My first shemale

I was on a vacation when I had my first shemale.
It was a regular december day in Sweden, rainy and cold. I was in a rented motel room with my friend Katrin. She was from ecuador so she had a natural tan and a great body with curved hips and breasts that were large but not enourmous. She had been bored lately and called over her friend Fiona to have some fun. I was sitting in the bathroom when Fiona knocked at the door. Katrin opened it and I heard hushed tones from the bedroom. I exited the bedroom and was introduced to Fiona. She was blonde with striking blue eyes and short hair but a long ponytail in the neck. She had a curvy body but not as curvy as Katrin. After talking gossip for a few minutes while I was sitting at my computer she crept up behind me and pressed herself up against my back.
I was slightly startled and was more so when her hands found their way down to my crotch and started to caress it.
She held her mouth inches from my ear and whispered:
- I´m so bored. How about a little threesome to light it up?
I was in!

She turned me around and guided Katrin to sitt on my lap. She started kissing me whiile I fondeled with her breasts. Fiona went over to the bed and pulled out a bag from underneath. But I had my full attention on Kristina. Our tounges were playing with each other and her nipples got hard and stood out. Her hands opened my pants and pulled out my hard 8 inch cock and started stroking it.

Fiona pulled away Katrin and undressed her. this was when I noticed fionas secret.
She had a 8 inch long cock to! And it was as hard as my own.

I was a bit shocked but horny as I was I didn´t relly care much. I undressed quickly and started carresing Fionas body while she searched the bag alongside Katrin.
I played with her breasts and stroked her butt. Katrin pulled me away and I saw her wearing nothing exept a scarf. she bent over the bed and said:
-Please fuck me, PLEASE.
I played with her a bit first and the Fiona asked her to lay on top of me. So I lay on my back while Fiona eased her hard cock into Kartins pussy. I grabbed a bottle of lubricant and lubricated my cock and then eased it slowly into her ass.
Kristina cried out as I entered her ass so unexpected. Fiona and I were rough from the start and fucked her hard. Eventuallt Kristina came and har ass clenched around my cock so I shot my load into her ass.
But Fiona just kept pumping like there was no tommorow and brought Kristina to a second orgasm. After that she shot her load. Kristina colapsed ontop of me so I pushed of me down on the bed.
Fiona walked up to me:
-I want you to fuck while Im gagged and helpless to resist.
She kneeled:
-Please Sir.
she held a collar and a big black ballgag in her hands. I put the collar around her neck:
-Open your mouth.
-Yes Sir.
She opened her mouth and I teased her by putting it it sloooowlyyyy. I the quickly buckled it tightly. Fiona bent over in doggy style and I got rock hard again.
I saw a pair of handcuffs and some leather restrints. I put the leather restrinsts on her legs to keep them together and put her hands behind her back and attached the handcuffs. She moaned in pleasure and tested the restraints but I wasn´t new to bondage.
I spread open her ass and revealed her small asshole to my thick cock. It was still lubricated and went in quite easily. She must have been an anal rookie because her ass was really tight!
I started fucking her hard right away with deep, hard movements.
She moaned and tried to expel the ballgag from her mouth but it was there to stay. So I kept fucking her until I shot my load up her ass. Her cock was pulsing but it wouldn´t cum. But I untied her and removed the gag.
She leapt up and started kissing me. Then Kristina said:
-Fiona, kneel.
I looked at Kristina. she was dressed in a red latex shirt witha deep cleavege. Covering her pussy was a 7 inch strapon. She smiled:
-Lie on the bed, on your back.
That was directed to me. And I did as she wanted. Then she put a pair of handcuffs:
-Lets fuck him silly.
Just as I said "what!" she showed in her strapon into my mouth and in doing so gagged me. Fiona the lifted my legs over her shoulders and showed her dick into my ass, balls deep.
They were merciless and gangbanged me hard. Fiona came first and shot her load dep inot my ass. Kristina bent forward so we wera doing a full 69. I shot my load into her mouth. I lay there panting while Kristina went over to Fiona and cumkissed her.

After that Fiona said:
-How about some more tomorow?

I will write more I you like it!
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2 years ago
great history...thanks
2 years ago
Wow....what a great many different ways to go with that scene....
3 years ago
WOW! Lucky you, That is one of my fantacies- to have a threesum with a shemale and a woman. A no-holes barred fuckfest.