Another BDSM sex story

I was home at a girlfriends house. She had the last time we where together revealed that she liked bondage and wanted to try it out with me. And I was al to happy to help.
She was an asian beauty. She had breasts above normal, a nice waist and firm ass, and she had her hair short.
She had bought via the internet a few ballgags and bondage toys and I couldn´t wait to get started.
We started making out, my hands went to her breasts and her tigh. Her hands went to my groin and stroke my growing hard-on.
We went into her bedroom and undressed and pulled out her bondage toys. I pulled out a ball gag with breathing holes in it and said:
-Open up honey?.
She opened her small mouth and I strapped the ball gag securely. She was starting to sweat. I started licking her lower legs, then her tighs, her butt, her belly, her breasts, her neck, her cheek, her ear. I then gently pushed her to the bed and removed the ball gag:
-Why did you take it out!
-Suck on my dick.
She could just fit a bit more then the head of my dick in her small mouth and she sucked it while licking the tip. I came In her mouth, when I did I grabbed her head so she had to swallow it all. I then put the gag back in and teased her pussy with a vibrator. I shoved it in and she moaned into the gag in pleasure.
But I wanted to put my dick inside her. So I pulled out the dildo and drove in my hard dick into her wet pussy:
-Hell Yeah!
I started fucking her hard right away. I came before she did but I kept on fucking her unitl she came. She was exhausted sfter that.
But I wasn´t done yet. I rolled her over on her belly and eased my wet cock into her virgin ass:
-You´re gonna love it, just dont struggle.
And she didn´t struggle. She even seemed to like it after the initial penetration pain.
Afterwards I removed the gag and she just said one thing:
100% (1/0)
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