I was finally home alone after 8 months of living back home with my parents. I had to move back because my roomies both got married and I couldn’t afford living on my own. My parents had to fly out of state on some business.

The house was locked up, the dogs were down stairs in the livingroom sl**ping, and I was naked in my bed reading the last chapter of a really great book. I looked over at the clock, it was 11:05, and knew my mother would be calling to make sure everything was ok. Even though I’m 22 she still makes me feel like her little girl. Moving back home doesn’t help to instill confidence that I am an adult woman.

At 11:40 I finish up talking with my mother, assure her everything is fine, and remind her that I will be gone all day tomorrow. We hang up.

As I settle back into my book I hear a loud noise by the trash cans by the side of the house, and my dogs begin to bark. I look out my window and see that two of the three cans have been dumped. Just as I put on my robe to go downstairs the lights in my bedroom go out. I try the light switch in my bedroom and in the hallway. No lights.

The dogs are barking, but they sound farther away. I run down stairs, and I as I go past the kitchen I can see moonlight streaming through that the back door is wide open. I close the door and lock it.

Where are my dogs? I can hear them barking in one of the rooms here on the first floor. But how did they get closed up in there? As I cross down the hallway to the guest bedroom and 2 offices I suddenly hear a door slam upstairs.

I go back to the kitchen and grab a flashlight. What is going on? I make my way back upstairs and all the doors are opened. My parent’s room looks fine. My mother’s art & scrapbook room looks fine. The guest bedroom looks fine. My room looks fine.

I set the flashlight on my desk facing upward so it bounces off the wall & ceiling to fill my room with light. As I walk toward the bathroom in my bedroom I suddenly hear a deep male voice coming from inside the darkened room. “Anna, nice to see you alone”.

I scream and try to run out of my bedroom. The man chases after me and grabs my arm and pulls me to him. Trying to fight him off, I feel this tall man lifting me high off the floor, and the material of my robe knocks the flashlight off the desk. I scream in the darkened room as I feel him bringing me toward the bed. I still try to struggle away, but he much is too strong for me.

He throws me on the bed and I immediately leap up to try escaping. I scream and feel his large hands pulling me back to the bed. I land on my back and his strong left hand holds me down by the throat which pins me to the bed.

His right hand ripping and tearing open my robe. I scream out loud again. His left hand leaves my throat and covers my mouth completely. I smell his hand and on it has a familiar cologne that I recognize. But who??

His powerful left hand clamps over my mouth. He holds me down by my face. I feel his strong right hand lifting my legs up and spreading them apart. Under the hand covering my mouth a muffled scream of mine is heard.

I hear the deep voice whispering harshly, “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”, Pushing down on my face every time he spoke to emphasize his words.

Struggling to get free my legs spread apart. I feel my legs being lifted and spread up over my head. I feel my pussy exposed and open to him. My body shakes as I feel his hot wet mouth completely cover my pussy. I whimper as the stranger starts to suck on my pussy lips, scoop his tongue through my pussy hole, and lightly squeeze my clit with his lips. Trying to move my hips to pull my pussy away from him, the hand covering my mouth pushes down hard on my face and mouth. It doesn’t hurt my face, but I get the message loud and clear.

His mouth is making my pussy wetter and wetter. I feel my body betray me. The more he licks my pussy along the edges, around my clit, sucking down hard on my juicy pussy hole, I start to flow. I’m scared, but my body is reacting to his oral attack.

Just when I feel I am wet enough the man slowly inserts the tip of his thick middle finger into my pussy. I gasp as I feel him enter me. I pull my hips away to get his finger out. He pushes on my face and f***es his extremely thick AND long finger in all the way. I gasp even louder as his finger splits the muscles of my pussy. I feel him opening me inside. His finger digs in and around my pussy hole. Rubbing in and along the lining of my pussy he tries to feel every inch. I’m juicing up even more as I feel him fingering fucking me. I start to cry from the pain and the amazing pleasure of his thick probing finger.

In a low deep tone I hear the man praise me for how wet I am. “That’s a good girl, your cunt is soaking wet for me. You will learn a lot from me tonight”. I whimper as I feel his finger digging is a curling to rub my G-spot. Rubbing upward into my pussy. My legs start to instinctively part wider. I feel him lift my legs back more as he whispers, “That’s a good little bitch. You know how to please me with your cunt hole”.

My body is starting to betray me even more. My nipples are hard, my pussy is flooding up with juices, and I am getting much more comfortable with the thickness of his finger spreading my tight inner muscles. In my mind I keep trying to place the smell of his cologne that he has on his wrist and hand. Where do I know it from?

