Shemale secretary fucking

Ms Boss had said that I was to see her secretary concerning "letting of some steam". She and I had been at each others throats lately and Ms Boss didn´t like her two slaves to argue.
So we were left alone in the break room after most people had gone home. And we were not to leave until we could get along!
We started aruing about everything, from work stuff to personal tastes to sex. Culminating with both of us claiming to be Ms Boss´s favorite.
The competition was clear. Fuck each other so good the other one yealed.
We nearly tore our clothes of and started kissing and touching each other. Although she was a better cock sucker than me I was better at pleasing her nipples.
She started playing with my anus and readied her cock by forcing me to go deepthroat on it. she then flipped me over and shoved her dick into my anus. The unexpected and hard entry she did made my ass hurt.
Her tits were just millimeters from my face so I started sucking her nipples.
Just as she was about to cum I f***ed her out and flipped her onto her back.
My turn.
I ran my cock balls deep into her anus. She was about to scream but I clamped my hand for her mouth so it was muffled.
I imediately flipped her over again to gain better access to her ass. I clamped my hand for her mouth with one hand a played with her nipples with the other. I fucked her long and hard thet day. I finaly came hard in her ass and nearly collapsed when she turned over, grabbed my head and made me go deepthroat on her hard cock.
I choked on it a couple of times but it was okay for me.
She finaly came in my throat.
We got dressed and decided to be equal. We haven´t had any arguments since.
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2 years ago
Wow you made me cum all over myself