics of her on my profile :)


Me and you in a hotel room watching t.v, when thiers a knock at the door, i get up open it and their stands a good looking male, with a bunch of flowers i tell him youve been waiting for him, i tell him to come in, he walks through and sees this stunning woman dressed in a short black satin robe he stands abowt a meter frm the bed and holds the flowers out towards you

You stand up take the flowers and thank him, i come along take the flowers from you and head to the chair in the corner as im walking away the stranger unzips his trousers and pulls out the biggest cock youve ever seen, reality kicks in and you start to think abowt what your doing here, 

but b4 you can say anything i tell you to suck it, you turn around to find me siting in a chair with my cock out slowly stroking it up and down, b4 you even know what ur doing somehow youve ended up on ur knees licking the tip of this big cock, he knows its your 1st time doing this so he reasures you telling you how great your toung feels and how gorgeous you are


You look up feeling good about yourself you open ur mouth wide and take as much of his cock as you can he groans as you move your mouth up and down his shaft, your suprised to feel your g string getting wet, your clit swelling and your nipples getting hard, you realise how turned on this situation is making you, you look around at me again and see my cock harder than ever, 

you let his cock out of your mouth, stand up and seductivly remove your robe revealing a red lingerie set a sexy bra and a little cute g string which doesnt cover all of your untrimd bush, you see his cock twitch, you look up hes staring at your pussy, he says sorry for staring but he adores a nice hairy bush, you giggle as your hands go behind you and unclasp your bra, with both arms through the straps its seconds b4 the bra hits the floor


His mouth drops as your young perfect 34c boobs just hang thier, you take his hands and with a big sigh you place them on ur boobs, he slowly and gently carreses them, cuping them feeling your nipples hard presing agenst his palms, he leans his head in and with a slow motion takes your nipple in his mouth, very seductivly slowly sucking on your boobs 

you let out a lil moan as he then takes the other boob in his mouth, after a minuite or so you tell him to take his clothes off, while infront of a mirror you face it, bend over and slowly pull your g string down, you see hes cock grows even bigger and your face gets coverd with a massive grin, you walk over to me, and shove the soaking wet g string in my mouth and tel me to keep it thier.

ou walk back over to the guy, stand right infront of him so his cock is poking your slit, him feeling how wet you are, you pull his head to yours and kiss his lips seductivly pushing your toung in 

you break and lay on the bed motioning for him to lick your eager waiting pussy, he pokes his toung out and burys hes head into ur wet bush and starts caressing your clit you start to moan hes circling your clit about to plunge his toung in your dripping wet hole, you pul his head to your pussy taking his toung as deep as itl go, hes toung fucking you and you carnt believe how good it feels

 you moan at him telling him to fuck you, your body and your mind now wanting this strangers big cock inside you he takes his toung from your pussy, you spread your pussy lips giving yourself to him,

his cock slips right in, i call you a dirty slut and you tel me to fuck off, although your having the best sex of your life, you stil carnt believe whats hapening that a stranger is fucking you and that im sat watching with my cock in hand wanking hard.

He picks up the pace making you moan, the unbelieveable sensation runs through your body, you look at me and scream with pleasure that this guy is givin you, you scream for him to cum for you, he fucks you even harder and faster, ive never heard you moan so much. 

within a minute, he cums inside you, you feel every bit of cum as his cock twitch's, 

he stays on top for a minute making sure you have his full load, he then gets up goes to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed, as he does that you rush over to me and sit your pussy on my cock, you whisper in my ear that your a real dirty slut now, and that this is all the action im guna get tonite


The guy comes in all changed you jump off my cock, pul your g string out of my mouth put it on and say bye to him, 

he leaves, you close the door and see me now on the bed, you tel me im not getting any of your used sluty pussy, she lays down and starts fingering herself feeling her pussy stil filled with cum she soon climax's and then says night to me

, i say but... she says but nothing, if your lucky you can fuck me tomoro when i wake up

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1 year ago
Great story
Love my gf to get it like this
1 year ago
Very sweet and sexy! Would love to have you do this for me......
1 year ago
Very erotic piece. Love that you wrote it in the second person. Nice detail that makes this seem like a real life experience. I sure hope it is and I hope it's not your last. The world deserves well written erotic stories like this.

Good job, dude!
2 years ago
fking hot!
2 years ago
super hot story made me all hard!!
2 years ago
super, sexy story! should write more!
2 years ago
great story.....
2 years ago
Great story, made me quite randy. One of my fantasies is sharing my women with my friends. Thanks for sharing.