His finger goes in deeper, and faster, and harder. I start to whimper even more as his thick cock-like finger jabs and fucks into my hole. I feel my pussy starting to build up to cumming. I moan and struggle to get away. “NO!”, he yells in a husky voice. Ramming his middle finger all the way in and clamping his mouth down on my clit.

I scream under the weight of his hand again. Arching my back it stuffs my pussy hole deep into his mouth. The swirling of his tongue on my clit and deep sucks gives my pussy the tingle I need. His middle fingers shoved so far up into me, like a thick cock, causes my pussy to clamp down. I start to shake as he curls his finger all around the inside of my pussy hole. I moan and shake as he brings me close to cumming.

As his mouth sucks my clit he starts to finger fuck me again. My hips moving to his thrusts. Forcing his finger into me as deep as it will go. I feel I am going to cum. I feel it. The stranger whispers in a deep tone, “What a good cunt you are You’ve needed this from me for a very long time”.

As his rapid moving middle finger takes my pussy harder and deeper, I start to feel myself cumming. I whimper louder as my pussy quivers and pulsates. Feeling the flood of cum rising and flowing through my pussy… Moaning and whimpering more.. I fee it… I start to slowly buck my hips against his middle finger…. I am going to cum. My clit is so achy tight and wet. I am shaking all over. Ramming his finger up inside. I hear him start to chuckle as he can feel my hips moving and my pussy twitching around his finger. “That’s my good fucking little cunt. Pump my finger, help me get it up inside of you. Help me make you cum”.

I moan and cry as I feel my pussy sucking and pulling onto his middle finger. My legs opening wider for him as I feel the flood building inside. I am going to cum. I will soak and gush all over his hand. I scream under his hand as I feel my pussy cumming and releasing for him. My legs shaking like crazy.

As my hips rise and meet his finger fucking penetration, under his breath in deep whispers, I hear him saying over and over, “Good cunty girl. Good cunt. That’s a good fuck cunt. Cum for your man”.

He pulls his finger out of me and completely covers my pussy hole with his mouth. Roughly drinking, sucking and slurping as much of my juices as he can. I hear him making hungry gasping, and moaning sounds as he sucks up the wetness.

My back is arching as I give him more of my pussy. I don’t even realize that he has uncovered my mouth, until I realize I can’t smell his cologne.

My legs spread open naturally for him, and I try to think of WHEN is a good time to scream again?

Suddenly, there is a ripping noise that sounds like tape. Just as I think it’s time to scream I feel a large piece of duct tape covering my mouth. The man grabs my right leg and my right arm and binds them together at the wrist and ankle.

Then he roughly grabs my left arm and left leg tapes them together the exact same way. The room is still so dark I can’t see him, but I feel him leave from bed. I am left alone with my arms and legs lifted up bound together like a roped baby calf. Exposing my pussy and my body for him.

I can hear him removing his clothes and the entire time he is humming, and slightly chuckling to himself. I feel scared, but my pussy is still so wet, puffy, and throbbing from my orgasm.

He chuckles a little louder and hear him stepping closer to the bed. I feel a slap against my pussy and clit. I winch and try to scream under the tape. Another stinging slap against my pussy hole and clit. Then another. And another. Then he rubs his full open palm against my clit, quickly circling his rough palm around and around.

“Do you have any idea how long I have been wanting to get a hold of your young little cunt?” A stinging slap connects with my pussy and clit. I feel my pussy flowing with every touch.

The man climbs on the bed in front of my tied open legs, and f***efully rams his middle finger inside my swollen wet pussy. “Fuck, you are wet inside. You will love what I have for you, and I know your tight cunt can handle it”.

I struggle, but the tape is so tight and my body is too exhausted from cumming so strong. His thick middle finger jabs, pokes, and rips into my pussy like a piston. Splitting my pussy walls open and causing me to protest under the mouth tape, as I feel my pussy starting to build on another flood of cum.

He can sense that my pussy is ready for another orgasm. I start moaning full out. The muscles clamp down on his finger, and pulsate. I moan even louder as I feel his ramming finger bringing my pussy off again. He pulls the middle finger out so quickly as I start to gush and my pussy erupts like a fountain and squirts all over the sheets. I scream out under the tape as my entire body convulses and shakes.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, that’s a good girl, make it nice and wet for what cums next” and he slaps my pussy and clit harder this time. I winch and scream.

