Wife in soft bondage and domination

Well, me and my girlfriend Johanna have just gotten married! What we did on our wedding night will come later but now to what happened yesterday.

I had had a rough week at work and on saturday morning Johanna came home and saw that once again I was in a bad mood so she decided to cheer me up.
-What is it Johanna?
And as I looked up I saw her hold out a pair of handcuffs and the leather nackcuff she usually wore when she was the submissive one. Her clothing was a white t-shirt and a black cardigan and her underwear. She looked so hot!
-How about some soft bondage and domination to lighten the mood?
-For how long and wich one is going to dominate?
-I, your wife will be your slave for the rest of the day.
She then kneeled before me and held out the nackcuff and handcuffs. So I held her hair in a ponytail while I fastened the neckcuff on her neck. I then ziped open my pants and said.
-Give me a blowjob slave.
-Yes Master.
So she bent down and started by stroking my dick with her knowing hands and gently licking/sucking on my balls. She knows just how I like it. As I got a big erection she started to suck on the top of my dick and massage my balls with her hands. But she had her hands free! Something had to be done about that! So I took her hands, put them behind her back and handcuffed her.
Since she seemed to enjoy herself so much them I bent forward and started so finger her pussy. It was soaking wet and I heard her moan in pleasure and suck my dick harder and deeper. After about 10 to 15 minutes I felt that I would cum any minute now. So I grabbed Johannas head so she had to swallow my cum, and she did so greedily. Then I let go of her head and she started cleaning my dick by licking it slowly.
-Was it good master?
-Yes, it was very good infact, now stay here while I go and get some things.
-Yes master.
So I rose and ziped my pants and left the room while she kneeled in front of the sofa. Just looking at her made me get another erection.
But now I went to our bedroom and opened our big box of bondage stuff.
We had agreed on soft bondage so this is what I took.
A bit of white rope
A scarf
A roll of transparent tape
A leash for her neckcuff
A blindfold
A ring gag
And a vibrator dildo.

As I went into the living room she turned to look at me and smiled.
-Looks like someone wants to have some fun!
-That I do Johanna.
-Shall we really get started then master?
-Yes slave, now rise.
She rose and I walked over to her. I atached the leash to her neckcuff and freed her hands.
-Kiss me slave.
-Yes master.
So I pulled her close with the leash and kissed her pasionately and she kissed me back with the same pasion. At the same time my hands squesed her breasts while she stroked me groin. After a few minutes of that it was time to get harder.
-Get down on all four slave.
-Yes master.
This is something that Johanna loves to do but I dont like crawling on all four while on a leash. Anyway.
After she followed me into the kitchen. I pulled out a chair and told her to sitt on it with her hands behind her back. She obeyed and I put her on hte blindfold.
-Is the blindfold really neccesary Mike?
-Yes it is Johanna.
After she was quiet as I tied her arms behind her back and her lags to the chair.
-Now I think its time you got a bit more quiet slave.
Knowing what I was about to do, Johanna opened her mouth and made no protest as I first made a knot in the scarf and then placed the knot in her open mouth and tied it behind her head.
She was now completely helpless and she knew it. Ofcourse she tried to break free from the ropes but she knew that it was futile.
AS she sat there squirming against the ropes and making moan like noises through her gag I jerked of to the sight.
After about half an hour I was satisfied and removed her gag and untied her but I let her keep the blindfold.
-Down on all four and follow me.
-Yes master.
So now I went back to the sofa and ordered her to get up on it and spread out her legs in front of me. I took of her panties.
After she had done that I tied her hands so that she could finger her pussy. I also tied her legs so that now she was stuck in that position. I bent down and started to lick her wet pussy. She started moaning and said.
-Please don´t stop master, please keep licking my pussy!
-I will if you could just keep quiet.
Now I reached for the tape and the scarf. I stuffed the scarf into her mouth and took a big piece of tape and st****d it over her lips tightly.
-MMM,mm,m mnh
-Now that youre quiet.
I bent down and continued to lick her pussy to the sound of her moaning in pleasure through the gag.
After about twenty minutes I stoped and got the dildo. I pushed it deep into her asshole and pushed my own dick into hher wet pussy.
-Oh yeah slave!
I turned on the dildo to maximum and started to fuck her hard and fast.

We both lost count of how many times we came. But after about an hour I untied her and removed her gag and blindfold. But then I secured the ring gag into her mouth so she couldn´t speak.
-Now then slave, kneel.
She kneeled again.
-Give me a blowjob slave!
And she bent forward and I guided my dick into her mouth. But just as she was getting started I said.
-Wait, we need som more stuff.
I handcuffed her hands behind her back and fastened the blindfold.
-Tease your ass with your fingers and give me a blowjob slave!
So she started to finger her ass while she went deepthroat on my dick. When I came I shoved it into her thraot so my sperm wasn´t lost on the floor. I removed the gag and she said.
-I need to pee master.
- Then go and do it.
So I took of her leash but as I was about to take of her neckcuff she stopped me and said that she wanted more and would get some new clothes.
So I waited and looked at the time.
It was 9am when she asked me about the whole thing.
It was now 13:35 pm!
She came back a few minutes later wearing only the neckcuff and a pair of small panties that left very little for imagination. She was also carrying the Bondage box with all our toys.
-Shall we continue then master?
-Yes, now kneel before me.
She kneeled again. I attached the leash to her neckcuff and took her to the bedroom.
-Lie down on your belly with your hands on your back.
-Yes master.
I went to the living room and the Bondaeg box. I grabbed a Big ball gag, another pair of handcuffs, and a new bondage thing. It loocked like four leather handcuffs with elastic rope that conected them to a metal ring. Perfect for hogties.
So I went back to the bedroom and fastened her hands and feet into the cuffs and ordered her to open her mouth.
-But please master not the big one.
-Shut up slave and do as I ask.
But her mouth remained shut so I squessed her nose. As she opened her mouth take a breath I let go of her nose and pushed the big ball gag into her mouth. But I haad to push hard to get it in there.
-MMM,mmmmnnh mmm m m mmmnh!
-Now you look great slave.
I held out my hard dick before her.
-Do you want to suck on this?
She noded.
I fastened the ballgag and bent her over so that she was lying on her back. I took her breasts and started to titty fuck her. All the time she protested through the gag.
Whe I was done I untied her and told her to go to the shower.
When she was there I tied her hands together and started to finger her ass.
-I fel good master.
-And that you should.
I turned on the shower and fucked her gently in her ass and fingering her pussy as a soft finishing.
As we dried I cheked at the time.

She had been my slave for five hours!
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2 years ago
Wow! Sweet, Hot and totally awesome.. Nice story.. Going to my fave!! :) Cheers!
2 years ago
wow sounds like a great five hours
I would love my master to do that to me
3 years ago
Im gonna do a follow up on it soon.
3 years ago
very sexy & hot love the end