A Little Reward

I pull you close to me your arms grip tightly around my biceps. I kiss you gently at first, my lips brushing against yours. You press your body against mine. I can feel aching desire building within you. I kiss you harder, more deeply now, I bite your lip gently as I move to kiss your neck. Your heart pounds; your breath comes in staccato bursts. Hands and body tremble with anticipation. I know what you want, but I can’t give into your desires yet. No not yet.

My hands move down your body, one gently grips near your breast, while the other lightly holds the globes of your ass. I kiss you deeply again, you grab my back and pull me against you. I pull away ever so much, you’ve been patient, time for a reward. My face and hands glide down your body, slowly caressing and kissing. I lift your shirt and kiss your stomach, it spasms ever so gently. You grab my hair and pull me toward your crotch. I can feel how excited you are, your warm radiates through your jeans. Obligingly, I unbutton them and slide them off your body. I kiss you over your underwear, and gently nibble on your lips and the inside of your thighs. Your knees wobble. I take your hand and guide you to the bed.

You lie back, my hands easily drift over your smooth, shaved legs. I grab your panties and in one deft move, pull them free. I kiss you briefly before returning to your pussy. I kiss, lick and suck on your labia. Your body arches and you press your pelvis into my face. I lick you up and down. You moan and muscles spasm as my tongue darts inside you. I slide one of my fingers inside and begin to gently move it in and out. Your thighs squeeze around me. I brace myself, my biceps resisting the f***e of your legs. My ring and middle fingers are inside you now. I gently massage your clit with my tongue. Your breath quickens, I can feel the orgasm building, my press fingers against your g-spot, working it as I lick your clit harder. Your body begins to shake, overcome with pleasure, your whole body arches, muscles in full contraction. I hold my tongue onto your clit until your gently brush me away. I embrace you now, your muscles pulse spasmodically as I hold you close and you collapse against me. I look over at the now steamed windows and back at you, you’re glowing.
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