She was beautiful. She had blonde hair to her shoulders, a pair of D sized breasts and a gorgeus body. She was also easily fooled.

This is how it started. I had invited her to my place for a cosy night. she showed up dressed in a tight black dress with quite a cleavage.
As we sat down we undressed and started having soft sex like usually, but soon we got really wild and even turned the couch over, broke three lightbulbs and ruined a carpet.
As she lay there panting I gave her something to drink, it was spiked with a little sl**ping stuff. So after she drank it she fell asl**p. She wouldn´t wake up for a couple of hours so I carried her down to the basement.
I tied up her breast tightly and attached a pair of nipple clamps. I then attached a pair of cuffs and a spreadbar to her lovely legs. I also spread her arms and ducttaped a vibrator to her wellshaved pussy. I put it on low and went after the ballgag. It took a while to fodn it but as I came back she was fully awake and demanded to know what was going on, so I told her that she was now my sexslave. She ofcourse refused.
But as she was speaking I rammed the ballgag into her mouth and secured it tightly. It was big and black with leather straps + she looked even hoter now than before. She tried to expel it from her mouth but it was in there VERY tightly. So now I turned up the vibrator to medium and told her what was expected of her. She was to be my sexslave for over a year then she could go. But during that time she would do whatever I said, wear what ever I said and obey my sexual desires to the full.
She seemed to give this quite the thought but refused. Not that I really cared about that.
She was mine now.
I turned up the vibrator to max and started spanking her ass and tighs. I then spanked her exposed tits. She screamed and wiggled but started to enjoy it after a while.
I left her alone for a while to get some stuff:
A corsett
A pair of handcuffs
A pair of vibrating nippleclamps
A harness ballgag
And a blindfold
And some rope
I went back to her and removed the ballgag. She gasped for air while I asked her if she wanted to be mine:
-Yes Dear Master! Yes! Oh god Yes!
She was mine.

(to be continued)
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