How I got introduced to bondage

Well I was 17-18 I think and I usually helped our nighbour. She was 23 years old, with well shaped legs, big breasts, long blond hair, and she always went around in clothes that seemed to shout "Im the sexiest thing in the world"!


I was helping her as usual for 200 kronor an hour. And I thought she was the hottest thing I had ever seen and this time I was wearing a pair of training shorts and a linen. And as she came into the room I got a hard-on and couldn´t hide it.
-What are you doing Mike?
I then realised about the hard-on and blushed. But then she did something unexpected. She leaned forward and said:
-Don´t ever tell your mom about this.
As we started making out my dreams came true. We took of each others clothes and she gave me a deep blowjob and then bent over:
-Fuck me Mike!
I shoved it in and fucked her hard. I came and I came and I came! And so did she. Afterwards she told me to get a drink in the kitchen. I got a drink from the table, drank it and fell asl**p. When I woke up I was tied to her bed, I had a ball in my mouth, I had nipple clamps and the I saw HER. She was wearing a latex suit with a large cleavege. And she was holding in a leather blindfold.
-So youve woken up Mike?
I tried to push the ball out of my mouth but then suddenly she was over me and strapped it behind my head so that it was useles. She the put the blindfold on me.
As she walked away I thought, what is she going to do to me, is she going **** me and kill me, Im to young to die! Things like that.
I heard that she was fixing with some belt thingy.
-Are you enjoying yourself Mike, I know I am.
-Here I come!
I heard her high heeled shoes and then I felt that she leaned over me.
She licked the ball gag, she tugged on the pipple clamps, she stroke my dick.
And then she suddenly stopped. And then I felt something unfamiliar being pushed into my virgin ass!
-Oh shut it! I know it´s large!
Her strapon filled my ass completely but it wasn´t fully in so she keeped pushing and it HURT IN MY VIRGIN ASS!
Then she started to fuck me slowly, and the faster and faster until I got my cum over my body. And the I felt something being sprayed up my ass, she had one of those strapons that eject fake cum.
She then removed the blindfold and the gag. But befor I could speak she said:
-One word and I will tell youre mother that you attacked me!
She Took away the restraints and made me kneel on the floor, she then tied my hands and ankles together.
She showed me the strapon, it looked like a huge but realistic dick!
-Suck on it!
I started to suck on it but she soon f***ed me to go deepthroat. And then as the strapon+her came the fake cum went strait down my throat.
-As a thanks for this you can come back tomorow and tie me up and fuck me. And if you do it good we can take turns with it for as long as you like.

(To be continued)
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3 years ago
Loved it..thanks