How I got introduced to bondage part 2

That night I dreamed of taking my revenge. Once she had made me suck her strapon she had released me and sent me home. Everything was as normalhome with dad working late and mom cocking dinner. But the day after I went over to her house with the exuse:
-She said that she wanted me to help her with some house chores.
Bad exuse but it worked.

So I got over to her house and she let me in like nothing ever happened. Then she asked me:
-Are you here to tie me up?
-Sort of.
Now that I was here I was nervous. She took my hand and led me to her closet which contained bondage toys of all kinds.
-Where did you get all this stuff!
-I bought it, got it from friends, from boyfriends, the list is quite long.
She then gave me a thourul explanation of what each toy was, what it could do etc.
I told her to get naked with her back turned on me. I shufled through the toy and found some interesting things for her, rope, gags, dildos, and the same latex suit she had been wearing last time!
-Put this on!
I got a hard-on as she put on the latex suit, its cleavege was down to just below the breasts, it shoved of the legs and the arms, perfect.
I told her to lie on the bed with her hands on her back.
As I got out the rope and restraints I felt hot and strangely exilerated. And hardly thought at all as I tied her up.
When I backed away I saw this: She was tied in a hogtie, she had a chrotch tie and a bra tie as well, her arms were held together tightly by cuffs and her legs where held together by rope.
-You shure know how to tie Mike!
She sounded horny. I had tied in a vibrator in her pussy under the suit and it was vibrating at a low pase. I searched for a good gag. I picked a ball gag with a blindfold and several buckles.
-Open up!
I pushed it in, she could barely take it and that was good because my jaw had hurt from the ball gag. I then secured all the buckles.
She was now completely restrained and gagged.

But I wanted to fuck her! So I undid some of the gags buckles and took out the ball.
-Suck on my dick!
I put it in and she started sucking it but just like she had I made her go deepthroat. And came in her throat.
I put on the gag again and fastened the buckles. Now I undid the restraints to her legs and tied each leg to a bed post so that her pussy and ass was exposed.
-Her I come!
I shoved my dick into her wet pussy and started to fuck her hard and deep.
-How do you like that huh!
-MMMM mmmm mmmnnnhhh!
I came in her pussy and she was exausted. But I wasn´t finished yet, I was gonna fuck her ass first. But I needed to change a few things. I got her lose and tied her up again to her suprise but now her hands and her legs were tied to the bed posts and she was lying on her back. I Also got her a new simlper gag: a big black ball gag.
I gagged her and started lubricating her as when she started squirming against the cuffs.
-Are you an anal virgin?
She blushed, and nodded.
-Then this will fel to as it felt for me.
I wasnt going to ease my dick into her ass. I rammed it into her ass and she started screaming and protesting into the gag. But I loved her tight virgin ass! SO TIGHT! I came as deep as I could go and as she tried to catch her breath I reminded her that her strapon had been bigger than mine.
I untied her and just as I had tugged it all away I felt a her hand on my shoulder. I turned around and she said:
-That was great! But the anal sex hurt in the start but, in the end it felt good.
-My ass was sore all evening!
-I guess I will have to use a smeller strapon next time.
-Next time?

She kissed me and said the I could come her anytime and get tied up or tie her up. I did that for the remainder of the year.
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