Her secret bdsm fantasies

She had for a long while had fantasies about being in BDSM, tied up, spanked and fucked. This is one of her fantasies.
She had been tied up by a sexy black mistress. Her arms was tied with rope to the ceiling and she had a spread bar between her legs with a vibrating dildo barely touching her wet pussy. In her mouth she had a big penis gag that almost went into her throat and made her jaw ache. But she loved it, being naked and tied up like that! That and the look in her mistresses eyes as she watched her try not to slid down on the dildo. For that was mistresses orders. If she did that she would be fucked in the ass for the first time woth a huge black strapon.
She couldn´t stand it anymore and let herself bend her knees and feel the dildo vibrate inside her pussy.
Mistress got up, she was a sexy black woman dressed in a dark red leather corsett and latex panties. And the strapon! Mistress had a amused look in her eyes as she released janes arms( I´ll call the slave Jane) and put them behind her back and pulled forth a one sleeve and put it on Janes arms. The One sleeve was a bit tight but it just made it more exiting!
-Bend over slave!
She obeyed. She then felt a enourmous thing being eased into her ass. IT hurt but Jane had been a bad girl so now she would be punished. After easing it in mistress began to hammer her ass with it. After about fifteen minutes of pain she started to feel really good. She screamed into the gag and came more times than she could count.
Mistress removed the strapon from her ass and all the restraints. JAne colapsed on the floor of exaustion. But mistress wasn´t done yet.
-Come here.
Jane rose and walked over to where mistress was standing.
-Lie down with your hands on you back.
Again, Jane obeyed, and mistress tied her into a strict hogtie with a buttplug and a big vibrating dildo held in her private places by tight rope. She then pusheb a big ballgag into Janes mouth and made it Tight! Abit of tape over that and then a latex hood without eyeholes.
Mistess went over to her chair/throne and watched as Jane squirmed against her ropes and cumming while winking to her other female slave to come. As the other slave kneelt before her she guided her head to the strapon. The slave started to give it a blowjob. That was why mistress had choosen her, she had beautiful blowjob lips and a big mouth that could just take the strapon. After a while she fucked the othe slave deep and har din the pussy while JAne squirmed.
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