I feel him press and cover my entire pussy hole with his mouth again. Drinking and sucking all the slippery juice. My hips moving to get away, but managing to seem like I’m enjoying it. He deeply scoops his tongue through my pussy and swirls it around my clit. He does this over, and over, and over again.

The man pulls away suddenly and I am left vulnerable again. My wet pussy feels the cool air in the room and there is only the sound of his breathing.

As I lay there I feel him crawling up between my legs. As he kneels in front of me I hear him whisper, “Do you feel this?” – and I feel the thick hard head of his cock rubbing my clit and lightly between my pussy lips. I gasp under the duct tape. I feel the head splitting the opening and a flinch to move away. The man slaps my pussy again really hard. “Don’t make me hurt your cunt”.

The head of his cock rubs up and back quickly between my pussy lips. I try to gasp under the tape. I feel the cock head slowly punch the opening. I mumble under the tape, “No! No!” shaking me head back and forth. He holds his cock head just inside my spreading hole. It’s so thick and hard. It hurts in a pleasurable way.

I hear the man giggling again like a demented clown. Scaring me so much that I shift forward and his cock starts to sink a little more into my pussy. And I feel his thick hard cock starting to enter me.

“Oh, my wet little cunt IS hungry.”. I feel him rise up and with the f***e of all his strength I feel him lay his entire body on top of me. His long, thick, hard cock is ramming up into my pussy and filling me all the way inside. I scream as I feel him splitting me so deep. So deep, so full of him, and wrapping around him so tightly.

He starts to really pump his cock into my pussy. My wetness coats him with every push he makes inside. With my arms and legs tape upward it’s a perfect cradle for his body. Naturally hugging on to his body as he fucks me. I hear him talking to me in a very dirty and nasty ways. Telling me how my pussy feels, how good it will be to finally cum inside of me.

His entire body weight is against me as his cock rubs in and out. I feel my body building up another orgasm. This time it’s his hard cock bringing this on. How can my body betray me like this? I don’t want to feel good now. This man is forcing himself on me.

His cock spreading my pussy so deep. I feel it’s close to tapping my against my cervix. So deep. So fucking deep. I cry out as I feel his cock against the wall inside. He is fucking me and opening me up fully. I feel his balls slapping against my ass. They are so big, warm, and full of his churning cum.

I hear him groaning as my pussy floods and coats his cock with juices. He hold me down even more with hug body hugging me so tight that I can't move. He has captured me.... talking in my ear - tell me how good my pussy feels.... The talk gets dirtier and filthier & wild... saying things a man has never said to me.....He can feel me start to cum... His cock thrusts get deeper and faster as I moan and cry. My whole body shakes...

He pushes his cock all the way in up to his balls. His feet pushing into the bed, trying to get his cock to push through my cervix. My pussy feel stuffed full. He starts to roll his hips in a circle. Not pumping anymore, his cock filling me and stretching my pussy hole in round circles. Like a spoon stirs in a glass…. It hurts and it feels good. I cry out. He can sense it hurts and makes bigger circles with his stiff cock. He keep pushing deeper as his cock painfully spreads my pussy walls. His public bone pressed against mine. His hips making circles….. I feel my pussy cumming again. I cry a muffled cry again.

Then he pulls his cock out completely from my throbbing and pulsating pussy, and kneels between my legs again. He slaps at my pussy hole a couple of times harder than ever. I cry out. Then nothing. Nothing happens for a full minute.

I feel my pussy dripping and flowing. Then without warning I feel him fall on top of me ramming his cock all the way in. This time he is pumping harder and faster .... Roughly fucking me….OMG, he is fucking me.

I hear him moaning in my ear, “Take me. Take me, you cunt, take my cock. Feel me. Feel my cock in you. Love it. Love how I take your cunt for my own”.

I feel him bringing another orgasm to me.. I scream a muffled scream.. His feet push on the bed behind him as his pumping stiff cock rubs deeper & deeper. I can feel his cock thicken more inside of me, as my pussy lets gos of another flood. My pussy grips onto him and his thrust get harder and faster. Now his cock feels so stiff inside me now. I can tell he is ready to fill me with his thick hot sperm. His balls have been churning and making a huge load to squirt up inside me.

His talking gets more frantic, “God I can feel it, its so hot and wet, I feel you squeezing me tighter and tighter. Cunt, do you feel how my cock is so swollen now? I’m fucking your little cunt so good. Your cunt is so open to take my seed”.

He is ramming into my pussy like a made man. His sweaty body dripping onto me. His dirty talking is making me so wet and horny – my body reacting to the sexual attack deep in my pussy. He stops talking as I feel his head next to mine. His arms wrap under me and suddenly feel his hand gripping and grabbing and spreading my ass. His cock fills my pussy deep. He starts to massage my ass cheeks together as it causes my pussy hole to squeeze on his cock. I moan and moan as I feel my pussy clamp down hard against his piston ripping cock. I cry out as he makes me cum again.

Then I hear him muffled in my neck, “I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’m cumming!” As he is cumming his cock is pounding so much harder. His strong arms lift me up off the bed, fucking me so hard and deep. I can feel this cock plump as his sperm is pumping up through the shaft.

He screams, “FUCK!!!!ahhhhhhhhhh, Your cunt is milking me! Fuck! Fuck! Take it, you cunt! FUCK! Drink it in!!” I can feel his cock jerk and throb as his hot sperm completely floods into my tight pussy. Warming the sore and used lining of my inner pussy walls. His thrusts are still so deep like he is trying to capture his sperm so deep that is will never flow back out. Then he collapses on me fully. His breathing so heavy and deep. Gasping.

After about what seems like an eternity he slowly and gently pulls his cock out of me. He climbs off of me and I hear him leave the room. I am still helpless, taped up, and my pussy feels used, abused, and fully satisfied.

The lights in the house come back on and I see the muscular man who attacked me for the first time. He comes into the room with a pair of scissors, a wet wash cloth, and a large towel. He climbs onto the bed and quickly removes the duct tape from my mouth.

“How was it this time?” he asks.

I smile and reply, “That was the hardest and roughest time yet”.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asks in a concerned tone.

“No.”, I giggle. “But next time don’t push so hard on my mouth when you are telling me to shut up”.

You see, the older neighbor man next door is in a marriage with a wife who is bedridden, and because of her condition it is a sexless relationship. He still loves and adores her, but he does have human needs that she can’t fulfill.

She knows we meet to do this kind of thing. After fucking the hell out of me he returns to her happy and ready to meet her daily caretaking needs.

Mr. Harper and I have been having role play meetings like this ever since I turned 18 years old – when he actually cornered me in the darkened pool house. He knew I was always attracted to him. And he thought he’d try making his move on me to see if I’d let him.

OMG, Mr. Harper is a sexy, 6’4”, athletic man, now in his 50’s. What girl would pass up a husband who is experienced, can fuck like a demon, loves role play, AND had a vasectomy when he was in his 30’s? Best of all no strings attached. Neighbors WITH Benefits!!!

After he cut the tape away from my wrist and ankles he pulls me to my knees and I hungrily start to put his cock in my mouth. I see the head all red from the hard pounding he gave my pussy.

Licking and sucking all the smells and tastes of the hot sex off of his milking cock. I hold cup and lightly squeeze his balls and try to milk more cum from them. Lovingly I squeeze them and Mr. Harper moans. I taste the salty and thickness from him... I love it.. I love the smile on his face... I love feeling his hands on my head to guide his cock in and out as he makes sure his loving neighbor girl gets the sex cleaned off. The head slides down my throat so full and still dripping and leaking cum into my mouth. I love it and I feel him praise me with his hands through my hair. I know that is a good sign that he is pleased with me and I have done another good job for him.

He pulls his cock from my mouth when he feels his cock is no longer coated with our sexual fluids. He climbs off the bed and stands before me naked. I cross over to him and he wraps his strong powerful arms around me. He hugs me tightly. It’s the only sign of affection he ever gives me when we are together. He lightly kisses my forehead and whispers, “Thank you”. He tightens his hug to show how much he appreciates my participation in his sexual life. I hug him back just as tight and kiss his warm hairy chest.

He breaks free, grabs his clothes off the floor, and he leaves my room naked and happier than when he arrived.

I cross to the bed and take the wet warm wash cloth to clean his cum from my pussy. As I grab for the cloth I see that he has left me the familiar piece of paper with my next role play instructions typed on it.

Apparently next time he is from a collection agency and needs me to pay off a long time debt that I can’t financially afford to pay back. He will need payment from me in another form.

I smile as I start to clean off Mr. Harpers sperm from my swollen, sore, but very happy pussy hole. The warm water from the wash cloth feels so good.

I turn to look at the doorway of my bedroom and say out loud. “Good Night. Mr. Harper, I love you”.

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3 years ago
Lovely story... got me rock hard all over again! ;)
3 years ago
Oh Anna ..such fun...mmm..
3 years ago
3 years ago
What a great story , I loved it!
3 years ago
great ending !!!!!